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  1. no question.....bob montgomery....especially circa 1930!
  2. glad i could help. and just like you, i'm dying to know what film has the couple dancing with masks on!
  3. I know Dunne and Montgomery were in a film called "Unfinished Business." Could that be it ?
  4. I know they did him last summer, but I could always go for a day of nothing but Basil Rathbone films. Hear hear to the Joseph Cotten, Ray Milland, and Freddie March suggestions! And The Extra Girl...I LOVE Marion Davies too, but I'm not sure they have enough of her films to fill an entire day.;/
  5. but if you're a completist like me it's good stuff Teehee...indeed I am. Think I'll treat myself to it. I love the cover.
  6. I agree, I love Horton in anything, but especially his non-typical roles. Same goes for Frank Morgan. He was wonderful as Ann Harding's cheating husband in When Ladies Meet! I love Ann too and sincerely hope TCM has the 30' version of Holiday.
  7. At the moment I'm finishing up Memoirs of a Mangy Lover by Groucho Marx. Can I still call myself a massive Groucho fan?!? I've never heard of this book!
  8. It's a fact that Mayer and Robert did not get along, and Mayer thought he was nuts for taking the role of Danny in Night Must Fall. He and the studio did very little to help support the movie or Robert's Oscar nomination. That's all I meant.
  9. hey deborah! it's me...flapper27 from imdb!. didn't know you were here too.
  10. I am now kicking myself fiercely for missing Stage Door Canteen the other day.;( Lovely article my dear, and I am quite in love with that website! How I miss Atomic Magazine!
  11. I totally agree with you on Petticoat Fever, though it contains one of my favorite Bob lines. Teehee....one of my favorites comes when his fiancee brings up the subject of them rearing their children in the frozen tundra. He says something like "they'll be playing with seals." The look on his face just cracks me up.
  12. I hear you about Kino, Criterion and their hefty price tags. But for the most part, it's definitely money well spent. I'm sure if it weren't for Criterion, two of my favorite movies ('The Devil and Daniel Webster' and ' Haxan')' would have never seen the light of day on dvd. Not to mention the other wonderful titles in their catalog. They are definitely a cultural lifesaver. I'm still saving up my pennies to buy the Criterion edition of Brief Encounter and the Kino issue of Liliom. I simply adore Allen Jenkins. I think he's much like Lee Tracy ( who I adore as well) you either love hi
  13. There's a great scene in the 1932 film Blessed Event, in which Lee Tracy's mom, played by Emma Dunn, says loud and clear.... "well I'll be damned."
  14. Might be 'Elephant Walk' with Liz Taylor. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0046951/
  15. I also enjoy escaping to a Wodehouse world. Where else can you wear furs and tophats? Rather! Here's something amusing written by Hugh Laurie...now better known as Mr.House M.D. http://www.hatsharpening.com/j&w/savedlife.php I thought Bob was pitch perfect in Night Must Fall. He could have very well walked away with the Oscar that year had it not been for Mayer.
  16. God bless Kino and Criterion!! I just looked up Three Men on a Horse on imdb. Wow !!! Stellar line up. The only thing missing is Aline MacManon.:)
  17. Teehee....I rather love Lady in the Lake. Audrey Totter's theatrics are quite amusing, and I think Bob makes a decent Marlowe.... plus I love the Christmas backdrop. "i like your tan, that's very Christmasy" But I would LOVE to see Ride The Pink Horse released on dvd. It's such an amazing film noir, that's so often sadly overlooked.
  18. I love this quote from a review of the newest Jim film... but instead of the classical Hollywood stars who could so perfectly embody Wodehouse characters, 2004 offers the modern Sam Rockwell...... I like Sam in some things, but of course, he's no Bob! And yes, it was lovely to see Montgomery and Benchley getting wasted together. I love Benchley to pieces, and am so happy to see that a collection of his brilliant shorts is due to be released soon. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B000CR7RAW/qid=1138906967/sr=1-1/ref=sr_1_1/103-4862774-3202261?s=dvd&v=glance&n=1
  19. Have you read the book??? The film is really nothing like it, but it still manages to keep that fun Wodehouse feel. I too wish Bob could have done more in P.G.'s lovely universe. I was so surprised to learn that Wodehouse helped write the screenplay for The Man in Possession. I agree about Madge Evans....she seemed to be calling in her performance, but Frank Morgan was a treat ( as always) and Eric Blore was a hoot.
  20. I love Kay Fwancis! Tee-hee...you know I never noticed her slight speech impedament til a friend pointed it out to me. It makes me love her even more. And I completely agree with you about the Bob book. There's obviously an audience for it!
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