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  1. BLACK SUNDAY (1977) a pretty good movie as I recall. Robert Shaw kilt Dern. Next: Bill Cosby
  2. "Thanks, Magoo. I needed that extra clue! Interesting story about Bill Lane and his son. Did you keep in touch with him?" Yes I did. He grew up into a fine young man (in spite of me, I like to say 🤪) and has a wonderful family of his own up in Massachusetts.
  3. BODY HEAT (1981) murdered by William Hurt Next: Michael J. Fox
  4. Jeff Donnell....an interesting choice. Good one. Next: A MAJORITY OF ONE (1961)
  5. WITNESS FOR THE PROSECUTION (1957) A British setting and plot...but maybe not a purely British film. If that's Ok Next: Favorite Christopher Lloyd film
  6. Ding...ding....ding....we have a winner. Anka also wrote the theme song for Johnny Carson's Tonight Show. I was the "Big Brother" to Bill Lane's son after he and his wife divorced. I never met him, but he did score some great Yankee tickets for me and his son. Lane had the Kodak account and came up with the lyrics for "Times of Your Life" and the Kodak ad campaign. Your thread Peebs.
  7. Hint #1: The person we are looking for also wrote the theme song to America's longest running late night tv show. Is that too easy?
  8. Peter Sellers...I thought of his performance in LOLITA (1962) immediately. Next: often played very meek characters
  9. THE LADY KILLERS (2004) Next: A tree(s) plays a central role
  10. THE WHOLE TOWN'S TALKING (1935) If correct Next: Ida Lupino
  11. June Allyson. I've never heard of, let alone seen that movie. Next: MY BROTHER'S WEDDING (1983)
  12. In keeping with Peebs musical question I think I'll try another. This actor is mostly known as a singer and song writer.. He had several musical hits in the 60's-80's. He appeared in several films, most notably a John Wayne war epic of the 60's. He made numerable TV appearances over the years. His last was in 2020. Nevertheless, his reputation is mostly as a musical performer. I have a particular connection to him as I was the "Big Brother" (Big Brothers/Big Sisters) to the son of his collaborator on a song that became an iconic commercial jingle associated with one of America's gre
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