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  1. Hum....now you have me thinking about my favorite stars and the clothing they looked best in. *lol* I could be at this for HOURS.
  2. IRL = In Real Life. Sorry - shouldn't have abbreviated.
  3. This is a hard question - in fact, I've been thinking about it a day or so and really can't decide. My top 3 would be the 20's, 30's and 40's - I know that much. Somewhat less excited about the 50's...and not excited at all about the 60's except for particular actors who I love from earlier decades - Gregory Peck and Cary Grant come immediately to mind. But most of my favorite actors were dead by 1961...so the pickins get pretty slim after Humphrey Bogart, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable and Gary Cooper passed away. And of course, Valentino had been dead for decades by that time...and C
  4. Well that's good. Cus it's a great film. There are alot of Gregory Peck films out on DVD. But I sure would be pleased if they did a boxed set or two of his earlier films...like this one. He is just wonderful!!! And I just loved him IRL too - he seemed like such a nice man...and so humble.
  5. I love that photo of Cary Grant and have been meaning to do something with it for quite some time. It's a great photo! But all of these photos you guys have been posting of Coop - I have a whole folder full of 'em that I'm itching to do something with. If I had time I'd do another desktop, cus these photos are beautiful! I'd like to get ahold of some CLEAR, COLOR photos of Coop, if anyone has 'em. I have the few that have been posted in this thread, but I'm hoping for something better. Surely there has to be some screencaps around somewhere from one of his color films - maybe "The
  6. I don't think it's been commercially released on DVD yet. I recorded and burned my copy off of TCM - maybe back in August on Gregory Peck Day for SUTS? I think I recorded pretty much that entire day, IIRC. *lol*
  7. Romantic Films R Us. *lol* I'm all about the mushy stuff. And Gregory Peck is SOOOOO fabulous in that film - as is Greer Garson, of course.
  8. Favorite actor: Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn, Rudolph Valentino, Charlie Chaplin, Gregory Peck, Humphrey Bogart, William Powell, James Cagney, Clark Gable, Montgomery Clift. But if I have to pick just one, it would be Gary Cooper. Favorite Actress: Olivia deHavilland, Barbara Stanwyck, Myrna Loy, Jean Arthur, Kay Francis, Lauren Bacall, Bette Davis. If I have to pick just one? I guess I'd go with Myrna Loy.
  9. Most Romantic Gregory Peck film: The Valley of Decision. I swoon just thinking about this one.
  10. Oh...and here is another site where you can buy some Gary Cooper films: http://www.forgottenfilms.biz/home.php You can pull him up under actors and it will give you about 4 films...but I think there are others on there that somehow escape the search so if you root around, you might find more. It would be cool to set up a film swap sometime if we could work it out. Might save everyone some money.
  11. Hi Coopsgirl! Good to have you here. Welcome to the board, and to this thread. I think you will find...erm....lots of company here! Well, gang, this weekend I got back to working with classic film stars in Photoshop, and made a couple of Gary Cooper icons (as well as a Cary Grant icon). If you wanna see 'em, they are in the usual place in my graphics journal at LJ, which is here: http://charlie-bowtie.livejournal.com/ Coopsgirl, since you are new, I'll tell you - I do alot of work in Photoshop, and I'd say that Gary Cooper, Errol Flynn and Rudolph Valentino are probably
  12. Rockin' good news! Both of these will be great - especially because they are likely to show different 'angles' on Coop's life. I really hope they keep churnin' out this stuff. But the good news is that I think that from what we've seen from Maria, she is pretty determined to preserve her father's legacy. Which is, IMO, WAY good for us fans! It always seems like there is so much more stuff written (as one example) on the more controversial stars. As many of you know, I'm an Errol Flynn collector...and lemme tell you, there are *tons* of books on Flynn (and even more on Chapli
  13. Wheee!!!!! Excellent news! I am *way* greedy for anything Maria does for her dad. I just loved her bit for SOTM! And of course, her book. I guess she must be in her 60's by now...and I'm really glad she is doing all of this stuff. I mean, she's the one person who is still around who REALLY knew him. So anything she says about him or does for him will always be top priority for me!
  14. Heck yeah! Show her "The Westerner" - that is such a great film...and he was still at his most babe-alicious then. Not to mention, his character is so doggone CUTE in that movie. The only actor around who could pull off being a CUTE cowboy...and still maintain the tough-guy dignity aspect while doing it.
  15. metsfan, love the subliminal gaze!
  16. Getting your mom into Gary Cooper will be the easiest task on earth, once you get her to see even ONE of his films. I remember the first time I watched "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town"...I thought, "Good lord, man...where have you BEEN all my life!???" I fell totally in love with this man. *lol*
  17. *ROTFL* HILARIOUS! You guys are great! "Cooper's Troopers" - *shakes head and chuckles*. And "Yup". Of course, I could add "This Live Journal Community is from nowhere in particular. And we going no place special." *lol*
  18. Okay. I know who he is from other stuff. Don't need to see Mr. Moto. He's played some way creepy characters, IIRC.
  19. *ROTFL* Well, it has the advantage of being catchy, anyway. *lol*
  20. Yeah...Chaplin is the only one who has provoked laughing and sobbing at the same time for me as well. That's why I love The Kid so much. That movie is just about as perfect as a comedy can get, in my view. You are laughing, you are crying, you are touched, you are tickled. Great stuff all 'round!
  21. Okay, gang. As some of you know, I'm a LiveJournal member and post alot over there. Today, I was outraged to discover that there is no Gary Cooper community on LiveJournal...and this is a situation that I must rectify. Almost all of the big stars have at least one community devoted to them...and it is not acceptable that Coop doesn't have one. So I am starting a community. Anyone have any good names for a title for the group? The username of the community is gonna be simply gary_cooper...but I need a catchy title for the title page. Any ideas? I have no idea if an
  22. Trust me. In this thread, we don't care if they've been posted before. *lol* You could probably post 'em every DAY in this thread and get thanked. We've got some hardcores in here...and we're proud of it, too!
  23. Humm...I don't see it. But then, I've not seen many photos of Peter Lorre...and I've not seen the Mr. Moto films yet. Do you have any photos of him?
  24. Well, might I be the first to NOT recommend a 12-step program for this particular addiction? Great pictures!
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