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  1. I totally enjoyed this run of films. I TiVo'd all of them, have watched most of them (haven't watched "Delicious Little Devil" or "Moran of the Lady Letty" yet - I'm pacing myself as this may be the last time I ever have 'new' Valentino films!), and I thought the whole thing was just wonderful. It is true that some of the films were better than others - I agree that "Stolen Moments" might have been better in the uncut version, for example. But it is so wonderful to have more of Valentino's films in circulation - so many of his films are presumed to be lost, so it was a wonderful treat to
  2. Regarding Clark Gable, there are several books about him out there. I know that I own about 5 or 6 (if you include the one that is about him and Carole Lombard together), and I by no means own the whole library. I collect rare books/1st editions related to four actors, but Gable isn't one of them. So if I can find 5 or 6 books without getting into the rare books market, I'm sure there are actually several *more* out there. Just do a search on Amazon - I bet you come up with several hits. As for actors I'd like to see more written on, Charles Boyer, for SURE. I own the only book
  3. Wow. Absolutely incredible! Well, I'll be looking forward to the originals, that's for sure!
  4. Here are a few that have not been mentioned yet: So many scenes in Doctor Zhivago that I'd be here all day if I typed them all out. IMO, the single most romantic film ever made. Love Affair - this whole movie is romantic (not to mention better than An Affair to Remember ), but of course, the ending is the best! No one does romance better than Charles Boyer, IMO. And speaking of Charles Boyer, another really romantic film is All This and Heaven Too. Nothin' better than heavily felt, but unrealized desire!!!! The last scene of City Lights. The Tramp's vunerable terror-of-re
  5. Errol Flynn--he was the man. You tell 'em, jarhfive!!!! You know that *I* agree with you! *lol*
  6. Well, first...maybe I'm too much the auditor, who is all about correct sampling techniques. But there is no way such a poll taken on these boards could be considered 'scientific'. The reason for this is obvious - the folks who post on this board do not necessarily reflect an accurate cross-section of the TCM audience. For example, there are alot of older veiwers in particular who do not generally post on internet bulletin boards. Some do, it's true, but I highly doubt the percentage of older viewers to younger viewers we have posting here is indicative of the true percentages present in th
  7. The information is this thread makes me very sad. I have collected various Paramount TV shows in the past, but most of the ones worth anything have already been released. Do they actually think that some of these shows that were hardly noticed when they were on TV are going to sell more than some of the great classics? I mean, the DVDs for the Star Trek shows or whatever where one thing. There is a big audience for that sort of thing. But they don't have alot of shows like that still in their vault - shows that still have ready-made audiences who they can count on to buy these TV sh
  8. I don't watch any of these TV shows...but I'm glad to hear that she is doing okay. Good for her!
  9. This is the best news I've read in some time. I am eagerly awaiting Oliva deHavilland's autobiography like no other I can think of. I'm glad the evening was such a huge success...and I'm VERY pleased about all the reports of Olivia still being bouncy, upbeat, and heathy. That is very good news! That woman is a real treasure.
  10. I was considering TiVoing this film. I think now I will. Thanks for the tip!
  11. This is fabulous news. Glad to see Bogie get a second set. In fact, he'll probably need at least 3 sets to get 'the best' out there! Good choices. I particularly like "Passage to Marseille", but all of them are good. However, as a huge Bogie fan, I have to say it: For the love of PETE, release "The African Queen" on DVD already!
  12. Probably "Dances With Wolves" would be my choice. Either that or "The English Patient". But "Dances With Wolves" really had it all, when it comes to a film - great acting, great script, great story, great cinematography, great score. I simply love this movie.
  13. For me, the three sexiest men in 1930's and 40's Hollywood are: 1. Errol Flynn - quite possibly the most beautiful man who ever lived, IMO. *lol* Even his voice was sexy. And that smile! - he could light up a room like nobody's business. I never tire of watching him. 2. Gary Cooper - not only was he the poster boy for "that strong silent type"...but he had a measured elegance about him that was very sexy in itself. And finally, maybe I've been watching too much "Mr Deeds Goes to Town" or something, but I see just a drop of a boyish quality in him that is just adorable when combin
  14. I am really pleased that they are doing a tribute to Olivia for her 90th birthday. Not many of the classic film stars are still around, and we are all lucky to have Olivia. She was/is a tremendous actress.
