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  1. Happy Birthday Jose Pereira de Faria.

  2. Really enjoyed Queen of Outer Space, thank you TCM.
  3. The Linda Lindas have the best band name.
  4. I remember reading that it was important to Beatty that Katharine Hepburn say F a duck in An Affair to Remember and he had to get permission for Carrie Fisher to say what she said in Shampoo. Maybe he gets a kick out of older women and young girls saying the F word. I really don’t know.
  5. Me either. Just got done watching a movie titled Sue. That’s the second movie this week I watched with a woman’s name. The first being Petulia. If you liked Julie Christy check out Petulia. The actress who plays Sue, Anna Thomson is just stunning and that movie is really good.
  6. Elon Musk just made news posting something I have been thinking for years, why is UFO footage so crappy? It is always crappy, every time . Even footage taken by the Navy and I know they have top quality movie cameras.
  7. I didn’t want to say it yesterday, but I think Terry Malloy is still partly responsible for Joey’s death.
  8. Just finished watching Petulia. I can’t believe I never seen it before. I need to watch again.
  9. Well, kind of. It’s not that it is better than those movies I just had so much fun watching and quoting Shampoo. I don’t have the same experience’s watching On the Waterfront or The Searchers. They never became movies I wanted to watch an infinite number of times. Double indemnity did, not the other two. Movies can be like a love interest. The heart knows what it likes.
  10. I was seventeen when the movie came out, and thought that J.C. and W.B. were so beautiful and glamorous. It was always playing at the drive-in by my house and my friend and I never got tired of watching it. We both thought Jack Warden was very funny. We also loved the party scene. I have some issues with it now, but I always love when it is shown even though I own the movie and have seen it hundreds of times. When we watched The Player that same friend said it reminded him of Shampoo. I know what he means, but I think The Player is a better movie.
  11. Shampoo is just the best movie evah.
  12. Hi,  I just wanted to say I like The Great Gildersleeve too!

  13. They may not be Donuts so much as movies I was really looking forward to and was just disappointed.
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