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  1. And the Pitiful thing is his gaggle of misguided Constituents who hug & kiss, fondle and spoon and all around make love with the ooompah-lumpa and his demented and **** ego dont even seem to know or realize that. That or they simply decide(d) to ignore the fact that "god" probably doesnt care one whick about 'em.
  2. Sometimes i'll have entire soundtracks in head at any given time. I've also been known to get that catchy nurse whistle tune from Kill Bill (2,?) in my head. Along with Girl From Ipinema (sp) (elevator music playing in the entertaining monster flick Deep Rising.)
  3. Amazing. 🎨🌈🎐🎨🎨🎨 (Sorry if that sounds condescending. Not atall meant in such a way,.)
  4. Well.. This Sucks. (Apologies.) "Just" Only a Day. But This Sasquatch Forgot,. Happy Happy Happy (Happy) One-Hundred & Fourth(,!!!) Birthday to.. Possibly (Probably.. if my calculations are Correct), the Oldest Living Artist Still With Us Today: Madam Marsha Hunt. Born October 17th, 1917(,!.!!!). Chicago Illinois. Happy Birthday, You Marvelous Wonder. Sorry that it got rerouted while on its way to You Madam.
  5. Let me know if Your UpFor, /Interested In a Bushel Basket of Horror Recommendations.. If Not. Absolutely No Biggie.
  6. Snarky Comments about "how pretty" that Preposterous Pompous Mess Looks Aside; thats Pathetic,. Looks like a picasso painting got tossed in the washer. That Would Make a Tilt-AhWhirl Nauseous Rube Goldberg (sure) would be proud though of that meandering birds nest
  7. While Not a Guarantee; (Further) Perpetrating, Accentuating, and Encouraging Feelings Such As Compassion and Comiseration Towards (And With) One's Sister and Brother Fellow Human Beings.
  8. Thank You. PERFECT To Digest Before Some Shut-Eye. Dont Entirely Know Why, but i've Oftentimes confused him with Louis Jourdan.
  9. This Isnt a twump quote. But for me when ever i look at the eyebrow love making Moron. He Looks Like he's Constipated Like NO other
  10. Honestly. I ("Never") Type this. But im gonna stagger this out MAGNIFICENTLY. For Multiple Reasons. C U N T. For those who care to read that Obscene Horrific Awful Piece of a Word. ...Sums the slob up. Pretty Well. I do Believe.
  11. Honestly the Only Kalos thing there; is when (once in a pink moon) he Shuts the F Up.
  12. Bush is a Fifth Yr Honors Valedictorian (compared) to Him. All presidents are. Yes.. even nixon. Though the margin narrows considerably.
  13. I Would Guess he just might be the Only homosapien in Existence Out, There who would actually know HOW to Accomplish the Abbreviated "F U", at its (never used) literal meaning.😐🥴 😝
  14. That Kumquat's Definition of "Family" would sure be a Zinger..~!... 🥴🥴🥴🥴 Two Letters.. "M", .."E".
  15. That waddling platypus' Idea of "Private" is about as hush-hush as a Stripper at the Vatican.. 🙄 Yeah. He Fits that (duck) bill alright. 👌
  16. Now.. ifONLY he could Figureout HOW (& Where) to Apply it... 🤔.......
  17. Swiss Family Robinson. 😎 Just So Long As it Comes "Furnished" with Dorothy MaGuire and John Mills mind you, lol. Have ALWAYS, Wanted a Pirate Alarm. Lol. If That Phantasmagorical Living Residence is Not, on the market however. Micmacs, it is.
  18. Got It. Well, Thank You. Thought id check as You.. Seem(ed) to be the creator "initiator" of this impressively long running thread.
  19. https://people.com/sports/olympic-distance-runner-agnes-tirop-found-stabbed-to-death-in-home/ Horrific. Awful. Disgusting,. Pathetic. ..just to name a few. Wasnt Quite Sure Where to place this.. ... let me know if You want me to move this Jake and if i can i will.
  20. The measuring stick for the "Genius" of any given director should be the (overall) Competency and Intelligence of their prior work. Not necessarily how long they've been in the business
  21. Sad Pitiful Sucky State of Affairs, but With Some People such Obscenity seems to be ok. Not to mention even Admirable.
  22. "It was a big leap up to Arrival. It was a very big leap up to Blade Runner 2049. It's been a leap even from there to Dune," says film journalist Helen O'Hara, who visited the set of Dune for Empire magazine. "And I think that's because he's had pretty unfailingly good reviews throughout his career. Even when they haven't been massive box-office successes, he's been heralded for his undoubted talent and his very good eye… He would probably be described as an auteur. He has a clear vision of what he wants to do. He's very attracted to big ideas in his movies, and that's true of his smaller-scal
  23. Yeah Youve Got THAT Right. Some Folks Just Cant take the white heat
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