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  1. Yep. My TiVo is already set to record several of these!
  2. Well, being a conpletionist myself, I'd be interested in seeing it. Right now I'm trying to see all of his films, so hopefully I will one day get to see this one.
  3. constarkel, "Another Dawn" is not a big-budget epic-ish movie like "Robin Hood" or "Captain Blood". But I thought it was a good role for Flynn - I guess you could say 'right up his alley', only on a less grand scale than his biggest films. I wouldn't expect a "Robin Hood" or "Charge of the Light Brigade" or anything, cus you won't get it. But what you *will* get is a film with a decent plot, good acting, and a Flynn role that was very much of the sort he was best at. And IMO, when Flynn was in one of those roles he was best at doing, there was not another actor alive who could do it
  4. My favorites: 1. Captain Blood 2. The Adventures of Robin Hood 3. The Charge of the Light Brigade 4. The Sea Hawk 5. They Died With Their Boots On 6. Dodge City 7. The Dawn Patrol (note that this order could change next week, depending upon my mood *lol* ) Highly Underrated Flynn Factor Film: Another Dawn Flynn films I've not seen that I most want to see: Gentleman Jim (by several accounts, Flynn's personal favorite role) Too Much, Too Soon Right now, I'm on a personal quest to see all of Flynn's films. I did this with Humphrey Bogart and it took me a coupl
  5. My personal highlights: Do-over on The Red Lily (thanks, tcm programmer!) Do-over on The Clairvoyant (thanks, tcm programmer! You rock!) The Red Shoes - a film that I've wanted to see for a long time, but have somehow successfully avoided. Somewhere I'll Find You - a Clark Gable film that I've also managed to miss. Key to the City - Same. Adventures of Don Juan - The Flynn Factor! YAY! (there are a few other Flynn films in July, but I have them all on DVD. We need ones that are not on DVD!) James Cagney: Top of the World (documentary) Cops - Buster Keaton
  6. Well, I don't care about Pepe La Pew one way or the other. But I LOVE Charles Boyer in "Algiers". One of my favorite of his roles.
  7. For me (in order): 1. Clark Gable set 2. Spencer Tracy set 3. Astaire & Rogers II 4. Film Noir 4 (although at this point, I've only bought the first one myself)
  8. Alright! Rusty's pimpin' this book now too! Excellent! (Myself, I should probably write to the Flynn Estate and see if I can get a cut of the royalties, I pimp this book so often *lol* ) "My Wicked, Wicked Ways" is by far my favorite book by or about a Hollywood star. Hilariously funny, highly entertaining...and even mostly true. Probably. *lol* I now own about 14 books on or by Errol Flynn, but this one, which was the first one I got, is still my favorite. I would also highly recommend "Beam Ends", which was written by Errol about a part of his adverturous life before H
  9. Well, once again, I'm not sure what you expect. I'm a fan of Olivia, and read both parts of your article. It's a very factual article that is well written, but covers material that most people on a board like this already know. And especially material that people who consider themselves to be fans of hers would know....and that, after all, is the audience to whom this thread is addressed. It's a fine introductory article to the professional life of Olivia deHavilland. Not sure what else you want us to say?
  10. Yeah...you are probably right.... Maybe the mods can move it? Anyway, I've not seen that many silent films - maybe about 10 or 12 now. So take my word with a grain of salt. But of the ones I've seen (mainly Garbo, Mary Pickford, and Charlie Chaplin), I'd have to go with "The Gold Rush". Chaplin is simply brilliant.
  11. As far as Bette Davis refusing to work with Errol Flynn...I think that sentiment was VERY mutual. Let's just say that after "The Private Lives of Elizabeth and Essex", there was definitly no love lost there! I've not read her side of that story, but I have read his...and it was fairly grim. As for Norma Shearer, I think she would have done a great job...but she might have been too old for the part by that time.... But setting that aside, I think she would have been great!
