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  1. Whew, Waterloo Bridge was fantastic! Mae Clarke was wonderful, so fresh in her opening scenes, making her later ones all the more moving. I loved her yawn and "ahhm...maybe I mentioned it." She indeed had the perfect face for the role, too, as was noted earllier in this thread. Moirafinnie, great background info on her, Whale and the production of the film--I want to go to Amazon now and buy the Curtis book.
  2. Man in Possession is a favorite pre-code of mine, too?it?s lots of fun and very sexy, with a good dose of naughty double-entendres. In addition to the fine pre-codes already mentioned, When Ladies Meet and Another Language are also very good.
  3. I'm really looking forward to seeing these films tonight. Thanks TCM!!!!
  4. Mongo, I'd like to add my thanks to you for this wonderful thread. Its great learning more about William Bendix, Jesse Ralph Chambers, Zachary Scott, and other lesser known actors.
  5. Actually, Montgomery didn?t mind making Hide-Out. Although still a playboy, his gangster character was somewhat against type. He enjoyed working with O?Sullivan as well as the rest of the cast and director and it showed in his performance, which was very smooth and seemed effortless. This is one of my favorite Montgomery films--I love his tough talk as well ("Emma was good while she lasted"). One of my favorite scenes takes place in the living room with O?Sullivan asking about Lucky while chewing her pencil, Rooney hoping Lucky stays sick a long time so he can get a BB gun and Patterson just
  6. There are so many to choose from, but his performance in Scarlett Street is my favorite.
  7. Anton Walbrook in Angel Street (Gaslight).
  8. Melvin Douglas was born Melvin Edouard Hesselberg. His stage name of Douglas came from his Scottish mother?s side (specifically in honor of Black Douglas, a famous swashbuckling Highlander). Melvin was Helen Gahagan?s only husband and they had 2 children, Peter and Mary Helen, and one of them is Illeana's parent.
  9. Illeana Douglas is the granddaughter of Melvyn Douglas
  10. That would be Preston Sturges "The Miracle of Morgan's Creek." Great movie!
  11. I'd also like to see Frederic March as "Star of the Month."
  12. Les Diabolique also influenced a famous TV series: Lt. Columbo looked a lot like Fichet.
  13. Oh yeah, he was splendid in ?Holiday.? I would love to see him in the 1930 version as well (Ann Harding is another of my favorites). I?ve searched all over for that film. I wonder if TCM has ever aired it.
  14. Bob really provided ?Petticoat Fever? with quite a few good moments. I especially like the look on his face when he asks Reg Owen how many rooms he should prepare as well as when he forgets his own name?very cute. Mayer truly wasted Bob?s talent at MGM. Still, he sure made the most of what he was given. Regarding ?Here Comes Mr. Jordan"?there?s another added bonus: the wonderful Edward Everett Horton. (It would be great to see him as ?Star of the Month? sometime.) I also adore Claude Rains. He?s been one of my all-time favorites since I saw the ?Invisible Man.? What an excellent actor he w
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