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  1. I am also quite pleased about the May schedule! Lots of stuff I've not seen that I've always wanted to. And lots of interesting-looking documentaries! Plus, all the Bette Davis you can handle! Very excited about "Conquest", too. Garbo and Boyer - definitely looking forward to that!
  2. H Rusty! Yay!!! I'm glad you ordered it! I'll be quite interested to hear your comments after you read it!!! IMO, it's hilarious, in a dry and sarcastic sort of way. BTW, I'm also planning to order the Busby Berkeley DVD set!
  3. Hi Matt, Actually, it *is* in the book. And it really did happen....although not exactly like that - at least not according to Flynn: "I was drunk - sad drunk - when I reached home. I walked in, sad and alone. As I opened the door I pressed the button. The lights went on and my God - I stared into the face of Barrymore! His eyes were closed. He looked puffed, white, bloodless. They hadn't embalmed him yet. I let out a deliruious scream. I turned to run from the house. I intended getting into my car to flee down the hill away from my place, away from myself. As I
  4. Ah! Okay! Yeah! That was my problem! I'll probably look around there this weekend. It's a nicely formatted board - hopefully it will be a success!
  5. Hi Rusty, Yeah, I really do love Errol Flynn too. And since I read this book, I love him even more. I mean, he definitely says exactly what he thinks...but I'll say this for him - he's very fair about it. Cus he doesn't let *himself* off the hook either! And the whole book is written in such a tongue-in-cheek sarcastic fashion that it's very entertaining reading. More than any autobiography I've read, I felt like by the end of it, I really *knew* Errol Flynn. He doesn't whitewash anything - not even related to his own actions IRL or performances in films. He's refreshingly, bu
  6. Tried to register, but when I clicked on the link to activate my account, I got an error message. I'll check my email later and hopefully, something else will come that will clarify matters.
  7. Oh look! A thread that's right up my alley! Lemme see.... Well, the short-list would definitely be: 1. Charles Boyer - even his voice makes me melt. *lol* He can speak, and immediately the air is filled with passion. And alot of his films are such juicy chick flicks - "Love Affair", "All This and Heaven Too" (I always cry!), "Hold Back the Dawn"...the list goes on and on. In my opinion Charles Boyer and Clark Gable are by far the Sexiest Men Who Ever Lived. 2. Clark Gable - don't really think this needs much explanation. Everything about him is simply fantastic. 3.
  8. I'll be watching this film for the first time - hopefully this weekend. I'm looking forward to it - I have always liked Rock Hudson.
  9. Yep...that's the book. I received it in the mail earlier this week - I'd pre-ordered it. The most I can say so far is that the cover is very nice. *lol* But I'll try and remember to write more about it once I read it.
  10. Other books I've read lately and really enjoyed: "Clark Gable: A Biography", by Warren G. Harris "By Myself and Then Some", by Lauren Bacall (although reading about the ordeal of Bogie's illness and death is just heartbreaking) "Garbo", by Barry Paris I just received the new Bette Davis biography from Amazon the other day. Haven't had a chance to read it yet though....
  11. My FAVORITE autobiography written by any classic film star, is a no-contest question: "My Wicked, Wicked Ways - the Autobiography of Errol Flynn". Most. Hilarious. Book. Ever. ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was sacred to that guy (including his own films and performances)! And you can't help but love him for it. If he thought it - he wrote it down. And damn the torpedos!!! *lol* Picture the guts of Geoffrey Thorpe combined with the brazen, yet humorous and incredibly attractive style of Robin Hood. That is the best I can do to approximate the style in which this book was writ
  12. Interesting list. I have a number of those on DVD already...but there are some I'll be tuning in for!
  13. You know, this thread is getting more and more 'interesting' by the day. Maybe I've just moderated too many internet bulletin boards..... *lol*
  14. Well, considering she was only in about 20 films, she made quite a name for herself as a screen actress, in any event! That is what is so impressive about her...and why I really want to like her! Overcame tremendous personal difficulties and became a sought-after screen actress in 20 films. I'm just *convinced* I just have to find the 'right' film. *lol*
  15. Thanks, daddysprimadonna! I have only seen Garbo's version, and I really enjoyed it. I'll now have to try the Vivien Leigh version! Cool! I'm getting quite a little list here, guys! Thanks tons for all the suggestions!!!! This is fantastic!
