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  1. Caught it and thought about this interesting and quirky film for quite a while. This was the first time I had seen Phil Brown act on the screen. He was very good but the blacklist hurt his stardom. And Sally Gray was such a beautiful blonde. I watched to see Robert Newton ham it up as usual but he was quite subdued, That surprised me.Monty was such a cute doggie and deserved his prominent list in the credits.
  2. The glowing face of a radiant Mary Astor in the fiinal fadeout was a great way to end "Dodsworth". She was charming and natural and a delight. Such a contrast from the constant and irritating bickering between Chatterton and Huston. The picture has not aged well.
  3. I thought the blonde leading lady was Etchika Choureau until the credits showed it was Genevieve Paige..It's easy to see why Pleshette and Franciscus became TV stars. They did not have big screen appeal and charisma.
  4. "The Unholy Garden" was a real curio, artifact. and relic.But what enjoyment to view!The hotel in the Algerian desert...the Christmas party...the search for the hidden money stash. It was all great fun,,,and to think the whole thing was written in 12 hours! Hollywood rumors said Coleman always gave his best performances when he had a drink or two under his belt.
  5. Thanks for the photo! Gotta admit Dorothy does look quite demure and cute in the pix. But still...at least for me...far from all the other blonde beauties of 1930's Hollywood.Again thanks for the pix.Photos of Miss Mathews are rare on the net.
  6. Archie Mayo desperate for a leading lady, pulled actress Dorothy Mathews out of a crowd and gave her the leading lady role of Doris Ricarno, the wife of Lew Ayres.She certainly was one of the most unattractive blondes ever to grace the Silver Screen A little expression-less face with a nose in need of rhinoplasty.. I just couldn't see Cagney going for her or Lew so in love with this drab looking leading lady. Evidently the restt of her career consisted of many unbilled cameos. No wonder!
  7. Watching "Doorway to Hell", I was amazed how much Lew Ayres resembled John Wayne,,the young John Wayne of the 1930's. He could have been his double, Critics attacked Lew for his gangster performance.as being too nice and soft. But I thought he was just fine as the Napoleon Complex hood.,
  8. Is "Red Light" directed by Roy Del Ruth considered film noir?
  9. Dunno about a new low for TCM. But the films are pretty awful!
  10. I watched "All This and Heaven Too" on cable before HBO's "Mildred Pierce" aired. And you are so right. Winslet did look like Davis in appearance in that old movie.And she sure looks like Bette in so many scenes in "Mildred Pierce,:"But she still beats out Davis (and all performers) in the Oscar race having received six nominations before age 33!
  11. After watching Julie Wilson in "This Could Be the Night", I am amazed why this stunning singer/actress made such few films. As Ivy in that black slinky, shiny gown belting out "I'm Gonna Live Til I Die!" with her sexy hand and body movements, she was alluring and captivating.Great voice, too!. Robert Osborne in his intro to the film said she was still performing today.
  12. I know. I know "Chain Gang: was a Columbia B film from the 1950's. But who cares if there were no A list stars . It did nothing but entertain in a zippy 70 minutes. It had a plot especially the fire scene in the prisoner's quarters.Columbia Studios must have made dozens of these seldom seen B pix. Here's hoping TCM will try to show more.
  13. Audiences lapped "In This Our Life" up! It made more money than any other Warner release in 1942,It was Warner's number one box office hit of the year!
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