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  1. Wow! Excellent! By the way, which films are among those in the Warner Archives? I need to order those post haste as I am always on the scout for improved picture quality of my Coop film collection.
  2. This is probably a very cliched response, but for me, it has to be John Wayne's entrance in Stagecoach. But really - while it is likely on alot of 'favorite' lists, it is probably on those lists for a reason. And that reason is that it IS a breathtaking shot. If ever there was a single star-making shot in cinema history, this was it.
  3. Gah! I know I haven't been posting on boards much lately, but this is the first time in over 2 years I have shown up on this board to find this thread on (gasp!) page 2 of the Favorites forum! *Do I have to come back and help you guys out?????* You seem to have had things well under control for so very long, in terms of the effort to keep Coop in the forefront of all that is Classic Film! Which I think we can all agree is quite rightfully where he belongs. But this 'page 2' stuff is just not workin' for me! hehehehe.... Are you guys on vacation or something? Anyway....s
  4. For me, it was all about Bogie. Before I started really watching classic film as a serious pastime, I had seen very few. Interestingly, all the films I'd seen I really liked, but yeah...they were definitely few. IIRC, they included having seen Casablanca, Doctor Zhivago, and A Nun's Story (saw all three of these several times) as well as single viewings of a few other films - Gone With the Wind, Top Hat, To Catch a Thief, Roman Holiday, and North By Northwest. Additionally, I'd seen bits and pieces of various unnamed John Wayne pictures, which I watched with my father late at night when
  5. I don't think Pricilla Lane would have been any better. And I agree that while Olivia deHavilland would have been better for a number of reasons, it might have taken away from Cagney as the one-and-only real star of this picture. But bottom line - I LOVE this movie. I watch it every single July 4th and never get tired of this tradition. This year, because I saw it about 6 months ago, I was not looking forward to it as much, but once I got into it, I was glad I turned it on. Cagney is simply brilliant in this movie, and the music and overall theme takes me back to a time when people
  6. Frankly, I'm not really all that confident that American depictions of life in Italy and Italians are all that accurate. We have Italian-Americans depicted a bit better, but even alot of those movies are mafia films or films dealing with some sort of Catholic Church intrigue. Having just arrived home from my third trip to Italy (and the second trip there in the past 3 years), I think I actually prefer Fellini's films, when it comes to recapturing the 'feel' of Italy. Even when he is making fun of Italy and Italians, at least it is a spoof on the 'real' Italy as opposed to a spoof on
  7. board error - double post deleted Message was edited by: pktrekgirl
  8. Okay. Mission accomplished. Angie, I ended up posting links to 3 of your videos: Tribute to The Westerner - (I LOVE that movie) What I Like About Gary Cooper Holding Out for a Hero Here is a link to the thread I posted tonight on my scifi board (hopefully you guys can see the thread without joining the board): http://www.trekbbs.com/showthread.php?t=88139 Thanks for your help, Angie! Much appreciated! I'll try and come back tomorrow as I think someone asked me a couple of questions. But I'm exhausted and need to go to bed. Thanks again everyone!
  9. Angie! Yippee! That photo is EXACTLY the one I was looking for! And in such great quality! Thanks so much for posting it! That is just perfect! I will look at the videos now. I looked you up on YouTube and watched a few of your vids this afternoon, in between meetings. I'm thinking I will select two and give them the links to those. So now I have to narrow down my photos tonight. I should post 'em all here and let you guys pick, cus I can't make up my mind. I mean seriously...how do you ELIMINATE photos of Gary Cooper????? It's like an impossible task.
  10. Hi April! Good to see you! Wow...even coming back for a few posts makes me homesick for the classic film community. I really miss you guys. I haven't even been trading films lately, I've been so busy. It's really terrible. Anyway, another photo I'd like to get ahold of his that one of Gary, Carole Lombard and Shirley Temple walking on the set of Now and Forever. I have a copy of that photo, but I just discovered that it is a bit grainy, and you guys know how I am about photo quality. So if anyone has a good copy of that one, it would be swell too. I'm aiming to include abou
  11. Hi Coopsgirl - thanks very much for responding. The photo I'm looking for is from 1932. In addition to being in the Legends book, it is also used as the cover photo on Jeffrey Meyers' Gary Cooper - American Hero book (at least the softcover version I have). He has a cigarette lit and is holding it sort of on his lap with his right hand, and he's propping his chin with his left hand and sort of looking off to the side away from the camera. Knowing you guys in there, I'm sure you have a digital version of it. On that scifi board I've been on since, like the beginning of the inter
  12. Hi Jeffrey - yes, I got the parcel. But believe it or not, I've not even opened it up yet. I feel like I owe you some films (please send me a want list of stuff that I might have) and so I don't feel like I have 'earned the right' to open that parcel yet. That might sound odd to you, but things have been so crazy-busy here for the past several months that it's the only way I have of remembering. I know that I own you some films though - I just need a quick way of finding some that you want and shooting them off to you!
  13. Hi guys, Haven't been around any film boards in recent months - been WAY too busy with work for some time to do much with any of my hobbies. 70 hour weeks just doesn't work well with my film obsession I'm afraid. But I am doing a thread for that scifi board I've modded for over 7 years (the last remaining board I've not given up, and even on that one I've had to cut WAY back), and I need a particular photo. And when I need a particular photo in digital format, I think of you guys. The photo I'm thinking of is photo #8 in the Legends book - the publicity shot where Coop is sitting
  14. I love him in Witness for the Prosecution, myself. It takes a heck of a great actor to steal the show out from under Tyrone Power and Marlene Dietrich. I will say that I don't buy in the slightest the assertion that they didn't put him on the cover because they thought him less photogenic. I mean, if that was their sole criteria for putting people on the cover of Now Playing, I cannot even begin to imagine why they put Gene Wilder and Alec Baldwin on the cover back in April, rather than SOTM Hedy Lamarr.
