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  1. If you think it makes you cry, just remember that Laurence Olivier and Merle Oberon despised each other (they made another film together in 1939, THE DIVORCE OF LADY X), and couldn't wait for the filming to end. It must've been a very difficult year for both of them.
  2. Janet Leigh was also the female lead in Universal's THE BLACK SHIELD OF FALWORTH (1954), opposite her then-husband, Tony Curtis. Sorry, but the Hans Salter score did not feature themes based on the Welsh national anthem, Men of Harlech. Films that feature the song are ZULU, ZULU DAWN, and HOW GREEN WAS MY VALLEY.
  3. Scenes like this are shot in a big water tank with a large model of the ship. I saw one of these facilities one time, located on some remote studio property in Malibu Canyon. The backdrop is a large concrete wall that resembles an old drive-in theater screen. That would be the old 20th Century-Fox Ranch property, now Malibu Creek State Park, though Fox seldom did water miniatures away from Sersen Lake (named for Fred M. Sersen, the Czechoslovakian-born head of the studio's physical special effects department until 1953), on the main lot in West Los Angeles.
  4. It's the other way 'round, since BILLY MITCHELL was made four years earlier.
  5. Saw Charlton Heston on Saturday Night Live a few years ago, he was Hilarious. Nice to see a republican with enough courage to go on SNL and make fun of himself. He's my favorite republican. All my favorite Republicans are dead. Come to think of it, they haven't manufactured one of any merit since Theodore Roosevelt.
  6. Okay, then, how about acquiring Billy Wilder's FIVE GRAVES TO CAIRO and ACE IN THE HOLE, and the British films CAESAR AND CLEOPATRA and STATE SECRET?
  7. Hardly "unwatchable," but it (meaning director George Stevens) does seem to have trouble figuring out just exactly what kind of money it's supposed to be: comedy or tearjerker. Consequently, it's a very uneasy combination of the two.
  8. There'd have to be three different box sets, one each for Kaye's Goldwyn, Paramount, and MGM films. Then there're ME AND THE COLONEL (Columbia), and THE INSPECTOR GENERAL (Warner's, but in the Public Domain).
  9. What is a truncheon? and if you don't mind my asking how did you run across it and the sword (you lucky dog) was it an auction? do you have any other articles you'd wish to tell about. TCM shows the 72 releasing of the props and costumes that MGM had in storage boy I wish I could have been there and with some money. I have the cards baseball style type cards that were giving out at the theatre when Bull Durham came out this is the extent of my collections.... The truncheon is the mace that Robin shoots out of Sir Guy's hand during their first meeting (made of solid steel, it was damaged by
  10. You can always buy Warner's Looney Tunes collections on DVD.
  11. ...some big actresses had contracts that specified that they got top billing and it was always a financial and legal headache when two starlets clashed over who'd give in and accept second billing. Some did, but mainly those who worked independently (say, a Carole Lombard, or Marlene Dietrich). Those under long-term contract rarely had that perk, though their studios did try to keep them happy. In the end, their objections were usually soothed by generous infusions of cash.
  12. It's available on DVD from Universal.
  13. According to David Niven in his wity biography "Bring On The Empty Horses", Reginald Gardner's arm was mutilated from a bad fall while he was chasing Hedy Lamarr at a party. Thus, he kept it behind his back most of the time. I think she fired one of her (and George Antheil's) remote-controlled torpedoes at him!
  14. Unfortunately, the recent DVD of LUST FOR LIFE doesn't contain the short Darkness into Light that TCM runs faithfully in conjunction with its showings of the feature film. It's difficult to understand what happened.
  15. While I think THE HEIRESS is deHavilland's finest performance, and I particularly like her other Paramount films, TO EACH HIS OWN (which won her her first Oscar), and HOLD BACK THE DAWN (written by Billy Wilder and Charles Brackett; it was, unfortunately, tripped of one of its most effective scenes when star Charles Boyer objected to a bit where he had to talk to a cockroach), my favorite film of hers is still THE ADVENTURES OF ROBIN HOOD, probably because it's my favorite film, period (parenthetically, it was a remarkable bit of serendipity when I acquired Errol Flynn's sword and Basil Rathbo
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