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  1. If I do a search on a movie and it shows up in the database, does that mean that TCM has the movie in its vaults and therefore has the ability to show the movie?? Any and all input would be appreciated.
  2. I am an avid fan of old movies and have waited forever to see if any of the following would appear on TCM (or any other uncut, no-commercial station). Would absolutely LOVE to see these on TCM: Ruggles of Red Gap with Charles Laughton Private Life of Henry VIII - Laughton (academy award) It's a Gift with W. C. Fields The Killers - classic film noir with a young Burt Lancaster Death of a Salesman with Frederic March Count of Monte Cristo with Robert Donat The Great McGinty and Hail the Conquering Hero - Preston Sturges
  3. Thanks for the reply, but using that capability still does not get me to where I want to go - under the old interface right now you would be able to see movies for a particular actor or director scheduled for the month of May. In using "site" you still only see April at the latest.
  4. Pardon my ignorance if this question has already been answered. Since TCM went to this new system, it appears that there is no longer the ability to search for an upcoming movie over the next three months - today being Feb 24, with the old system I would be able to see if a movie was coming out in March, April and May. I no longer see this functionality. Can someone please answer this for me? If it is not available now, is it planned?
  5. Hi! am new to the forum but have religiously watched TCM movies for many years now. Have been very disappointed with the new search feature - the old one used to go out three months in advance once you reached the halfway point of a given month (for example, right now with the old feature I would be able to search for movies to be showed in April). Is there any plan to re-implement the rolling three month search??
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