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  1. I've seen most of them. TCM, to my knowledge, cycles in the next one about every month, but with 34 of them, the gaps I encounter may not be filled for up to 3 years. I have sought the gap episodes out on YT and the internet in general, and get only a small rehash. So, I'm waiting and hoping the gaps fill in. I don't have 7 years of interest in me if they pass over them again; plus, there's still the possibility TCM won't be around anywhere near that long.
  2. I had recorded the film that night mostly for the Intro/outro with William Friedkin. I had seen the film before, but really didn't remember the exchange, but grant you, I watched this many times from plain old TV, so the interchange between them was probably, unknowing to me, missing then too. Luckily, FXM was showing the film this morning (within my frame of reference to even recall or care, which fails me over days, hours, or sometimes even minutes these days), and I now know what the fuss is about. Since Friedkin didn't bring it up after, I'd say he didn't remember it or care, either.
  3. Then, The Graduate is definitely a church movie. Lotsa cussin' right in the pews too, so, balanced viewpoints.
  4. Just peeking in too. Isn't it also possible that it is a very simple explanation? It may have just been misfiled and later found? Maybe it was mislabeled under "My Fairy Lad"?
  5. Overnight 11/16 - 11/17, between Superfly and Hollywood Without Makeup, was a short, Pirate Party on Catalina Isle, where you can see the ship docked at the start and departing Catalina at the end.
  6. This is the same skewed thinking that banks use to call their customers "deadbeats" if they pay loans on time. Without the extra fees tacked on, they really only make what was contracted - fair interest. Nothing NOW, or relatively little, since most interest was paid in the earliest payments.
  7. For the 1 or 2 out there on the forum that don't read Dilbert religiously. I do, and its satisfaction quotient to me lies around a 7/10, generally. Today's was 11 ! https://dilbert.com/strip/2021-10-30
  8. Do you mean WatchTCM? or Is this some other service that allows OnDemand viewing, like from your cable company's streaming service? Both those avenues are available to me, and the answer is self-discoverable. For WatchTCM, view the 'Recently Added' and look at the expiration date. 'The Thin Man' was just added after the network viewing about 2h ago. For OnDemand (mine is FIOStv), sort by date. Seems 'The Thin Man' is not there, but 'Dracula' and 'Frankenstein' from early morning are. I find OnDemand less comprehensive this way, but it may be a restriction of Verizon for quick tu
  9. Too much white-over-white captioning. I kept having to freeze-frame to read it. Then gave up, too.
  10. Thanks for the advance warning; I was able to record it and watch today. I needed a weekly retro nibblet to replace the Alfred Hitchcock series, The Time Tunnel, and Land of the Giants, all of which I have finished. I will watch all the way through, thanks also to the general positive write-up from Wikipedia.
  11. The Brady Bunch, that's who. Season 1: "Sorry, Right Number" > When the family phone bill goes through the roof, Mike temporarily installs a pay phone in the house to teach the children a lesson. Regretfully (shamefully?), I recalled the plot right away.
  12. I ignored the Coming Attractions before until I read this, then felt I needed to wonder at it. It is annoying; I'll give you that. Now back to my original habit and blissful ignorance.
  13. We all know this phrase "up to". It's probably worth something actually much lower, now and at tax time, but get an investor involved and it's valued to the moon and beyond.
  14. A similar (not the same) piece of art is used in Star Trek Voyager, The Killing Game. Over the bar in the French occupation. I'm guessing somebody likes making those paintings to be used in the bar scenes; seems like a specialized art form, if so. Talk about niche a market. "What do you do?" "I make salacious artwork, shown in backgroumds of SciFi television shows."
  15. Top Hat is scheduled just 2 days before on 11/28; Swing Time later in the month on 12/26.
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