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  1. Interesting list. Although you did scare me for a minute, until I read the bit about them not being in any particular order and I didn't see Bogie until #75!


    Anyway, my amendments:



    Add to list #1 (forgive if some of these are actually on there - it was a long list!):

    Charles Boyer

    Audrey Hepburn

    Lauren Bacall

    Rock Hudson

    Montgomery Clift

    Omar Sharif

    Gregory Peck

    Elizabeth Taylor

    Alec Guinness



    Move from list#1 to list #2:

    Kelsey Grammar

    Russell Crowe

    Spike Lee

    Brad Pitt


    There would probably be other changes if I went through my Wishlist on TiVo...but I'm too lazy.

  2. I've been lurking at this board for a long time, but I finally decided to register today.


    So I guess I am new also!


    My favorite classic film actors:


    1. Humphrey Bogart

    2. Charles Boyer

    3. Cary Grant

    4. Spencer Tracy

    5. Clark Gable

    6. Gregory Peck


    My favorite classic film actresses:


    1. Bette Davis

    2. Lauren Bacall

    3. Ingrid Bergman

    4. Greta Garbo

    5. Joan Crawford

    6. Audrey Hepburn


    But there are lots of others I really like too.

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