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  1. Practically always by myself. If I have a friend over I might have a Chaplin silent on in the background for something to do, but for the most part the people I know are not into classic film. Nor are they into scifi, which is my other hobby. My friends (particularly my co-workers) know I'm into classic film though...and occasionally I get them interested enough in a film to give 'em a burned DVD of it. I don't watch it with them though - I just let them take it home and watch it on their own.
  2. Well....in my area, the primary broadband provider so far is..... wait for it.... MY CABLE COMPANY! *lol* Now, I really do hope you are right, because some day I'd really *love* to get the Fox Movie Channel, if nothing else. But if the broadband providers turn out to be comprised mainly of the the cable providers, it won't do any good.
  3. There are very few big cable companies in the market. And in most areas, you have only one choice of a cable company. I cannot pick between a number of cable providers. For me, it's Comcast....or no cable. THAT is a monopoly. A monopoly, incidentally, that annoys me no end because Comcast does not offer the Fox Movie Channel. Satellite provides some competition....but not necessarily in all areas. In my area it's not even an option because I live in a valley filled with 100+ foot Georgia pines, and NO ONE who has ever tried satellite can keep any sort of reasonable reception
  4. Oh topic: I don't care one way or the other what any reviewer says about a film. Reviews are just one guy's opinion. And one opinion is just as good as any other. I rarely pick a film because of a critics remarks anyway. I usually go to the films of actors/actresses I enjoy. And it's pretty much the same with classic film....although I do make an effort to see the so-called 'essential' films. If I like the stars, even if the plot of a film is lame, I can usually find something good about the film to walk away with. The only time I get really annoyed is when a film is very l
  5. It also seems the Verizon has come out with something called FIOS and if they can get past the local stranglehold monopoly that Cablevision has on the local government in Westchester, they too might get into digital television. Cable deregulation, remember that myth? . . . Oh...it's been de-regulated, all right. It's just that because of the huge investment required to make a go of the cable business, no small guys could make it. So now we have de-regulation....AND a monopoly-dominated market. The worst possible scenario. Deregulation does NOT always mean lower prices. It
  6. Actually, that one is toward the top of my personal list. I think that is a highly underrated film.
  7. Teehee. Actually, I'm an internal auditor for a VERY large company (if I said the name everyone on this board would know it, without doubt) so that very closely resembles what I actually do! PKTREKGIRL: ACCOUNTING POLICE!
  8. 1. What classic actor/actress would you like to skinny dip with? Clark Gable - he'd be the most fun in that sort of situation. 2. What classic actor/actress would you like to push off a diving board? That kid in "Shane". 3. What classic actor/actress would you like to go to a drive-in with? Rudolph Valentino. Yummy!!! 4. What classic actor/actress would be afraid to approach for an autograph? Katharine Hepburn 5. What classic actor/actress had the most interesting biography or autobiography? Errol Flynn!!!!!!! Biggest no-brainer question ever!
  9. IRL I'm a CPA. I can't think of any films about accountants at the present time...although I'm just positive I've seen a couple. Must not have been too memorable. Can't IMAGINE why! *lol*
  10. Vertigo Vivacious Lady Mr. Smith Goes to Washington Shop Around the Corner You Can't Take it With You
  11. It's perfectly reasonable to have suspicions. But it's not right to egg the person on and try to get them to be who you think they are - even if they are not. If they are a troll, it will be abundantly apparent to all in fairly short order - whether an old troll or a new troll is irrelevant, because disruption is disruption. But: a) the rest of us are not stupid and we don't need assistance in figuring it out voicing an opinion other than YOURS does not make one a troll; and c) egging them on with snide remarks and unproven accusations is actually trolling THEM. I l
  12. Given that you and I are not the moderators of this board and have no idea and no way of determining from whose computer these posts are originating, it's pure conjecture on anyone's part whether or not a given poster is a "troll" or a sincere fan who's displeased (gasp!!!) with something. Not my job, man, and not yours... And not Cinema's... I'm all for moderators, but not the self-assigned kind... I agree 100%. Just because someone doesn't agree with me (or anyone else) doesn't make them a troll, or a dual of another poster. Until one has PROOF - which one cannot hav
  13. I think alot depends upon the other films done in a particular year. Some years are alot better than others - 1939, for example has Gone With the Wind, Goodbye Mr Chips, Mr Smith Goes to Washington, Stagecoach, and a few other films that might easily have all won if they were produced in separate years. Same situation occurred in 1994, when we had Forrest Gump, The Shawshank Redemption, and Pulp Fiction, all on the same ticket. That said, I think some of the worst picks for Best Picture are: Classic film: All About Eve - simply another Bette Davis vehicle, and not particularl
