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  1. Why doesn't TCM show the "B" musicals from the 1930's and 1940's? I remember they were shown on tv in the middle 50's and we really enjoyed them. Most had nice catchy tunes, good light plots and attractive actors. I am sure they are just sitting in some film vault collecting dust.
  2. I wish TCM would start showing the "B" muscials from the 30's and 40's that I used to watch on tv back in the late 50's. These were mostly in black and white, nice stories, great musical numbers and catchy tunes. Some were very patriotic and others were very touching love stories.
  3. These movies remain my favorites. They had action, romance, nice tunes and of course Roy's movies had Bob Nolan and the Sons of the Pioneers providing nice songs. Gene had Smiley Burnette. These movies just made us feel good. A lot of people don't know that these movies were cut down to 54 minutes to fit into an hour time slot back in the 50's when they were shown on tv. Some were cut from 75 minutes to 54 minutes. Now watching them uncut makes one wonder how they could have edited them down to only 54 minutes. Shame.
  4. This movie scared me so much when I saw it at the movies that I was afraid to go to the bathroom at the movies. Later on in the 50's I saw it on tv and it still had the same effect. The music added to the scary effect. Also the 30's Dracula, Frankenstein and the Wolfman scared me while growing up watching on tv.
  5. This movie is very touching. Very good acting, music, photography and overall one of my favorites. Very romantic.
  6. How about showing more "B" musicals from the 30's and 40's. They are just sitting in some film vault doing nothing when we could be enjoying them. I remember they used to show them on tv back in the 50's but have not been on since that time.
  7. We have been fans of Warren William since his movies started showing up on TCM. We can watch his movies over and over and never get tired of the acting, dialog, story lines and romance. You can understand every word he utters, not like the actors of today who mumble and you can't understand what they are saying. We wish that he would have made more movies back then.
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