  12. Bruce Cabot is a bum. With friends like those, you don't need enemies, that's for sure. And while we are at it, his business manager was a bum too. But yeah, you might get a real kick out of those other books I mentioned. I was over at Amazon this afternoon and saw that there are (used) copies of "From a Life of Adventure: The Writings of Errol Flynn" available for a good price - alot better than the price of alot of the books I've collected on and by him. It's definitely worth the money. Alot of stuff from the New Guinea days and a good collection of magazine articles writ
  13. I have several movies that I can watch over and over again without getting tired of them. A few of these, I've watched upwards of 25 or 30 times, I bet. In terms of classic films: Casablanca To Have and Have Not Doctor Zhivago Captain Blood The Sea Hawk The Charge of the Light Brigade My Man Godfrey The Gold Rush City Lights Love Affair (1939 - Charles Boyer/Irene Dunne) All This and Heaven Too The Nun's Story Singin' in the Rain Among more modern films: Dances With Wolves Out of Africa The English Patient The Bridges of Madison County
  14. Well, you do know that he wrote two other books - loosely autobiographical, both. "Beam Ends" and "Showdown" - you can get both brand new at Amazon. And "From a Life of Adventure: The Writings of Errol Flynn" has bits of both of those books in it, as well as some very interesting articles he wrote for Photoplay. It's a bit harder to find though, since it's out of print - that one, you'd have to buy used...but I got my copy through Amazon. Both "Beam Ends" and "Showdown" are written in the same voice as "My Wicked, Wicked Ways". The man makes you laugh in spite of yourself sometimes!
  15. *lol* Yeah, I'd love to ask him that exact question - just what percentage of all this is 'tall tale', Errol? *lol* Somehow, though, I think all we'd get in response to that question is a laugh, a twinkle in his eye, and a call for another beer. But you know what? In spite of his tendancy to tell tall tales, I think he was one of the more genuine people in Hollywood at that time. I mean, he said what he thought, and what you saw was what you got. He certainly didn't go out of his way to impress anyone, that's for sure! Even in that book, you get a feeling of genuineness about
  16. Interesting quote. But I *still* agree with Clark Gable. *lol* I like Bette Davis in alot of stuff, but that role just doesn't seem to fit for me.
  17. Do you know if there will be any extras? I own all of those films already, so unless the bonus material is staggeringly good, I won't be buying this one...
  18. Humph. I already own 3 of those, so I guess I won't be getting this one..... Good set though!
  19. I'm positively *thrilled* that Casablanca won. IMO, it is brilliant - simply brilliant. And like lzcutter said, even more so because of how that movie was shot. They practically wrote that script on the fly, and it's amazing that it came out so brilliantly. And that it is so chock full of quotables. However, I will say this: While the script is excellent and well deserving of this award, I honestly think alot of Casablanca's success is due to practically *perfect* casting. Bogie, Ingrid Bergman, Paul Henreid, Claude Rains...all of them absolutely *perfect* for their roles. So
  20. Of that group, I'd go with either Paulette Goddard or Jean Arthur. As talented as Bette Davis was, I could NEVER have seen her in that role.
  21. Errol Flynn. But not really to talk about his films. Being very much into adventure traveling myself, what I'd really love to talk to him about are his extensive travels, and how things have changed between when he went on alot of his adventures and now. Or, he could just sit there and smile at me. I'd take that too. *lol*
  22. Well, I think the reason why there was only two Spencer Tracy films yesterday is because it was also the birthday of Bette Davis, Gregory Peck and Melvyn Douglas. If you notice, the schedule also contained some of their films.
  23. Well, certainly for me, there is one film that impacted me most in that I wouldn't be a classic film fan now if I hadn't been fascinated by it for years - and that film is "Casablanca". Until about 2 - 2 1/2 years ago, I didn't know much of anything about classic film. I had three classic films 'on my list' of films I'd seen numerous times and enjoyed: "Casablanca", "Doctor Zhivago", and "The Nun's Story". Sure, I'd seen the odd showing of "Gone With the Wind", "It's a Wonderful Life" and "Top Hat", but the ones I kept coming back to were those first three. But it was "Casablanca" i
  24. To me, sexiness is more complicated than just looks. It is also an attitude - a part of a person's personna that makes them sexually appealing, regardless of looks. A good example of this - in fact, the best example, IMO, is Humphrey Bogart. Now, he was certainly not a *bad* looking man or anything - but lets face it - a Clark Gable or Errol Flynn he was not. But was he sexy? Absolutely. The air about him is just charged with it, one feels when watching his films. Now, as for actors who I don't find sexy, I guess I'd have to go with alot of the guys who played gangster types - Ge
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