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  1. What does ageist mean? I could comment on the stupid boots that Ben wears, so out of place, they stand out like a sore thumb. Eddie is all this and that with his ensemble but it comes across as phony with the color coordinated silk handkerchief. Then I’ll badmouth the redhead from Australia. Yes, she should have worn pants and a blouse buttoned up high.
  2. ELCID, I’m not sure what I said an hour ago either. But she does not have varicose veins, that was a not what I was getting at. If you have thick ankles and heavy calves you don’t advertise them. If you have big saggy cow udders you keep them to yourself, IMO.
  3. She’s the same age as me, for what that’s worth, we would have been in junior high-school together (gasp!). No, the cleavage simply doesn’t work. There is no eye candy there (well, maybe Eddie thinks so) so why show it. You don’t show off varicose vein legs. But I’m not a t!t man so it’s probably just me.
  4. Dana Delaney - who in the heck is she? Starred in some famous noirs did she? She’s a second rate television actress and two years older than Eddie and wrote a book. I can’t believe her status here. She most certainly should have covered up those wrestler like lower legs and unsightly knees. Nobody wants to see 65 year old cleavage either, there is no perk and everybody knows it. Plus, in the intro she confused Ford with Crawford as the drunk. Is she friends with that Shirley McClain? I’m sure she is a fine woman and upstanding citizen but why is she on Noir Alley? Because of Gloria I
  5. One more observation, in the beginning of the movie, it’s breakfast time at Uncle Joe’s, Ford has just returned from the war by train of course and tell’s Uncle Joe’s daughter that he had breakfast on the train and all he wants is a cup of coffee. Then he goes into the kitchen and is served (before his coffee) what looks like slices of bacon but he’s got a knife and fork in his hand. I don’t think it was kippers on the plate. Maybe some people cut up their bacon with knife and fork? Then, while he’s still fiddling with the bacon, Daughter brings over two pieces of burnt toast. They were
  6. Hard Case Crime publications have the most typos of any publisher by far. Not a big deal really, but the works by the artists Hard Case Crime are publishing are the ones the other publishers already know aren’t going to make it. What Hard Case Crime is good for is getting the names of great writers out there, crime writers, there aren’t really that many good ones out there.
  7. Now I can take a look at Broderick Crawford and know almost for sure that he has had a drink or two too many in his day. I don’t buy the stumbling, not from an experienced dipsomaniac character he is playing. No stumbling allowed is the mantra of all us drunks. Now, Fritz didn’t leave any unfinished drinks at the railroad bar and that’s to his credit. Ford smoked an okay cigarette, the package looked like Chesterfields, but he wasn’t great at it and he seemed to be smoking a new one when he should have been finishing the last one. Lang should have just let Broderick drink his fill and cha
  8. And food - does it taste like more? If it doesn’t ya ain’t gonna eat it.
  9. That “wanting more” thing is big. How do you judge or rate things? You want more from some things and less from others.
  10. “She never overacted and always left you wanting more.” How true. Glenn Ford came across way better than he did in his last Noir Alley. He seemed much more comfortable in his own skin.
  11. Then I could hear him say “be seeing you,” as he walked away. The Village.
  12. Well, if you live in a movie too long, you feel like moving on. Today I thought while watching a Prisoner marathon that I’d like to wear one of those horizontal striped yellow and black shirts and play chess with Number 6.
  13. The movie I would want to live in never is Rain Man. Can’t think of a worse one except maybe The Untouchables with that awful actor Kevin Costner, boy that movie was rotten. Musicals would be hard to live in but the girls usually show a lot of leg, and nice looking behinds, so it wouldn’t be that hard to live in one of those.
  14. The question was just asked by Eddie and Ben and the gang on a TCM interlude. Good question. I knew right away where I belonged - in that Ames, Iowa pool hall with Newman, Gleason, Scott, and the boys. I’d be the fella who swept the floor and tended to the pool tables. I know how to do that.
  15. It was probably Rickles. Didn’t care for him particularly when I was young, now I think he’s a genius. So quick, so irreverent, so funny, and he appears to be making everything up right on the spot. Dean Martin is pretty quick too.
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