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  1. path40a, Most of the folks who have participated in the challenge are MUCH more knowledgeable than I am about movies and the legal issues surrounding who owns rights to what. Most have been at this hobby a long time, know the films and who made them, etc. I do not even *pretend* to be as knowledgeable as most of the folks on this board, nor have I EVER PRETENDED TO BE. Compared with some of you guys, I am a rank amateur at this - I've only been watching classic films more seriously for a couple of years, and have been posting on this board (my first classic film board) for what? Two
  2. As I posted in the other thread, thanks so much for the explanation. I think we all understand - everyone, after all, makes mistakes. I know I certainly do! However, would it be possible to reschedule these sometime in the next few months? I'd love to seem them all in one piece. Thanks tons for the response!
  3. I'm not sure who you were directing your remarks to, path40a. You seem to be addressing them to several people in this thread, and not just the one person. Now, I don't think I'm a complainer, as a rule. I like the station very much and although I did not participate in your little game (because I do not have a listing of films I can include without spending DAYS figuring out what *should be available in a simple database* [and would be available in a simple database to an actual programmer] - translated, give me the tools, and I'll do the challenge), I do understand that it's a difficul
  4. tcmprogrammer, Thanks for the apology and explanation. No problem - nobody's perfect. However, would you consider replaying "The Red Lily" and "The Clairvoyant" sometime in the next few months or so? And I guess the one after that, which I didn't record? I'd love to see "The Clairvoyant" and I won't be watching what I have because I'll miss the ending. And I'd love to record "The Red Lily" in one piece - I really enjoyed it, pieced together and all.
  5. lzcutter, Well, the visuals in LofA are fantastic. So cudos to Ford for that influence. That's the best part of that film, IMO. Well, if you don't count Omar Sharif being hot, that is. *lol*
  6. Thank you very much! I appreciate you writing this, lzcutter! I love TCM - I really do. It's a wonderful station and they do a great job! But I have to admit that I was kinda frustrated after the past couple of days.
  7. Karlofffan wrote: >I have a DVR with my digital cable box. I can program it to start recording up to an hour or two _before_ a show starts and end up to an hour or two _after_ the show ends. Obviously, I don't give that much leeway time; I usually do five minutes before and after. I've learned to do ten minutes before and after if I DVR a movie from AMC (I know, I know) because AMC is run by idiots who can't tell time and in the past I've missed beginnings and ends of movies even with the five minute slack. A while ago F/X or TBS showed "Bringing out the Dead" and the extra ten minutes at
  8. Actually, lzcutter, I watched LofA again this weekend, and although I may get flamed for saying so, I still think what I have always thought - it is WAY too long, and could easily have been cut by an hour without losing any of the story. The cinematography is fantastic, the music is fantastic and I'm a big fan of Peter O'Toole, Omar Sharif and Alec Guiness... And I do like it, for the most part. But IMO, it is quite a bit overrated - primarily because of the lack of editing. This movie is just WAY too long. I mean, it's 4 hours, 'fer cryin' out loud! It's like the 60's version o
  9. I agree about "Crime School" - a very underrated Bogie picture, IMO. It's actually in my top 5 or 10 Bogart films. I'd also like to see "The African Queen" on something other than an import. As an Errol Flynn fan, I'd love to see "The Charge of the Light Brigade", "Gentleman Jim", "The Dawn Patrol" "The Adventures of Don Juan" (a non-import) and "Too Much, Too Soon". As a Charles Boyer fan, I'd love to see "All This and Heaven Too", "Hold Back the Dawn", "History is Made at Night", "Cluny Brown", and "The Constant Nymph". I'd also like to see "Thank Your Lucky Stars" - for Bogie,
  10. For me, this is an easy one: Billy Wilder I mean, for director alone: Double Indemnity The Lost Weekend A Foreign Affair Sunset Boulevard Stalag 17 Sabrina Witness for the Prosecution Some Like it Hot The Apartment For starters.
