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  1. Hi Movieman! Nope. I've not seen that one. I really need to get ahold of his film list and take a look through there. The main ones I've seen are the Lone Wolf films, the odd film he did with William Powell, the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers musicals, and a few 'big' films like Sullivan's Travels and The Lady Eve. But I love him in all of those. Especially the Lone Wolf films. I actually prefer him to Warren William in those!
  2. Hi CineMaven - I agree with you about Dana Andrews' films with Jeanne Craine - I quite like MADISON AVENUE...even though it is one of his later films. But those borderline scifi/horror films he did later on...meh. I couldn't decide which one I liked least. The bottom line is that I much prefer his work from the 1940's and early 1950's. I love all of those Fox noirs...and that one film he made with Tyrone Power - CRASH DIVE (1943) is vastly underrated.
  3. Well, I don't dislike BRIGHT LEAF. In fact, I don't dislike any Gary Cooper films. But of the ones where he had a leading role (which are the only ones I counted in my analysis - it's not really fair, IMO, to pick a film where the person had a small role) it is the one I liked least. In truth, I think it is one of the few characters Gary Cooper ever played who wasn't an entirely likable individual! I don't like disliking his characters - it puts me too much at odds with the fact that I pretty much worship HIM!
  4. Hi Frank, Well, Valentino would be further up the list, but he didn't make that many movies (he only has 27 credits and really only had 15 leading role films) so it's not really fair to compare him to actors who had many, many, more films and leading roles. That is the main reason he is further down in the list. But fear not - I'm still gaga over Rudy!
  5. I'm only counting leading player roles - early supporting roles don't count. Gary Cooper: Favorite: BALL OF FIRE (1942), MR DEEDS GOES TO TOWN (1936) and SERGEANT YORK (1941) - tie Least Favorite: BRIGHT LEAF (1950) Clark Gable: Favorite: GONE WITH THE WIND (1939) Least Favorite: PARNELL (1937) William Powell: Favorite: MY MAN GODFREY (1936) Least Favorite: THE GIRL WHO HAD EVERYTHING (1953) Errol Flynn: Favorite: THE CHARGE OF THE LIGHT BRIGADE (1936) and CAPTAIN BLOOD (1935) - tie Least Favorite: CUBAN REBEL GIRLS (1959) - duh! Ronald Colman: Favorite: LOS
  6. My favorite butler movie is MY MAN GODFREY...which is also one of my favorite movies, period. But my favorite actor, when it comes to playing butlers, is without doubt Eric Blore. That guy was friggin' hilarious! In the end, I watched the Lone Wolf films mainly for Eric Blore.
  7. My top 5: 1. Gary Cooper 2. Clark Gable 3. William Powell 4. Errol Flynn 5. Ronald Colman Runner's up: Tyrone Power, Rudolph Valentino, Dana Andrews, Charlie Chaplin, Humphrey Bogart, Cary Grant, James Cagney, Gregory Peck, Franchot Tone.
  8. Good to see Night Nurse come up on the schedule. I, for one, can never get enough Barbara Stanwyck.
  9. Some things never change. Personal battles and the determination of some people to inflict their views on others is standard operating procedure around here...and has been for as long as I've been a member.
  10. You know...I have recently decided that my favorite Barrymore is Ethel. I think John overacted sometimes. Lionel was better, but I tire of him quickly. I love Ethel though. She is always so understated, let classy.
  11. The boat sinking. I was a toddler when I saw that film, and the boat sinking was terrifying. Almost as terrifying as the Wizard of Oz flying monkeys, which began to terrorize me soon after.
  12. THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN, with Debbie Reynolds. I was terrified.
  13. Hi Ladies! Sorry I've not been around much - got pulled into a couple of huge projects at work and haven't had time to do anything film-related. But I've not forgotten about you guys...nor the Ronald Colman desktop I plan to do! Anyway, just wanted you guys to know that I'd not forgotten. Just swamped!
  14. I own a copy of this film as well, and yeah - it is a silent. Good film though - very interesting an a great film for Veidt!
  15. I agree! There are some great silent selections coming up in the next months!
  16. Wow! I always miss all the fun! Hope you had a great birthday, Jeffrey!
  17. Wow! I'm impressed that someone out there posted a clip of WOLF SONG. I've not heard a peep out of anyone in film trading circles about that film - no one I hang with has been able to give me a single possibility of a lead! And some of these guys have been chasing films for decades! Thanks very much for posting the link! What a great find!!!! I wonder what the person's source is.... Also, thanks for the photos! As usual, they are great!
  18. Yes, on FMC, keep an eye out for: CLIVE OF INDIA (1935) THE DEVIL TO PAY (1930) THE LATE GEORGE APLEY (1947) I have only had FMC since late August and I have seen all of these on there! They might even play more - those are just the ones I've seen in the 4.5 months I've had the channel.
  19. Geez, MissG. What a surprise! I agree with you! I like George Brent alot. I didn't used to like him. In fact, at one time I found him a bit annoying - can't remember why though... But what changed my mind was some of the films shown during Jean Arthur month last year. I watched every single one of those films and George was in several. And it was then that I really began to warm up to him. And for exactly the reasons you mentioned, MissG. He's not the absolute best actor around, but he is very competent and for whatever reason, he is very relaxing to watch. I guess it's
  20. Meh. This choice does not excite me at all. I suppose next year we will have Jennifer Anniston in a low-cut dress or something. But it doesn't matter, I suppose. I rarely watch THE ESSENTIALS, and when I do, I edit out the chitchat anyway. Sorry...but I don't consider this individual to be knowledgeable enough and experienced enough to have an opinion I'm gonna care about. I suppose if the objective was to pair up Bob with a Hot Young Thing, they have succeed. But if the objective is to educate people about film, I think they could have done alot better. And considering the f
  21. Johnnie playing "eccentric" is now a BRAND. Nothing wrong with that; Lon Chaney(whose classic status is beyond reproach) made a career of it. SO. I'm just saying. Actually, this is a very good point. Many of Lon Chaney's characters make Johnny Depp's look 'normal' by comparison.
  22. Hey, Its only one day in a year in tribute, Actually, not. They just gave him an entire 24 hours back during Summer Under the Stars in August...for the anniversary of his death. They gave far LESS time to Jane Wyman and Deborah Kerr when they died this past year...and I can't recall a Laraine Day tribute at ALL. In addition, I really don't recall any of my favorite stars getting remembered on their birthday AND the anniversary of their death. Most of them are lucky to be remembered at all on these days, except once every few years. It's not that big of a deal to me...but
  23. No worries. I probably won't have time to work on a desktop until after the 14th anyway. And 'way cool' on the new computer! That is great! What did you get? I am so very pleased that you have this new toy!
  24. I might be able to get 'round those copy protections. Lemme see what I can do. I don't have the BEAU SABREUR trailer unless it is on the same disk as Lady Windermere's Fan...in which case, a friend of mine has already gotten' around the problem and sent it to me in a trade. But I have discs of the other two. You need THE PLAINSMAN? And by the way, I am REALLY interested in getting a copy of CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. I've not seen that film yet and I love Clara Bow. She is cute as a button. Perhaps we can work something out?
  25. Holy smokes! Now I want to see this film more than ever! Thank you so much for posting these screen caps, Angie. Gosh, and that's just the preview -- can you girls imagine a whole hour and a half of that kind of rugged beauty?! Well, I have at least two books that list this film as among the most important of the lost films. Probably not for exactly the same reasons WE think so ...but nevertheless, we are not the only ones hoping that a copy of it will turn up somewhere, like Beyond the Rocks did a few years back. If I could have my pick of any two lost films that could be found, th
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