  15. Actually, the SOTM doesn't always make the cover of Now Playing - I have been getting the magazine for some years and it seems like 3 or 4 times a year the SOTM is not the cover photo. Just this year alone, we have: Hedy Lamarr - SOTM for April - not on the cover of Now Playing Rosalind Russell - SOTM for July - not on the cover of Now Playing Charles Laughton -SOTM for November - not on the cover of Now Playing Joseph Cotten - SOTM for December - not on the cover of Now Playing It's not anything personal against Laughton, I don't think. I happens fairly regularly.
  16. > {quote:title=JackFavell wrote:}{quote} > Pktrekgirl- I am curious to know what your favorite John Mills films are..... > > MissG- that makes me like Grace a teeny-weeny bit better. She always strikes me as humorless....but if Sir Alec liked her and thought she was funny, I guess I can try a little harder.... I think my favorite John Mills film is actually ALSO a Dirk Bogarde film: The Gentle Gunman. Morning Departure is pretty good too. Of course, I also like the big British productions which utilized many British actors in smaller parts, but I don't really count
  17. > {quote:title=MissGoddess wrote:}{quote} > If you count Wales as Britian, then add Richard Burton into that list as well. > > Oh my goodness! OK, I think you and I both know what Burton would say about THAT. :p Oh yeah. But Wales IS part of Britain. And the thread title indicates British born stars - not just those born in England. So that would mean England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. And Burton is certainly more British than are Errol Flynn (born and raised in Australia), Joan & Olivia (born in Asia) or whoever it was who was from South Africa.
  18. First of all, Errol Flynn was not British. He was an Aussie. I also thought that both Olivia deHavilland and Joan Fontaine were born in Asia - Hong Kong Tokyo or someplace like that - a large Asian city. Not sure about them, but I am very sure about Flynn. Not British. Now that I have that bit out of my system, here are some favorites of mine: 1. Ronald Colman 2. Dirk Bogarde (I've actually been watching alot of his films recently) 3. Laurence Olivier 4. John Mills (been watching alot of his films lately too - alot of his films are coming out on commercial release in the UK
  19. My top pick for a Private Screenings interview would be *Olivia deHavilland*. But then, she would be my top pick for 'Person I'd Most Want to Write a Memoir" as well. And really, of the two, I'd prefer the memoir, because it would give her as much space as she wanted to talk about Errol Flynn....who she apparently still loves and misses. Second pick would probably be Elizabeth Taylor. I'd be very interested in anything she had to say.
  20. I believe this was intentional. Not any sort of great 'attention to detail'...but a deliberate way of helping the audience to keep track of the time until that train came in and the bad guys arrived. It was a way of illustrating just how little time Will Kane had to prepare...and how little time it took the cowardly townfolk to hide under their beds. Even when I watched this film for the first time, I noticed the clocks and kept track of how much time he had left. It was a vehicle for building the tension, IMO.
  21. I really hate the silence during the rating screens which are shown before the film starts. I record alot from TCM, and silence makes it harder to edit recordings. The music helps you know the split second you have to hit the 'cut' button on a DVD recorder.
  22. *So what films of Alfred Hitchcock should have made the list? What films should be taken off!?* *Do you agree with the list?* Overall, I agree with the list....although I'm not the biggest fan of *The 39 Steps*, and I've not yet seen *Strangers On a Train*. In some ways, I'd rather the list be limited to 5, because I can easily pick my 5 favorite Hitchcock films....but when you open it up to 10, I can't decide on the last few spots and end up wanting 12 or 15! But my top 5 are easy to pick: *1. North By Northwest* *2. Rear Window* *3. Rebecca* *4. Psycho* *5. Notorious*
  23. I re-watched this one the other night and enjoyed it. I'm not sure I would call it Kay's best film or anything, but I think it's a good part for Kay and is, overall, an enjoyable film. George Brent and Warren William where both good in their roles, but I felt that Warren William's talent was somewhat wasted in a supporting role such as this.
  24. Films that are directly about war and soldiers fighting in wars: 1. Apocalypse Now 2. Platoon 3. The Deerhunter 4. On the Beach These four are pretty much in a class by themselves. Each of them effects me for days after watching, to the point where I have trouble sleeping, they are so horrific. But other really good ones include: Sergeant York, For Whom the Bell Tolls, The Dawn Patrol, Objective, Burma!, Command Decision, Run Silent, Run Deep, Stalag 17, The Sands of Iwo Jima, Dam Busters, Pork Chop Hill, Three Comrades, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. Films that
  25. I didn't see this, but I like Ben. I think he has improved alot over the years on TCM, and I think this gig will give him even more experience and credibility with audiences. I've never understood all the Ben-hate in any event though. I like his relaxed 'weekend persona' on TCM, and I think some of his filler spots (interviews, etc) are really fun and interesting. I also like him because he has ways of letting you know his true opinion of a film. A couple of times I have actually had a good chuckle at some of the things he has said about films. And he is relaxed and good-natured
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