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  1. Well, yeah...I have no idea about his appeal outside of the people who know him from The Daily Show. Since I personally am a Daily Show viewer and fan, I'm by no means objective on the issue of his possible appeal outside of his already existing fanbase. Although, I'm not sure I would term myself part of the "Comedy Central Demographic". I'm a female in her mid-40's...and the ONLY thing I watch on Comedy Central is The Daily Show.... *lol*
  2. Isn't there a thread about this topic already? I mean, I'm a newbie here and all, but does there really need to be multiple topics addressing this little ongoing war you guys appear to be engaged in? I mean, the thing is, it's pretty obvious to me, a newbie poster, that none of the 'major players' in this debate are likely to change their views anytime...in...oh...this century. So why continue to bring it up? Especially in multiple topics? Can't you guys just agree to disagree and move on to more productive topics? I suppose this post will get me yelled at by both sides...
  3. Well, as much of a fan of Jon Stewart as I am ( ), I totally agee with you. They should NOT be looking to Jon Stewart to raise the ratings. This is NOT "The Daily Show" - it's the Oscars. And Stewart should not be a major selling point. Although I must confess...usually I don't watch the Oscars, because it's too doggone LONG and I work for a living. *lol* Plus, the results are easy to get online...even if one is not watching all the speechmaking, etc. But this year, I have to admit that *I'm* one of those who might tune in...at least for a little while at the beginning, to see
  4. *sigh* I wish I could like this movie more. I love Clark Gable, and I love him in this role...but sadly, I'm not a big fan of Vivien Leigh. And this movie is so doggone LONG. I know it's a classic and that most people just love it. But I've never been able to get into it in the same way as others, and always end up feeling left out of the excitement. Ah well... Hope you guys enjoyed it.
  5. I don't have much in the way of complaints about the current programming, but I'll do it, just for fun. However, I need some clarification/assistance. Outside of the movie database link up in the menu options...are there any other films that we can include? And how to we find out what those are? I'm not familiar with all the leasing arrangements with studios. I've never paid much attention to that sort of stuff and have ZERO idea of what TCM has rights to. Sources of this material would be swell.
  6. Well, of the two actors listed, I like Ben's look alot better than Russell Crowe. But as actors? I don't really care for either one. I don't think Ben is that well respected anymore - especailly after his JLo adventures. But IMO, Russell Crow is vastly overrated.
  7. I think it would be good to have a tribute to him as well. Perhaps not an entire day or anything...but a few films would be nice.
  8. Wow...very sad. I used to like him. Grew up watching Hammer.
  9. I have a question regarding DVD players and TiVo, if anyone out there has that setup. Right now, I have a TiVo unit that has a DVD burner in it. However, lately the DVD burner has become quite unreliable (I'm not the only one with this problem - it's become quite an issue on the TiVo forums) and I'm thinking of getting a regular TiVo unit and a separate (conventional) DVD recorder instead. Has anyone had any experience burning stuff to DVD that was stored on a TiVo, and not being taken directly off of 'live' TV? Forgive me if I don't quite understand how DVD recorders work. I'm b
  10. Yeah, you can do this really easily. Type the actors' name into the search feature. When the list of search results comes up, click on their name in the 'people matches' section (will probably be the first name listed). On the screen that takes you to, look up in the top right. "Playing on TCM". If there is more than one movie upcoming for that person, you can scroll through them using the 'more' function.
  11. Nothin' wrong with being a Star Trek fan. I am one myself. In fact, I'm a fan of scifi in general - thus my username, which is derived from Star Trek and a show called Farscape. Personally, I think Star Trek fans get a bad rap. Sure, there are the 30-year-old guys who still live in their parents basements and have never had a date...but they are the exception rather than the rule, I think. There area alot of Trek fans (and scifi fans in general) who are 'normal' people. In fact, many are VERY intelligent people who like thinking about the future, space exploration, and about funky
  12. Very good to know all this! I'm glad they are working so hard on their classic film library!
  13. You know, it seems to me that if Janette and Nelson wanted everyone rooting around in their private lives, they'd have been more clear about what their relationship really was, if it was indeed anything more than just friends/co-workers. The fact that there is even the slightest 'mystery' over this indicates to me that even if they *were* a 'couple', perhaps they didn't think it was anyone else's business. In which case, personally, I will respect their wishes and focus on other things about them - things that they perhaps WANTED us to know about.