  16. I have recorded alot of films from TCM (first to TiVo, and then to DVD from there) and have not had this particular problem. My only issue with recording films off of TCM lately is their propensity to cut the endings off of films for TiVo users. When a film is supposed to air from 8 pm to 10 pm....PLEASE don't have it end at 10:02 pm. Because TiVo subscribers then miss the last two minutes. This happened AGAIN last night on "From Here to Eternity". Very annoying. You might want to change media and see what happens.
  17. Thank you very much deadpandiva, "Dark Voyage" might be just the ticket, because I *think* (hope?) my dislike is more because of the characters I've seen her play than because of the actress herself! This is another film I've now put on my little list of films to try and catch. Thanks so much for your response.
  18. Hi anacanapanasan, Thanks so much for the suggestion. I like Olivier very much already and will put "That Hamilton Woman" on my list of films to try and catch! Your suggestion is very much appreciated!
  19. Hi movielover11, I don't doubt for a minute that she is very attractive and a good actress. That is not at issue here. The leading men in the films are not at issue either - I ADORE both Clark Gable (actually, my feelings about him border on 'worship' )and Marlon Brando, and while I wasn't that fond of Taylor in Waterloo Bridge, I liked him very much in Camille, with Garbo. It's just that I have seen only 3 of Vivien Leigh's films (as I posted in my first post, GWTW, Streetcar, and Waterloo Bridge), and I just couldn't STAND her character in any of them. What I'm trying to ge
  20. Thanks albatros1, This is what I needed - suggestions! By the end of "Waterloo Bridge" I was coming close to throwing stuff at the TV ( *lol*) ...and so I really want to try and make the next one of her films something that comes highly recommended. I will be on the lookout for "Ship of Fools"! I really appreciate the tip!
  21. Thanks tons for the detailed response! This thing with the May schedule is like little kids with Christmas gifts purchased in early November. Please! Can I open it TODAY??? Please???? Hey...but at least we are enthuiastic!
  22. Okay, here's the deal. Vivien Leigh just drives me nuts. She was a beautiful woman...and she took on some very difficult roles in her career...so I want to give her alot of credit. But I can't help it - she just drives me nuts. Now granted, because I disliked her so much in GWTW and Streetcar, I have sorta avoided the rest of her films. But the other night I TiVo'd Waterloo Bridge in an effort to work my way up from 'hatred' to maybe 'mild dislike'....or maybe even to 'indifference' *lol* And she was doing SOOOO well. UNTIL that scene in the tea room where Myra meets Roy
  23. Thank you, filmlover, for your reply. It was so nice that I decided to respond, even though I had no intention of making anymore posts in this thread. You wrote: "I wouldn't mind in the least if both threads stopped since it seems a heated argument no one will agree upon." And I couldn't agree with you more. It's not like this board has tons of posters to begin with...and from what I understand, this argument has driven some good posters away in the past. I don't know...I guess that there is so much about classic film that is positive, that I hate to see everyone ripping
  24. I like Ben Mankiewicz just fine. Now, if I had to pick between him and Robert Osbourne, it would no-contest be Robert Osbourne. But I guess I'd like to think that perhaps Ben might be more attractive to the younger crowd. I am always pleased when I see some of the 20-somethings post on this board...and maybe Ben might appeal to others in that age group. Just a thought....
  25. I'd like to see TCM in HDTV. I have a very nice (and quite large) HDTV, and would love to get clearer pictures - as clear as they can be, anyway. That said, I have to say that TCM does an amazing job of getting a clear picture with these films. I'm sure some of them are not in exactly the best shape, and they deserve alot of credit for making them as clear as they are.
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