  15. Interesting. You must do things *very* differently in your neck of the woods. I've been a CPA for 15 years (an auditor most of that time), and I've never had a single liquid lunch, nor have I witnessed any or the results of any among my colleagues. Unless you count the annual firm golf outing or the April 15th end-of-tax-season-party. I take my job very seriously, and don't feel it is good practice to bill a client $250+ an hour for my expertise when I'm not in top form. I worked for both Arthur Andersen and Deloitte & Touche (in Idaho, Alaska, Georgia, and Moscow, Russia)...
  16. Humm....wonder what's with the accountant hatred in this thread. *lol* I'm a CPA in real life as well, Larry. And frankly, I couldn't possibly care less what Gene Wilder said about us in some movie. I'd like to see him diss us after he spends about 6 months in a futile little 'correspondence' with the IRS, ya know? *lol* They *all* think we are Saviors Of The Universe when we get 'em out of a little jam like that! *lol* That is, of course, until they get the bill.
  17. I must admit that I am not all that familiar with Alan Ladd. But I just received a copy of "Shane" in the mail the other day, and am looking forward to watching it - and getting more familiar with Alan Ladd, who I have heard is very good.
  18. Well, I've not seen tons of silents - maybe only 30 or 35 total. But of those, here are my favorites: 1. The Kid - actually, this is not just my favorite silent film. It's also in the top 5 of my favorite films of all time. I just LOVE this film and never get tired of it. 2. The Gold Rush - it is impossible not to love this one too. 3. City Lights - anyone beginning to see a trend here? Anyway, this is the third in my trio of Chaplin unmitigated triumphs. 4. The General - An amazing film. Can't get over the train scenes - they are simply brilliant. 5. Suds - I jus
  19. "The Dawn Patrol" has not been shown in recent months, so you haven't just missed it or anything. As for that documentary, "The Adventures of Errol Flynn", you can have your very own copy of it as it's on DVD. Check out The Errol Flynn Signature Collection - it's a great set of films. Hopefully, we will have another boxed set of Flynn's films next year, quite possibly with "The Dawn Patrol" among them as it is arguably the best of Flynn's films not yet on DVD.
  20. Well, I, for one, assumed that the *whole point* of the "Race in Film" segment was to show the history of African Americans in film. Sure, "Birth of a Nation" has racist attributes, but that was the whole point of showing it, wasn't it? To highlight the fact that it this was once how African American were portrayed in film - in a very racist way. This is no doubt WAY the African American guest programmer selected it to begin with - to show very graphically the sorts of things that used to go on. To highlight the real-life history of the African American community and what they have ha
  21. I enjoyed it too. But once again, the ending was cut off by TiVo because it overran it's time slot - at least the first showing (which was the one I recorded) did, anway. UGH! ;(
  22. But see, that's the point others were trying to make. Mary Astor is now a much lesser known star than Audrey Hepburn. And they use the birthday tributes largely to show a much of films from lesser-known stars. I'm a pretty big Errol Flynn fan, and I don't think there is a single one of his films scheduled for his birthday, which is June 20. But I *am* hoping that he gets a day in August - that would be great. It has actually been kinda nice lately, with days for Mary Astor, Lionel Barrymore, etc. I just *knew* that Lionel Barrymore did more films than just "Key Largo", "It's a
  23. Wow! That is marvelous!!! So great that he is able to get around and make it! Excellent! I too wish he could be a guest on TCM. I'd be glued to the screen.
  24. I don't have anything personal against any of the following actors - I'm sure they were very nice people, and quite possibly good actors as well. But in any event, they grate on my nerves on-screen: 1. Vivien Leigh 2. Marilyn Monroe 3. George Brent Also, although I like her in her silents and several of her talkies quite a lot and so overall, like her, there are a few films in which Garbo gets on my nerves. Not enough to dislike her completely, but often enough to at least mention. Basically, anytime she goes into that melodramatic moaning she does: "Oh, ", I just wanna
  25. CineSage, I'd heard about the possibility of a second Flynn set (YAY!) I'm hoping for "The Charge of the Light Brigade", "Gentleman Jim", and "The Dawn Patrol" as three of the selections. It's really odd that "The Adventures of Robin Hood" wasn't in the first set, but it's out on DVD so maybe it doesn't need to go in set 2. Maybe something else that's good, but that's not out on DVD yet. I hadn't heard about a Curtiz set. That's good news! Although I hope they don't put Casablanca in it. I already have TWO copies of that film! Give us more Flynn!
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