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  1. More great photos. And as long as we are posting photos, I'll post a desktop I made a few weeks ago. I posted a link, but I think it came out pretty good so I'll post it, in case anyone wants it. This is just a thumbnail so if you want it in a size that will look decent on your computer, you'll have to give me an email addy. The second version:
  2. Oh yeah....and a great batch of photos! Wow!
  3. CoopsGal - I don't have that biography you have...and I also don't have Variety Girl. I have most of Coops films including several you don't have...so I'd like to trade with you too. Angie, maybe we can work this out between the three of us so we all optimize our trades and get what we need.
  4. I don't think either one of you should change their name. I am quite pleased, in fact, that Gary Cooper fans will be so clearly numerous on this board. I'm used to being sorta the 'lone wolf' on this obsession at other places I post...so it's nice to have a little group of like minded fans here. This thread has been one of the most active threads on this board for MONTHS - and you guys both contributed to that. People will learn to tell you apart...so I say don't change any names! Go TeamCoop! However, if I ever attribute a remark, action, or photo to one of you that the othe
  5. I wouldn't spend any time feeling ashamed. Not everyone around here has been doing this forever - I've been at this pretty hardcore for only 4 years or so...so I have ALOT to see as well. I think the hardest part is getting yourself organized so that your viewing is not entirely random. If you pick an actor, a genre, or a decade to focus on (while not ignoring everything else, mind you), you can trick yourself into feeling you are making progress. I don't think it is even possible to watch everything...but getting organized really helped me to not feel so overwhelmed when I started.
  6. Pilot #5 The Left Hand of God Crime School Peter Ibbetson The General Died at Dawn One Sunday Afternoon Forbidden Clash By Night The Secret Life of Martha Ivers 13 Rue Madeleine The Impatient Years If Only You Could Cook
  7. Thanks! And you are more than welcome to any of the wallpapers/icons that I make. Which is why I make 'em. For everyone to enjoy. Because you are right...there needs to be more of this stuff out there!
  8. Oh wow....it *has* been a long time since I've posted in this thread. Cooper's sundry girls are multiplying!!!! *lol* And I say, good for him! But until this moment, I didn't realize there were TWO of you. I guess I wasn't a very good lurker. Anyway, CoopsGal, I'm not sure if I know you or not...but I used to post here a while ago. I love the fact that you are collecting all of these photos. I may have to snag copies of them for my various PhotoShop endeavors, if that's okay. See....I spend my time playing around with photos of Gary Cooper too. PhotoShop is just my ex
  9. *pours MissG a martini* By the way....I just realized that I got sucked back into this thread. You guys are SNEAKY! Luring me in here with talk of Gary Cooper AND Errol Flynn. *lol*
  10. Coopsgirl, I agree with you about Maria. And we are VERY lucky to have her, because unlike alot of stars kids, who spend their time trashing their parents or simply trying to cash in on the name, it is clear that Maria is trying to build a memorial - not a bank account. And the fact that she wants to do that for her father speaks volumes. Not only about Maria, but about the sort of man Gary Cooper was. Maybe he wasn't the best husband. But you know what? I think he actually did alot better than most of the leading men of that era. It must have been a huge temptation, being surroun
  11. Yes...I have BRING ON THE EMPTY HORSES (even the title is a joke aimed at Michael Curtiz that came about on the set of THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE). I bought that book initially because I see it as part of the extended Flynn repertoire - My book collection on Flynn contains several books that are not directly about him - this one, Raoul Walsh's biography, etc. If more than a couple of pages are devoted to Flynn - I own it. *lol* But after reading it, I can appreciate much more why he and Errol Flynn were such good friends. With Flynn....you HAD to have a sense of humor. I mean,
  12. He was an astute, witty, cynical, poetic and deeply introspective man who was--here is the kicker---far too sensitive for the public life he led. As contradictory as it sounds, that is what he was, a man of extreme contradictions and all of which he was fully aware by the way. It's one thing to be like that, quite another and quite unusual to know it and to question "why". His autobio may be inflated in parts for effect but the introspective chapters are fascinating and painfully honest. You have nailed Errol Flynn right on the head here, Miss G. And it really makes me quite pleased.
