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  1. i (maybe) recall a guy hitting the deck or street surface. but seriously i wish this had turn'd out that TCM got the rating mixed up w/ a different movie. i own up 2 b'n a bit jaded re what i hope will be entertaining me on the few hours a week that TCM has (?) left for post code cheap thrills, but ~this~ particular 1 also took me to the cleaners less than 2 months ago. i better quit squawk'n now. i'll stick 2 "UNDERGROUND" hours til i can @ least get a profile set up for the more deeply rated foreign nite stuff.
  2. "MA LSV"?! was ~that~ math compliments of Dominion/Toronto?
  3. o.k. - sounds like a lot of variables under 1 title. perhaps we were actually shorted w/ only 2 conflicting ratings? not that they're (audience suitability ratings) engraved in stone anyway. probably better not get into how the "uncut and unedited" endeavor may &/or should affect the rating, huh? * April 7: saw this when they ran it again a few weeks ago - being in front row when it started rolling. which i guess i sumwut wasn't b4, az Goldie strutting the deck wearing not much more than a long string was a new discovery for me. need to inventory "the Goodbye Girl" later today
  4. MPAA: ~PG~ = TCM: ~MA~?! doing the math on this... _ _ any 1? _ _ (they added stuf?)
  5. i realize that "Laurence of Arabia" needs to be shown once a week or so, but now we have on 03 jan 2021 "the Strange Affair of Uncle Harry" ~twice~ in the same day?
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