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  1. Marlene Dietrich stabs him at the end of WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION (1957) Maybe we should start a thread where we name an actor who KILLS someone on screen. Next: Wally Cox....I think he only died once on screen
  2. THE POSEIDON ADVENTURE (1972) Next: J.T. Walsh
  3. Joan O'Brien Next: INTRIGUE (1947) SOUTH SEA SINNER (1950) MY FAVORITE SPY (1951) THE ROBE (1953) IT'S ALIVE (1974)
  4. #1. THE DOORS (1991) #2 RESTORATION (1995) #3 COURAGE UNDER FIRE (1996) #4 CITY OF ANGELS (1998) What's most interesting to me is that they are all 20-30 year old movies. RESTORATION doesn't seem that old to me. Next: James Caan.....and you can't choose THE GODFATHER or BRIAN'S SONG (even as I think that was a made for tv movie)....but they would be too easy.
  5. THE DROWNING POOL (1975) Her body is discovered by her real life husband, Paul Newman. Try this one: Judd Nelson
  6. DUEL IN THE SUN (1946) Next: Peter Riegert
  7. Bronson gets him in one movie and Voight in another if that tweaks anyone's interest. I think he does himself in once or twice as well.
  8. I always thought Leo G. Carroll could have played the title role in THE BORIS KARLOFF STORY if they had ever made it.
  9. Me too. Obviously, my first memory of him is from the MAN FROM U.N.C.L.E....Alexander Waverly! As for your quiz....Louis Calhern. I see he was one of the snooty teachers in BLACKBOARD JUNGLE (1955). I recently watched it. Next: THE CIMERRON KID (1952) DEATH TIDE (1955) CRIME AND PUNISHMENT, USA (1959) MUTINY ON THE BOUNTY (1962) THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD (1965)
  10. Commissioner Gordon! ...er, I mean, Neil Hamilton Next; THE RIGHT TO LIVE (1935) WUTHERING HEIGHTS (1939) SPELLBOUND (1945) WE'RE NO ANGELS (1955) THE KINSEY REPORT (1961)
  11. You are too kind. Thank you for helping to make my point. Let us resume the game and just enjoy..... Next; RENDEVOUS (1935) NOBODY'S FOOL (1936) BANJO ON MY KNEE (1936) TRAIN TO ALCATRAZ (1948) DRANGO (1957)
  12. Did it occur to you that sometimes more than 1 poster is responding almost simultaneously? I can assure you I don't respond to questions already answered. It's called the internet. There is often a lag between when something is posted and when it shows up on another's screen. It's not necessary to nit pick. This site is just a folly. Have fun. You know...is there anything wrong if 2 posters answer? If there are 2 outstanding questions? Of course not. πŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ŽπŸ˜…πŸ€ͺ
  13. George Kennedy Next; RENDEVOUS (1935) NOBODY'S FOOL (1936) BANJO ON MY KNEE (1936) TRAIN TO ALCATRAZ (1948) DRANGO (1957)
  14. You know TopBilled, nobody cares? It's a game. Relax and have fun with it. Sheesh.....
  15. Brandon Hurst....Yikes, that's going back in time. I know very little about the silent movie era. I had to do a little digging. Good one. Next; RENDEVOUS (1935) NOBODY'S FOOL (1936) BANJO ON MY KNEE (1936) TRAIN TO ALCATRAZ (1948) DRANGO (1957)
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