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  1. Operation This Cannot End Well is apparently a go.
  2. Okay...so that is the second of the three sets then? The set with Lady Windemere's Fan in it? There are three sets in that Treasures series.
  3. I will watch any and all films with the following stars in them - I'd even be willing to re-watch the worst film they ever made, in fact: Actors: 1. Gary Cooper 2. Clark Gable 3. Rudolph Valentino 4. Ronald Colman 5. William Powell 6. Gregory Peck 7. James Cagney 8. Humphrey Bogart 9. Charlie Chaplin 10.Franchot Tone 11. Tyrone Power 12. Dana Andrews 13. Charles Boyer 14. Laurence Olivier 15. Cary Grant 16. Montgomery Clift 17. Spencer Tracy I leave Errol Flynn off this list because while I ADORE him and would (and in fact already have) re-watch most of his fi
  4. I don't know...maybe it's because they have limited access to his films? Perhaps not enough to do a full Star of the Month thing? I know that I see several of his films on Fox Movie Channel...and of course TCM doesn't have access to those films. That said, I DO think they have enough material to do a day during Summer Under the Stars....I
  5. What set contains that trailer? Are you talking about Treasures from the American Film Archives? And if so, which set? Thanks for the info!
  6. Angie, be aware that there's a prankster lurking around on YouTube, stealing our videos and posting them as their own... How generous that you call this person a 'prankster'! I'd call them something else...but it would get me banned. As someone who participates in creative endeavors myself and know many who do, there is nothing lower than an individual who cannot be bothered to do the creative work necessary, but wants to claim the credit for someone else's work.
  7. Lost Horizon is a Ronald Colman film. It's great nonetheless Agreed. In fact, IMO is is the BEST Ronald Colman film. This film is among my top 10 of all time. One of those few pictures that stick with you for days afterward. Well worth the effort!
  8. MetropolisForever, I am convinced that the more these conservative groups 'protest' a film, the more apt people are to go! Some of these films they have protest over the years were horrible films, and if they had just kept their yaps shut, would have died a quick death. But these guys, in the most self-defeating behavior EVER, go on and on about their 'issues'...and just like a car wreck on an Atlanta freeway, people turn and look regardless.
  9. The only movie I saw in the theater this past year was Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, which I loved and which was worth seeing on a big screen because of the amazing CGI. In fact, the only films I bother seeing in the theater anymore are scifi/fantasy films with great CGI. The rest I usually wait for the DVD as it is more expensive to go to the theater these days than to purchase the DVD and have the film permanently! I usually love the Best Picture nominees...but most of those are fine to view on my 60-inch HDTV and so I don't need to go to the theater.
  10. YAY! I think he is great. In fact, pretty much the only actor around these days who I would consider to be a true artist rather than a professional celebrity. Yes, he has played some weird characters - and frankly, some of them took GUTS to attempt. Films like Edward Sissorhands were risky business - Tim Burton/Johnny Depp films were NOT guaranteed box office hits at the time that film was made...and yet Depp took on the task and got his first huge hit, despite the heavy makeup and weirdness of his character! So Edward Sissorhands, Captain Jack Sparrow, and Ed Wood where 'weird' char
  11. John Wayne. Same character, different film. Keep in mind that I actually quite like some of his films. But he plays the exact same character in all of them - only the costumes change....and there are only TWO of those: 1) cowboy costume 2) military costume. Certainly not the most versatile actor out there! And whoever said Johnny Depp plays the same character over and over either a) hasn't seen many Johnny Depp films or was not paying any attention whatever when they were watching or c) just doesn't like Johnny Depp and so is not being objective. Like him or don't like him
  12. Thanks very much! I really appreciate it. Alot of new faces around this board since I posted here often. But it's good to see some familiar faces!
  13. Yes. Same idea exactly. Of course, Coop made alot more films and so his book is alot thicker. Plus, I have the hardcover of that one...and likely you do also. But the Ronald Colman one is similar to it in terms of scope: it goes one by one through the films and gives a short narrative of the plot, then discusses critical and audience reaction at the time it opened...and then there are several movie stills. It's a worthwhile book, for sure. There are those sorts of books for alot of actors, by the way - I own one for Gary Cooper, Barbara Stanwyck, Errol Flynn, Clark Gable, Hu
  14. Mrs Cooper - Thanks for posting those! The fourth one especially is fabulous!!! I'm gonna try and make something out of that one, one way or the other! Yummy! By the way, I own a copy of THE FILMS OF RONALD COLMAN. It's a very worthwhile book - highly recommended to anyone who's a Ronald Colman fan. The photos are great and the narrative is quite interesting - even for the films that are in all likelihood lost.
  15. Good News, FrankGrimes! Rudy just asked me to invite you over.... ....to play with our cat. Don't worry. He doesn't bite. . . . . . . .Much.
  16. Wow! I've not seen this film, but now you guys have me interested! I'll have to see if I can get ahold of it! Sounds wonderful!
  17. Edit for board error double post. Bleh! Message was edited by: pktrekgirl
  18. *lol* Well, if you are gonna use your 8,000th post on me, I *have* to try and stick around! Gary Cooper, Ronald Colman, and hangin' out with you! What more could a girl ask for in an internet message board???? Congrats on that, by the way. 8,000 is alot of postin', girlfriend!
  19. Hey, that would be great! I think we are really close - usually if I have about 8 or 10 large clear photos, I can find two that go together in a way that makes me happy. If you super internet photo sleuths can dig up the photos, I can make 'em into something! And by the way...while you are looking around through that massive Photobucket account of yours, if you happen to come across any LARGE copies of that Gary Cooper photo that we love - the western one that I use as an avatar elsewhere on the 'net, I'd like that also. I have copies of that which are big enough to use for making a
  20. You know, it's kinda funny, but I think Lillian Gish was good in BROKEN BLOSSOMS, when you compare it with her (and her sister's) over-the-top performance in ORPHANS OF THE STORM. I got way tired of all that overblown hugging and kissing.
  21. pktrekgirl

    My new article

    Thanks! I'll do that! I don't know much about them, so it will be a good intro!
  22. Wow! Took a peek in here for the first time in many months, and was really impressed with that collection of lobby cards! Some of those I'd never even seen before! Thanks for posting them!
  23. FrankGrimes, I prefer to think of those two 'married' in the afterlife. Certainly they are living happily ever after. It's the only way I can accept the ending of PETER IBBETSON.
  24. Mrs Cooper - Could you perhaps get ahold of larger versions of a couple of the photos you posted on 12/26/07 at 3 pm? You know...the post where you posted a bunch of photos? I am particularly interested in getting larger copies of the second to last one and the third to last one in the group, if possible. Those would both be swell for use in a desktop. MissG, some of the ones you posted in this thread are good too. We might just be able to pull this desktop thing off yet!
  25. >>PKTrekGirl is super resourceful at finding obscure titles like The Light That Failed --- maybe she can say if there are any sellers out there who have it available. I still have hopes for TCM, though. And wouldn't a Ronald Colman box set be a dream? The Light that Failed is one of those Paramount films that TCM never shows. Or, at least I've never seen it shown. However, as you suspected, I have a copy of it in quite decent quality. When it comes to Gary Cooper (of course), Errol Flynn, Ronald Colman, Clark Gable, or Rudolph Valentino, I have been positively relentless whe
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