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  1. I quite like Dana Andrews. Some of my favorite of his films are: The Best Years Of Our Lives Laura Boomerang Where the Sidewalk Ends Crash Dive (co-starring w/Tyrone Power) The Iron Curtain Elephant Walk My Foolish Heart Madison Avenue
  2. Hehe... Just goes to show, there is something for everyone. I don't like that pale color of green used on the new one. Looks so washed out - especially in the middle of the screen where it...well, washes out.
  3. Yes, Jeffrey. Of course I've seen that video before. But of course, there are tons of Star Trek related you tubes - some serious, some funny, etc. I've seen them all, more than likely. Here is another of my favorite opening credits sequences. And just as a point of interest, this show was how I was introduced to at least 3 classic film stars...before I was a classic film fan: Jane Wyman, Cesar Romero, and earlier in the series, Mel Ferrer. Started watching this show 'cus I was an old Dark Shadows fan (once again, Scifi/fantasy), and followed David Selby to this show: Falcon Cr
  4. Well, my other big passion besides classic film (indeed, it pre-dates classic film) is scifi TV. And there are a ton of great themes/opening credits to some of these shows. My personal favorites (and keep in mind that this does not reflect my relative feelings about the shows themselves, only the credits/theme and how it fits the content of the show): 1. *Stargate Atlantis*: 2. *Babylon 5:* (this YouTube is long because this show featured a massive intergalactic war which stretched over several seasons, so they changed the credits every year to reflect the growing hostiliti
  5. I hated the postcard rack, so I'm glad it's gone. I hated the guy's voice and what he says, I hated the music, and I hated some of the postcards shown. I liked "One Reel Wonders" and I like this new one though. So I'm good with the new one. I actually miss the buildings in the rating info bits much more than I will ever miss these postcards.
  6. Some of my favorites: *John Ford/John Wayne* - that one is a given, I think. *Alfred Hitchcock/James Stewart* - the Hitchcock films he made were among my favorite James Stewart movies *Frank Capra/James Stewart* - the Capra films he made make up the rest of my favorite James Stewart movies *Michael Curtiz/Errol Flynn* - Bring on the Empty Horses! *Douglas Sirk/Rock Hudson* - I love all of those movies they did together *John Huston/Humphrey Bogart* - with the exception of Casablanca (Michael Curtiz) and To Have and Have Not (Howard Hawks) all of Bogies best movies were with Huston.
  7. Well, while I agree with you about the Van Dine shorts being fun and in need of better 'advance notice' on the schedule, I take issue with the 'travelogues' not being interesting. I actually COLLECT those FitzPatrick Travel Talks. I am an avid traveler myself (been all over the world - traveling is even more of a passion for me than film!) and I look forward to those Travel Talks because I enjoy seeing how some of the places I've been in the past 10 or 20 years looked 50 + years ago. My point is that, while I agree with you about the Van Dine Shorts, don't assume that because YOU don'
  8. I'd consider His Girl Friday to be a romantic comedy, for sure.
  9. Yes. He was adorable. Utterly charming and elegant, yet with stunningly perfect comedic timing. All I have to do to bring a smile to my face is to picture Cary Grant walking into that bathroom when he doesn't believe there is a leopard in there in Bringing Up Baby. Perfect comedic timing. Brilliant.
  10. In truth, I like her movies from the late 80's and early 90s. Stuff like Jumpin' Jack Flash and Sister Act. And she was really good in Ghost. I'm not sure if she is doing movies now. I think she is busy with The View.
  11. Glad you posted! I was hoping that you would! Your list is quite interesting. I probably should have included Brahms on my original list of favorites, and Schubert too, for that matter. Thought about going back to add Schubert, but was too lazy to do so, in the end. I have quite a few recordings as well. I would say Mozart is the most often-seen composer in my collection...although I have alot of Rachmaninov (including many different performers interpretations of the 2nd and 3rd piano concerto and Rhapsody on a Theme from Paganini - I tend to do that with many of my favorite comp
  12. *Modern Stars:* Denzel Washington - fabulous actor AND breathtakingly handsome. Morgan Freeman Whoopie Goldberg Gregory Hines (I used to LOVE to watch him dance - White Nights in particular was a great movie!) *Classic Stars:* Sidney Poitier Hattie McDaniel If any of these folks are in a film, that automatically makes it worth watching, as far as I'm concerned. Never seen a sub-par performance from any of them.
  13. As an Atlantan myself, I have a theory about that, but no point in airing our dirty laundry in public.
  14. Well, I see a few people are 'coming clean' with a list of "A List" type films they have not yet seen. So what the heck - I'm game. I mean, with well over 10,000 classic films out there, you can't see all of them, right? And even some big ones are likely to fall through the cracks - at least for a while. Anyway, here are some films I'm embarrassed not to have seen yet: The Man With the Golden Arm - just terrible of me since I am a Frank Sinatra fan and this is by all accounts one of his best films. My Darling Clementine - I'm not a huge fan of westerns unless they have Gary Coop
  15. Me too. My tradition of watching Yankee Doodle Dandy on July 4th is by far my favorite one. I simply never tire of this wonderful film. However, I guess I don't have many holiday-related traditions related to one specific film. I try to watch Christmas in Connecticut (and National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation) sometime during the holiday season, but the rest of my traditions are more vague. I like to watch a vampire movie of some type on Halloween (anything from Dracula to a modern vampire film like The Lost Boys or Underworld - different one each year)...and I celebrate some stars' bi
  16. My short list: Ball of Fire My Man Godfrey It Happened One Night Roman Holiday The Awful Truth Bringing Up Baby It's pretty hard to beat Cary Grant when it comes to romantic comedy though....
