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  1. Are you certain of that date? Everything I read shows that by the 8th, everyone counting on your guidance will have missed it, since their day is the 7th.
  2. According to IMDb, it only showed 6 of its 14 episodes. I watched 'em; I'm the one!
  3. Some places want to SPAM you through email, using an enticement to lighten your pocket load of a negligibly-weighted piece of paper.
  4. You could do worse than to teach about the Russian Revolution: Reds - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082979/reference October (Ten Days that Shook the World) - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0018217/reference (silent) Ten Days That Shook the World - https://www.imdb.com/title/tt1118510/reference (as above but has sound)
  5. No, more than likely we will; a cabal of oil drillers and refiners from the state will foot the bill, then profit by passing excess charges on to us in gas prices.
  6. You only missed him by 2 years (and a day). RIP Rutger. https://www.imdb.com/name/nm0000442/
  7. https://www.debate.org/opinions/are-spelling-and-grammar-important#! This is an UNDATED online survey, so no guarantees it is current opinion, but I believe it's just cumulative, and cumulative over a long time would be definitive. 50% YES, 50% NO, so, people are split on the issue.
  8. Boston has both the Charles and the Mystic Rivers, joined at the Channel leading to the bay. The Mystic is specifically mentioned by Peter Boyle in the film.
  9. I understand completely. Privacy requires a strong commitment. And I was unaware that with cookies enabled for IMDb, they tracked that tree expansion. As a consequence, I installed an add-on to Firefox to read cookies from sites. That could turn out to be a deep rabbit hole.
  10. If those links don't work, my next theory is because you have stopped Javascript through the master settings of Firefox. Javascript can be re-enabled for this, (or these) pages by going to the ABP icon and deselecting the Red-X covered icon that looks like "</>", and then apply the change with the recycle arrows that appear. Then test the section headers, which may start working. If it does, keep the setting, or restore the Red-X if found unsuccessful. Do this setting _ONLY ON THE NECESSARY PAGE(S)_ and you will minimize the Javascript that runs, keeping the integrity you want. Hope
  11. I recorded the films, including their intros, and find that the split-screen between Alicia and Susan Miller allowed for some reaction shots. Susan Miller did much of the talking, along with her "chackle" (chuckle/cackle). For the Cincinnati Kid, Alicia started with a broad toothy smile, reduced to a strained grin by the end of the astrology intro (Aries for McQueen). I think her eyes were projecting "get me out of here!" by the end. When the ball was tossed back to her to introduce the film, she regained composure. The outro was also commanded by Susan; the split screen was mainly gone.
  12. Just an update. It has been nearly 2 weeks, and I am very pleased with uBlock Origin. It appears to be zippier, too. As to your problem, if you head up to the section header "Filmography", if you choose one of the Jump links, does that category then open for you?
  13. Don't really know the answer, but I will add the observation that those episodes were also skipped in the syndication run on MeTV. MeTV is up to the 7th season, its last for AHP, and more than a couple were skipped. Some of this last season were uninspired, and I hadn't been inclined to run them down elsewhere. Thanks for the dailymotion pointers. Usually the syndication gaps have big name stars in them who, I guess, could have gotten them pulled from circulation.
  14. wbogacz

    Andy hardy

    The whole Hardy family saga was shown on TCM in June. Half on the 9th ("Family Affair" through "Andy Hardy Meets Debutante"), the second half on the 29th ("Andy Hardy's Private Secretary" through "Andy Hardy Comes Home"), just 5 days ago. You can verify that from any online TV schedule that holds short-range history, or just by browsing the last couple pages right here: .
  15. uBlock Origin installed and ABP disabled. I got into ABP because of its larger download base, but the two seem similar in structure and use the same or similar blocking lists. I will monitor it for a while to see what needs direct attention, but for now, it's pleasing me out of the box. Thanks for the info. No complaints on the IMDb site so far.
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