  13. I am REALLY glad you are enjoying that book, MissG. It is by far my favorite book ever written by a celebrity, and I do pimp it around here quite often. I think you are about the 4th person to read it after my pushing it on 'em...and all have been thrilled with this book. Errol Flynn was hilariously funny - and he was certainly able to laugh at himself just as much as he was able to laugh at anyone else. Nevertheless, there are some pretty stark parts of the book - as you have discovered. When I read about those three nights sitting on the edge of a bed with a gun in his hand, it
  14. Yes...that bottom one is very nice. I prefer the top one...but if the bottom one were in color and you could see those blue eyes....good LORD I would never be able to STOP looking at that photo! So maybe it's a good thing it's in B&W. *lol* Still, VERY fine photos. And I really appreciate them. Both will definitely be showing up in future projets.
  15. Wow! This is fantastic news. Both for SNOWS...and for THE SUN ALSO RISES. I am most pleased about this news. And I don't even have to wait long, apparently! I feel like I've been waiting for vol 2 of the Errol Flynn Signature Collection since, like the beginning of time, and I am not a patient woman. *lol*
  16. Coopsgirl - if you are new to silents and have not seen a Valentino silent...you REALLY owe it to yourself. Just have a cold shower handy. If you would like to try Valentino let me know and I can make recommendations or send you a film or two to get you started.
  17. Hey! Thanks very much for the photos! I have a copy of that top one, but this one is a much cleaner copy and I have been looking for a cleaner copy (and a larger one than the one I have) for some time - so that is great. And I don't think I have the second one - or at least not a clean version of it. That top one though - I'm most grateful for that one as it's one I've used in the past - actually the first avatar I made of Gary Cooper is using that photo. Only as I said, not as good a copy. So this one especially will get used in my photoshop projects. And MissG, I agree with you
  18. Well, my phone and internet is already with Bellsouth. I ought to call 'em up and find out the status of broadband in my area. I live out in the burbs so it might not be available yet...but I ought to try. Cus I sure would like to have that Fox Movie Channel. Although...I can't be responsible for what will happen if, when I call up Bellsouth and ask for the Fox Movie Channel, their flunky says "Never heard of it." It could get ugly. *lol*
  19. Well, March 4th could not come too soon for me. But with two TiVos and a stack of DVDs, I was able to get through February without much trouble at all. And even watched a few things on TCM I'd never seen.
  20. Anne, I was never offended by anything you said that I can recall. And even if I was, I don't hold grudges. If someone slaps me around, I slap back...but I don't remember it 10 minutes later, unless they hit me again. And I don't even recall us having an argument! *lol* I'm sure we might have disagreed on things here and there...but I don't spend any time worrying about differences of opinion. That is what message boards are all about. If I wanted to talk to someone who agreed with me 100% of the time, I'd just go look in the mirror...or talk to my dog, who never fails to app
  21. Cinemascope, that is a most interesting article. And I feel exactly as that person does. I can't wait until the cable companies get some TRUE competition from something like broadband, that does not require me to EVER get on my roof. Cus even if I didn't have the giant tree issue...I don't do roofs. And like the person in that article, I also would 'jump at the chance'. Because I agree - cable companies HAVE been treating us in a monopolistic fashion...knowing that we didn't have any real options. Do you have any idea how annoying it is to call Comcast every few months and reques
  22. Well, it was worth coming out of hiding to make a comment about *that* photo! Good LORD!!! *lol*
  23. Oh wow! Great picture, MissG! That's DEFINITELY goin' in my files for future use! It's a nice clear photo too! And take-my-breath-away adorable as well! Thanks for posting that! *goes back to lurk mode*
  24. I think the first film I saw him in was The Divorcee, and I really quite enjoyed him in that. I've also seen Red Headed Woman, The Big House, Secret Command and the first 4 Boston **** films. I really like him. I do agree that the Boston **** films are really sort of fluff...but they are fun fluff...and quite watchable. And he is fun to watch in them. I will have to try and find Three Godfathers and The Gay Bride. Right now I have Alibi on my TiVo from last week and can watch that. I really would like to become more familiar with his work.
  25. Wow! What a great story! That's a great way to spend time with your kids and give them an appreciation! Excellent!
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