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  1. Artists are rare. Drunken ranters like myself are much too common. I apologize.
  2. Dargo, what is wrong with you? You eat pickled pigs feet and maybe a pickled pig lip at the bar, but nobody eats a pickled egg. Even Sargent Carter doesn’t eat a pickled egg. Sam Drucker had a pickle barrel and there were no eggs in it. I know where the eggs are in far corner of the bar, but they are hard boiled, not pickled.
  3. Jane is no Ida Lupino. I’m watching A Star is Born with Judy Garland and if it wasn’t for a couple of hard boiled egg shells in my coffee I might have to puke.
  4. They probably do now. Sterling Hayden back in the day didn’t ask Doll to make him a quiche, no, he said , “Doll, fix me two over easy with a side of toast, and a tourniquet.”
  5. Paul Newman did it in that lawyer movie that was pretty good, where he plays an alcoholic. That was just one egg, not fifty. The old school way is to poke the raw egg with a pin and suck it all out with your mouth. The noir girls seem to prefer it that way too.
  6. No no no no. Are you kidding? You eat hard boiled eggs and put the shells in with the coffee grounds into the coffee pot. Now you can also do that with soft boiled eggs which gives your coffee a feminine touch. Personally I like a raw one in my morning beer, no shell.
  7. Jack Elam, Ben Johnson, Chester, Denver Pyle, Charles McGraw, Anthony Caruso, Edgar Buchanan, Ken Curtis . . . Needless to say I am a fan of Gunsmoke, until Newly came along, but yeah it has to be black and white, color just ruins westerns. I remember like yesterday when color TVs came on the market. No, I said, who would want one of those? Everybody looks green.
  8. Allow me to introduce myself, I’m a man of means by no means, I’m king of the road.
  9. Hello western peoples. Just sit back and think about it and Warren Oates comes out on top.
  10. I think it’s a damn shame too, Dargo. You just don’t go from place to place without the Greyhound bus, or the train, or a plane, or a motorcycle. Maybe Joan road a motorcycle out to LA but those scenes got cut.
  11. He eats eggs for breakfast. All men, noir or otherwise eat eggs for breakfast.
  12. Warren Oates is the greatest actor ever.
  13. Van Heflin is sort of a sissy in Possessed-Obsessed. I find it unbelievable that women could possibly be attracted to him. He’s got no masculine “juice.” All that chit chat, he should have punched Joan right in the face and knocked her out. But I guess to each his own. Haven’t heard mention Sterling Hayden (what guy wouldn’t like to look like him?), Burt Lancaster, Victor Mature, and not sure he’s been in a noir but Richard Boone.
  14. Well ol’ Joan gave me the creeps when she got ticked off and threatened both Van and the daughter saying basically “You better take me seriously and do what I say or ELSE!” No idle threat there. Scary.
  15. And let’s see more bare shoulders.
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