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  1. I own that scifi collection as well. But I think the set that I own that is worth the most on ebay is THE ORIGINS OF FILM. I was stunned to see how much that is going for on ebay.
  2. I did not know that about George Sanders, MissG. Can you please elaborate on his dislike of acting? I really like him in every film he's in that I've seen...but I don't know zip about him personally.
  3. Well, that's the trouble with my being around isn't it? Too much Gary Cooper, Rudolph Valentino, Ronald Colman, Clark Gable and Errol Flynn for some people. Am I allowed to talk about William Powell, Gregory Peck, Spencer Tracy and Laurence Olivier though? Might those be more palatable subjects?
  4. Humm...10 movies I've not seen but that I really want to see? Well, that's tough...and I'm tempted to put down a few Gary Cooper, Rudolph Valentino, and Ronald Colman silents that are either verified as lost...or suspected of being lost films. Nothing would make me happier than if a copy of A Sainted Devil (Valentino) or Legion of the Condemned (Gary Cooper) were to turn up! But lost films of my favorite stars aside....the job of making a list gets alot tougher as I have the means to find most films I want to see that are still around in the collections of various collector pals.
  5. Hi guys! And thanks for the additional photos, MrsCooper. I'm really looking for big ones (that are also clear, crisp photos) so that I can do a desktop for him...but those are still really nice. One can never have enough Ronald Colman photos on one's hard drive! I collect photos of my favorite stars as I never know when I'll want to do an avatar or desktop.
  6. Hummm....National Tango Day, huh? Sounds like a good excuse to watch a Valentino film, if you ask me! Still...interesting topic - I never knew such a day existed.
  7. Thanks for posting the photo from THE PRISONER OF ZENDA, MissG. As you might know, I've been looking for good pictures of Ronald Colman for some months, and I didn't have that one yet. It's a nice, large clear one - just want I needed! Thanks very much for posting it! As for the topic...well, I adore Ronald Colman. I've seen pretty much all of his films that are still in existence...and without a doubt, even if a film is not so good, Ronald Colman's charm makes it worth watching. His voice is certainly beautiful...but for me it's his charm as well.
  8. Well, as Cagney is my favorite gangster, I guess I prefer films with him in them. He had some of the starkest endings to his films - particularly his gangster films such as THE PUBLIC ENEMY, ANGELS WITH DIRTY FACES, and WHITE HEAT. You don't get better endings than those! I think my favorite gangster picture is THE PUBLIC ENEMY...although I also love HIGH SIERRA and some of Eddie G's more 'quirky' gangster pictures such as THE AMAZING DOCTOR CLITTERHOUSE. As for noir, I guess my favorite would be LAURA (not WB though - it's FOX). Although if THE STRANGE LOVE OF MARTHA IVERS co
  9. Humm....well, you're right - I'm not really a fan of horror - especially slasher films and such. However, I do have a weakness for anything with vampires in it. I do like vampires. I think it comes from watching so much "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" and "Angel".
  10. I think I'll just watch DRACULA this year. That is enough for me!
  11. I can't remember if I responded to this thread back in the dark ages or not, but I'd have to say: Classic film: Doctor Zhivago Modern Film: The Bridges of Madison County, The English Patient. Impossible for me to get through the endings of these films without crying, no matter how many times I watch.
  12. The biggest let-down of my entire film-watching career is a no-brainer: Lawrence of Arabia. Everyone I knew loved it...and another David Lean picture made about the same time (and indeed, with some of the same actors!), Doctor Zhivago, is one of my all time favorites. But I was bored beyond words while watching LoA - I though it was WAY too long and the story could easily have been told in about 3 hours instead of 4. Another film that I was expecting alot more from (because of the hype) was Citizen Kane. I find it to be rather boring, and much prefer The Third Man to it. Films t
  13. I started out as purely a watcher. Then I got into collecting about 2 years ago (before that I recorded some stuff here and there, but nothing serious). Now, I have over 3,600 films on DVD-R and another 1,000 or so on DVD (commercial release) and the hobby of collecting seems to be taking up more and more of my time...and certainly more and more space. I love trading and am always looking for people to trade with (especially people who are as concerned as I am with trying to get the best possible picture and sound quality). It is sorta fun chasing rare films, and there is nothing lik
  14. I saw part of it as well. But I got so angry at Robert Mitchum that I turned it off. I felt REALLY bad for Robert Osbourne - he didn't deserve to be treated like that. Because I agree with you: why agree to do an interview in the first place if you are gonna intentionally act like a bump on a log, even when asked a direct question? The whole thing did not leave me with a very good taste in my mouth about Robert Mitchum. Too bad, too...because I actually quite like alot of his work. But every time I watch it now, I think of that ghastly interview.
  15. I see. Thanks very much for filling in the blanks there! And I will have to watch out for the interview with Esther Williams. I have apparently been missing it. *lol*
  16. As for me, I'd like to see Robert Osbourne interview Olivia deHavilland more than anyone. I've seen her in interviews related to Errol Flynn, and she was simply charming...and quite witty as well. Great sense of humor. So I'd like to see her be interviewed about HERSELF - not just about Errol. Obviously, I am interested (obsessed, really) in ANYTHING more she might say about Errol as well. But I would really like to see her in an interview where SHE was the focus. Has Robert Osbourne interviewed Esther Williams yet? She might be interesting as well, if she has not already been
  17. Yes. Robert Osbourne has publically stated that the interview with Robert Mitchum was one of the least favorite of his entire career. Bob was pretty UN-FUN, according to Robert Osbourne. So...is Doris Day afraid of flying? Or does she just not like it?
  18. Hey, no worries. Who would have expected such an old thread to get bumped? *lol* But hey - it worked out for the best because I was able to get some suggestions for further viewing.
  19. No, I have not yet seen this film, benhowell. But I will put it on the list with the ones MissG suggested. I think my biggest problem is that I simply saw the wrong films. I am not a big fan of drama queens, so I tend to not like films like WATERLOO BRIDGE...where she gets the man of her dreams at last, and....walks in front of a TRUCK??? HELLO???? I discovered this universal aversion to this sort of drama queen ending after I originally posted this thread 13 months ago. It finally hit me when about six months ago I was watching HUMORESQUE, which has a similar ending: woma
  20. Yes, I agree - she IS a beautiful actress, there is no question of that!
  21. Thanks, Miss G, for responding. I was shocked to see this thread given that I started it over a YEAR ago. Someone apparently dug it up from the dusty archives and bumped it. But in any event, I appreciate your suggestions. In the thirteen months since I originally posted this thread, I have made an effort to see more of her films, and I'm more warmed up to her than I was. She is still not my favorite...but I have been really trying to separate WATERLOO BRIDGE and A STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (both of which I detest) from her other work. Last summer I watched GWTW again, and decided
  22. If I could get the ORIGINAL in MINT condition? No contest: Captain Blood. Worth a FORTUNE. And a very nice looking poster, to boot.
  23. The first film I noticed Paul Douglas in was "Clash By Night", with Barbara Stanwyck. What a great film!!!! Now, I'm a pretty huge Babs fan...but Paul Douglas was AT LEAST as good in this film. I was very impressed.
  24. I have a copy of it in my collection. But then I'm kinda a Charles Boyer fan and so have made a point of locating a fair number of his films. It's pretty easily available on the internet, IIRC...and you don't even have to resort to the perils of that film wasteland known as eBay. *lol*
  25. Well, this is certainly one of Gregory Peck's strongest films. Very well done. I'm not usually a fan of kids in films...but this one is the exception. I think it added an interesting element, being told from Scout's POV.
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