  11. I love her also! "Mrs. Miniver", "Random Harvest" and "Goodbye Mr. Chips" are among my favorite films ever!
  12. You know, I don't have many problems with the programming choices. But what I DO have a HUGE problem with these days is films being cut off at the end because TCM does not time them correctly. For the love of GOD, for all of us TiVo owners out there, can you PLEASE stop cutting off film endings? This weekend, we had "Brief Encounter", "The Red Lily" (this one by a LONG way - like 3 or 4 minutes!), and "The Clairvoyant" all run overtime and get cut off by TiVo. I'd seen "Brief Encounter" before so fortunately, I know what happens...and I was able to see the last 3-4 minutes of "
  13. Yeah...I bought the Thin Man collection...and the Busby Berkeley collection recently. And I purchased the first Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers set and the Treasures from the American Film Archives set too fairly recently. Greta Garbo, Errol Flynn, James Dean, Lon Cheney....probably one or two others I can't remember. Not to mention a couple of hundred individual films. It's a neverending thing - and you never feel like you have enough. Today I just pre-ordered the Glamour Collections for Carole Lombard, Marlene Dietrich and Mae West. And I can't wait for the Clark Gable set to be u
  14. I still need to buy the first two sets. *lol* Why do I feel like I am NEVER caught up on buying DVDs?
  15. I will certainly be looking forward to it. Please let us know when you have part II up on the site.
  16. I'd be *thrilled* with a Spencer Tracy set. Actually, what I'd REALLY like is two sets - one for him and one for the Hepburn/Tracy films. Yes...I'm greedy. Although I do know that a few of the Hepburn/Tracy films are out on DVD by themselves...
  17. You know, I heard (I think in one of the special features on the "Captain Blood" DVD?) that Basil Rathbone was supposedly THE best swordsman in Hollywood at the time. Apparently he took it very seriously - not just for acting, but in real life. He sure is good in "Captain Blood" and "The Adventures of Robin Hood"!!!
  18. Yeah, I agree. This film was definitely 75 minutes well-spent. I TiVo'd the other John Gilbert film that was on as the other part of the double feature - "Fast Workers". But I've not watched it yet....
  19. Well, I watched bits and pieces of "Plaza Suite" last night while I was actually doing other stuff. I usually skip the late 60's and forward stuff on TCM, but I was messing 'round on the net and left it on in the background. My verdict: What an incredibly annoying movie. I do hope they don't play this one often.
  20. Wow, I'm embarassed to say so, but I never noticed that Gilbert was playing the Max character, except when he was pretending to actually *be* Max during the ending set-up scenes. I was wondering how they got Gilbert's Bibi to look SO MUCH like the other guy's Max. I was sitting there thinking...wow, he really does look like Max! *lol* I feel like such an idiot!
  21. Hi shearerchic04, I'm officially jealous. I pre-ordered my Busby Berkeley set from Amazon, but it has not yet arrived. *grumble* Hopefully, I will be joining you in watching those films by the weekend though!
  22. Hi Rusty! Well, I'm glad you got the book! That's great! I am eager to know what both you and your wife think of it. I know I was pimpin' it pretty heavily there for a while, and so I'm hoping you will find it as entertaining as I did. Hope you get to read your new book soon! *lol* And btw, I can't even imagine how Errol must have felt when he received those dying words. It's like his business manager said "Screw you, Errol....But I'll be gentle about it". *rolleyes* He's SORRY??? At that point, it was a bit late for 'sorry'. *sigh*
  23. I don't know...it's tough to beat Anthony Hopkins' performance in a more 'modern' film - "Silence of the Lambs". Chilling performance.
  24. Yep. I watched that film too. Good ending. I like the way he set up the secretary's confession in the end.
  25. I know all you guys are fascinated with all this talk of Samsung housings. Riveting topic that it is. But I thought I'd bump this thread and update. Cus it's a helluva lot tastier than SPAM! Last night, I watched "I Love You Again". Can't get enough William Powell/Myrna Loy lately as I've been working my way through my Thin Man boxed set. So what are you guys watching now? Updates! I want updates!
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