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  1. Today is the wrap -up for 31 Days of Oscar. Next week features the TCM Classic Film Festival. Saturday May 22nd seems to be the return, with Earth Girls Are Easy (also aired during a TCM Underground block in November 2020) and Absolute Beginners. I know in this age of instant streaming it should not be that big of a deal for the preemption, but I live in the archaic style that I have set points in my life that I anticipate in order to get through the week--having TCM Underground fills such a necessity.
  2. Absolutely right!😬🤮😬 The TCM Underground block was Deathsport and Cherry 2000 -- aired July 11th 2020.
  3. Several months ago, after a TCM Underground block, a featurette along the same vein aired in color--absolutely gruesome. After I look through my notes, I'll come back with the title.
  4. I was hoping to see Robocop 3 the following week. I loved the week(s) that Enter the Ninja, Revenge of the Ninja aired and Ninja III: The Domination was showcased the subsequent week. I was kind of concerned when Underground blocks were repeated recently from 5 months ago--Fleshpot on 42nd Street with Guru the Mad Monk; and Slumber Party Massacre with Near Dark. I can only surmise that 31 Days of Oscar will provide a month's hiatus.
  5. PERFECT!!! yep that was it...watching this gave me as much joy as seeing a certain surprise cameo in "I Married A Woman"--Watching this after "A Christmas Carol" Saturday made everything right with the world if but for a few moments! Thank you
  6. Shortly after "A Christmas Carol" aired yesterday (Saturday 12-12-2020), an MGM Christmas short was shown. I only caught the last minute as a young lad was kissed on the lips🥰 by a starlet of the day, and "Punkin'" pie was devoured. What was the title of that charming little snippet?
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