  14. I don't know that I'd call "Random Harvest" a tear-jerker.... It's certainly a romantic movie with a fair amount of tension...but without spoiling you, I'll just say that the ending does not make me cry - certainly not like film endings such as Doctor Zhivago, The Bridges of Madison County, The English Patient, and Out of Africa make me cry. Personally, I love the ending, and really, the whole film.
  15. Well, I suppose I can understand them frowning on burning the films to DVD. But TiVo is a pretty standard technology that alot of people use to watch TV these days. I mean, I wouldn't be able to watch alot of these films at all if it weren't for TiVo, because they come on during the day when I'm at work or in the middle of the night when I'm sleeping. Ironically, the one time of day I *can* watch TCM on 'live TV' - prime time - is the one time of day I've not wanted to watch TCM much this month! Many evenings they have been showing all the more recent Oscar winners during prime time, an
  16. First, let me prefix this by saying that I'm a TiVo owner, and pretty much everything I watch, whether it be TCM or another station, is recorded on TiVo and watched at a later time. As you all probably know, the TiVo 'clock' is set remotely by TiVo - not set by me on my individual TiVo recorder/DVD recorder. Lately, I have noticed an increase in TCM movies I record ending up with missing endings. In other words, TCM is scheduling the films so that they spill into the next time slot. In the past few weeks, this has happened with "Wake Island", "Executive Suite", "I Remember Mama" (yester
  17. Hi stoneyburke, I thought "Titanic" was excessively long, for one thing. And most of the annoying length could be directly attributed to unnecessary 'dramatic' scenes for DiCaprio, like the bit when he was chained to the pipe while the water was rising in the cabin. Bleh! That was a total rolleyes moment for me. And the sinking of the ship itself! I think it took almost as long for that ship to sink on film as it did in real life! *lol* I wanted to scream "OK! We GET IT! It's SINKING!!!! Now let's move this puppy ALONG already!" *lol* And that silly 'flying' on the front
  18. Personally, I end up watching Doctor Zhivago about twice a year. I've loved this movie my whole life - it's really one of the first classic films I got hooked on. I've probably seen it close to 50 times and it is by far my most-watched film. When I was living in Moscow for a year (for work), I actually went out to Boris Pasternak's house and to his grave - I'm that much of a 'groupie' with regard to this movie! But it's a fabulous book and a fabulous film - and very Russian in attitude and ending.
  19. Well, those certainly sound like interesting stars! I look forward to seeing some of their films!
  20. I've not seen "The Women", but I have seen "Random Harvest". It is actually one of my favorite films - both Greer Garson and Ronald Colman are excellent in this film!
  21. It wouldn't surprise me in the least if most of today's younger "stars" have never even seen a Garbo picture. When I think about current actors/actresses under the age of 40, I can't think of a single one who I believe cares more about being a good actor than about being a big celebrity. Perhaps I'm just being overly cynical, but really. Some of the foolishness that goes on in Hollywood these days is just plain sad.
  22. Cool! I'd noticed those earlier, and it's great that the list is growing! I'll be occupied for quite a while now, I think! Actually, this past week I TiVo'd "The Bad and the Beautiful". Hope to watch it this weekend!
  23. Thanks lzcutter! I'll have to pay closer attention. Most of the films I really love are from the late 30's and 40's, but at least among my favorites, I've not noticed a particular emphasis on 1939. I'll be interested to see what I come up with, now that I'm aware of this. Thanks again!
  24. lzcutter, that is a very good list. But I'm intrigued about one thing. Your comment "Anything from 1939". I'm really interested to find out your further thoughts on that. I assume you believe 1939 to be one of the best years in history for the cinema?
  25. Thanks lzcutter! Of that list, the only ones I've seen are: The Petrified Forest The Strawberry Blonde Dead End So you've given me several suggestions to keep my eyes peeled for! I very much appreciate it!
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