  17. Well, April, you actually know two of my favorite classical pieces, more than likely, as they are the opening/closing credits music of two films you have likely seen. *Brief Encounter (1945)* - Opening credits are the 1st movement of Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto #2, Closing credits are the 3rd movement of the same concerto. *The Great Lie (1941)* - Opening credits are Tchaikovsky's Piano Concerto #1 Also, I believe that I remember Mendelssohn's Hebrides Overture being credits music for a classic film I saw, but I can't remember which one. All I remember is that I was watching a fi
  18. Very good news about another studio possibly jumping on board. I'm hoping it will be Universal or Paramount. For the most part I'm happy with Fox - between the massive Ford at Fox set, two excellent Tyrone Power sets, two Alice Faye sets, a Betty Grable set, a Carmen Miranda set, a couple of Horror sets, a Westerns set, a Hemmingway set, about a billion Shirley Temple sets, a John Wayne set or two, PLUS the Fox Studio Classics series and the Fox Film Noir series, I really can't complain. My favorite Fox stars are Tyrone Power, Gene Tierney, and Dana Andrews, and while I could do with
  19. I enjoy a wide range of music - classical (including Opera), big band, easy listening, jazz, rock, and even some pop. I can find something to like in pretty much any genre except for rap, which I cannot STAND. My likes are also somewhat limited among country music listings as well, but I do like a couple of country artists, anyway. *Classical* - I am particularly partial to Mozart and Rachmaninov, but other favorites include Liszt, Dvorak, Tchaikovsky, Mendelssohn, and several others. My favorite pieces of instrumental classical music are: Rachmaninov's Piano Concerto #2 in C Minor
  20. As a huge Errol Flynn fan, I have been hearing about and looking forward eagerly to these supposed memoirs for over 5 years, and yet, nothing real has ever come to light. Not even so much as a publisher's name or a projected publication date that I have heard about. Are you sure she is still writing them? Frankly, I've about given up we've been waiting so long. If you have some 'hard' information about this, I'd love to hear about it. But so far, all I've heard is the rumor...and I've been hearing that for so long I no longer believe it, absent any hard evidence.
  21. I watched two of these films tonight as I was taking a rare evening off from work to mess around on the internet. A Royal Scandal was, to be honest, one of the stupidest films I've seen in some time. I couldn't actually tell whether some of the 'comedy' was intentional or not, but in any event, it wasn't funny - just annoying. Most annoying of all was her persistence in calling him Alex-"i". GAH, that was godawful! Of course none of this was made any better by the fact that I have long been a student of Russian history and language. When it came to Russian history, language and cultur
  22. Okay, just got done ordering the Coop Bundle. Thanks for giving me the link, guys. That made it really easy! And I'm really glad you told me about the bundle itself. That gave me a much better price! And April - I agree that the prices are kinda high on the WB Archive films. I think the bundle prices are reasonable though - about $10 ea is much more reasonable given the lack of extras, etc. I really want a few of those Gable movies, but not at $17.99. I'll wait and see if they do a Gable bundle, because as you know, I'd be happy to own all of them if the price is right. Like wit
  23. Hey! And it IS great to see all you guys! I wish I had more time to post on boards. *sigh* I used to have plenty of time during the day, back in the old days. But until recently, for the past year or so I've been working 70+ hour weeks - no time for posting, film trading, etc. But hey, these days, I'm just grateful to have a job. Haven't been able to post much...but I can't complain given the economy and the number of layoffs we have had at my company..... Anyway, it really is great to see you guys. I just feel terrible that I have seemingly abandoned the community.....
  24. Hey! Thanks very much, guys! I knew there must be another place to order that was more economical! The shopping section always seems to have high prices. I'm eager to get ahold of that bundle, needless to say. I have all of those films, but am hoping for some improved picture quality. BTW, I recently got ahold of a R2 version of North West Mounted Police that has great picture quality. Not sure where you'd get it in the U.S., but if you can find this R2 version, grab it. I also got a commercial release of The Story of Dr Wassell from R2 that is better quality than the one I had
  25. Humm....where did you order those? I just went through the Warner Archives section in the shopping section and didn't find any of those films, let alone a Gary Cooper bundle! Scrolled through all 15 pages of titles and didn't find any of them. I don't get that shopping section anyway, when it comes to the Warner Archives stuff. Someone told me last month that on your first order you got a discount and I can't find anything about that either. the only prices I see are all $17.99. I must be a **** when it comes ot this or something.... Can someone tell me how to order, and fro
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