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  1. Like which ones? I'm not a huge westerns fan either, but never fail to watch ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST every time it's on. Most Clint Eastwood westerns are good too. I like the flawed hero character performances that Eastwood gave. I'm not a John Wayne fan. I love Jimmy Stewart but not in westerns. I will watch westerns with Jack Palance and Richard Boone. Character actors in westerns like Strother Martin, Jack Elam, Bruce Dern, Dub Taylor...I'll watch.
  2. Bronson kills him in THE MECHANIC (1972) Next: Joseph Wiseman
  3. The late, great Darren McGavin. He died in 2006 but the movie came out in 2008. KOLCHAK, THE NIGHT STALKER is still one of my all time favorite TV shows. It's waaaaay underappreciated IMHO. Next: INSDIE OUT (1986)
  4. Michael Keaton in BIRDMAN (2014) Next: a comedy with WW II as a backdrop
  5. DRIVE (2011) kilt by Ryan Gosling Next: Michael Sacks...dies just once in a film....but in this movie I think it's over and over again.
  6. Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle Next: Had great success but gave up acting way too early and pursued another successful career
  7. I don't think Stack was in that movie. Wasn't that sort of a Marx Brothers vehicle? I've never seen it. Was it a parody? I think Stack died in WRITTEN ON THE WIND (1956) He gets shot I believe. If so: Next: Fred MacMurray
  8. OLE' YELLER was a classic. Sad news about Tommy Sands.
  9. Let's try to revive this thread. The actor we are looking for was shot by John Travolta's character, Vincent Vega.
  10. Interestingly. that was Barbara Billingsley's last big screen appearance. Good one. Next: A CRACK IN THE FLOOR ((2001)
  11. Frank "ol blue eyes" Sinatra "America is the most beloved, admired and feared country in the world. It is the Sinatra of countries." I always liked that joke. Next: Very religious
  12. Robert Preston Next: A FAMILY AFFAIR (2001) I think there's a couple. Name 'em.
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