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  1. Seriously? A giant slurp from Wikipedia like this without even a mention or an attribution?
  2. This Saturday morning, 09:30 EDT, is episode 1 of a new serial, from TCM schedule: Electrical Brain, The (1943) 26m | Action | TV-G The Caped Crusader battles a Japanese scientist turning people into zombies. Director Lambert Hillyer. Cast Lewis Wilson, Douglas Croft, J. Carroll Naish Here's a link to a wiki of the first episode for further reading (SPOILERS). https://dc.fandom.com/wiki/Batman_(1943_Serial)_Episode:_The_Electrical_Brain
  3. I can't say that there is one movie that I've seen that much, but there is one STORY I am making a dedicated effort for. My plan is to die knowing I have seen and tried to find all remaining renditions of "A Christmas Carol", including movies, TV shows, cartoons, radio, and more. From wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adaptations_of_A_Christmas_Carol
  4. I did, and was following Eddie Mueller on Twitter. Eddie Mueller live tweeted during the presentation highlighting the differences. Specifics can be read by the dedicated with minimal effort at @EddieMuller, which @TCM retweeted, if you follow that account instead.
  5. Eddie Mueller live tweeted during the presentation highlighting the differences. Specifics can be read by the dedicated with minimal effort at @EddieMuller, which @TCM retweeted, if you follow that account instead.
  6. Does this also cover the converse, that you DO mean to misspell sometimes?
  7. I'll go one better - I have tapes, but my last tape player died years ago. For a short while, I envisioned buying used players from Goodwill or similar, but never really made the move. I just listed that I have to clear them out now, but they're not recyclable, and not a clean disposal, either.
  8. I think I've seen a couple of these before, and I THINK (not sure), The Queen was shown on TCM Underground (which I consider treated it for laughs - I don't know how else to credit that timeslot, since most of its offerings are ridiculous or overrated films) not too long ago. It might have been a film in a similar vein; I can be mistaken. If I'm right though, for me, it twists the nature of the lineup announced, if TCM is trying to make a statement at all.
  9. Are you thinking "The 10th Victim", 1965, with Ursula Andress? This is mere speculation; by using IMDb I used keywords "assassination", and "game". There are other keywords that seem to fit, including "computer" and also "sunset", so maybe that's your sun worship.
  10. If you look slightly further, you can also find it on youtube. Why feed the Great Bezos if we don't have to?
  11. I think I saw the best 30 minutes of it. Watched the beginning to her taking vows, some middle parts to apply stereotypes to the major characters, thinly followed them, skipped to the bed squabble, skipped to the picketers and the "accident", watched the ending.
  12. I know I'm new here, and this question is specifically non-friendly, so it may be discounted by long-held members due to that status. Doesn't make the query invalid, though. . . . I understand the limits of 31 Days of Oscar, especially the small choice of winners, meaning that the pool holds few options to fill a month-long calendar. Given the novelty of showing them in alphabetic order, there should be few excuses to NOT find them and to NOT run them on today's schedule (today is Sunday, March 27). Six (of 12!) films today will be re-run within weeks, one within days! Show Boat
  13. No one gets to vote in any election unless they are a registered CITIZEN. Migrants like this would still need to qualify for a green card, relocate and overcome years of fiscal, social, and political uncertainty, study, TEST (and PASS), a citizenship test that many common Americans couldn't hope to pass. More power to them, they chose to be here; they really fought for it. Unlike many Americans, they clearly earned it; they deserve to exercise their vote.
  14. So, this is spec humor, or actuality? I think Americans spend too much time on the Royals. Everybody Poops. One Leg At A Time. Yadda Yadda. I'm Bored.
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