  14. Same thread, different day. Move along people...nuthin' to see here....
  15. Yep. Got the same old screen here too. Although all of a sudden the music plays, which is quite annoying at work.
  16. Well, The Thin Man is available in a commercially released DVD package with special features. So there is no reason not to buy it. And the other films are on TCM a fair amount, so it would be easy to get those for free.
  17. I just saw this reply - sorry for the slowness of my response. I have never seen THE TAMARIND SEED. In fact, I think I've only seen about 5 of Omar Sharif's earlier films - I've seen a few from more recent years though. I will have to check that one out though. I think my favorite is still, and always will be, Dr. Zhivago. I suspect he will always be most associated with that film (LOA is really Peter O'Toole's film)...and it is a fine film to be most associated with, if you ask me! As for LOA - I'm glad someone else besides me finds that film tedious. Beautiful cinematograp
  18. Yes. The first four Boston **** films were aired by TCM last month and I watched and enjoyed all four. I mean, THE THIN MAN they are not...but they are fun little films - all of them short (about 1:10 max) and Chester Morris does a great job in the role. His 'foil' police inspector is dumb as a box of rocks...but I guess that's part of the fun. You can purchase the complete set (including the TV series) from Forgotten Films, and if I remember, the price was quite reasonable given then number of DVDs in the set.
  19. Well, I am not sure if I am welcome in this thread anymore as I'm no longer a part of your club...but I wanted to let anyone interested know that I made a few more things and they are now up at my LJ. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to PM me for full sized copies. As always, they are all free to anyone who asks. Also, I see you guys are trading films now. As I mentioned several months and several pages ago, back when I was actually a part of this group who mattered, I have a fair number of films and would be willing to trade as I am missing a few of the early talkies, a
  20. *rolleyes* Wow...maybe I should start pimpin' copies of my stuff around here too since I have 56 of Coop's films myself....with 4 more on the way....and I've been around here alot longer than you. Not to mention the several *very* rare Errol Flynn films in my collection...and several hard to find films of Rudolph Valentino and Bogie as well. But I guess I'm funny that way - the only thing I've done around here, given as how it's not my own personal commerecial site that I pay for with my own cash, is to offer stuff in trade. But whatever. Can't wait until everyone starts tryi
  21. >That's not really fair---CG and JW can't play ALL the great western roles! Why not?
  22. The only place it is 'showcased' right now is in my graphics journal at LiveJournal....which is located here: http://charlie-bowtie.livejournal.com/ And any Gary Cooper-related stuff will also eventually get posted to gary_cooper (the community I'm starting) over there as well. But no...I don't have a website or anything. I'm not a trained graphic artist or anything like that. I'm just an accountant with a 'can do' personality, who got so sick of seeing lame graphics for classic film stars that I took matters into my own hands and started learning Photoshop. I've only been d
  23. Yeah - I like that photo alot too. One of my favorites as well and I was waiting for an opportunity to use it. This is why I wish there were more color photos of him floating around. I can do some stuff with B&W...but I can do ALOT more with color photos. I also made this wallpaper with that colorized 'postcard' of him and Anna Sten from "The Wedding Night" in place of the photo on the horse from "The Westerner". But I like this one better, I think - more representative of him and his work, IMO.
  24. Well...here it is. Did some experimenting this time.
  25. Okay. Now we're talking! Unconquered is something I'm REALLY interested in as I've not seen that one. Nor do I have a copy. YAY!
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