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  1. I have to agree with you about White Christmas! I think if this movie wasn't about Christmas it would have been forgotten. I don't understand the humor of Danny Kaye. That said, as a kid I did enjoy him playing Hans Christian Anderson.
  2. I made myself watch the film "A Clockwork Orange" because I read the book for my classic literature book club. This film is disturbing - especially for me the sexual violence. I found it a little difficult to sleep after seeing it. The book is far more violent and graphic. However, to be repulsed and disturbed by the torture and violence was the point the author (and director Stanley Kubrick) was trying to make. Kubrick blocked release of the film in Britain fearing it was encouraging acts of violence. A really controversial film.
  3. Ooooh - I hate to upset people but there are some classic western musicals that just don't do it for me. Seven Brides for Seven Brothers Yes - the dancing and choreography in some of the numbers is amazing but the story bothers me. It's a really sexist story about ill-mannered brothers capturing brides to take care of them. I don't get the humor and the songs are not memorable for me. How the West Was Won This epic film from 1962 is packed with stars and was very acclaimed but it just felt long to me. I didn't get engaged with the characters. Paint Your Wagon Y
  4. I think Jackie Gleason is a phenomenal dramatic actor and it's a shame he didn't have the opportunity to star in more dramatic movies. As others mentioned, you can't take your eyes off him in The Hustler. He has so much presence and his acting feels so natural. I found that he played a part in the murder thriller "All Through the Night" (1942).
  5. The movie(s) I would want to live in would be a Frank Capra movie. There were so many nice, caring people with a positive outlook in his movies. My personal favorite Capra film is "You Can't Take It With You" (1938). I love the whole idea of not caring or trying to live like rich snobs and doing whatever your creative spirit inspires you to do. * When I was a kid, I always wanted to see "the land of Oz" from "The Wizard of Oz", however the wicked witch and her flying monkeys are too scary.
  6. The Vandamm house was not a real structure or designed by Frank Lloyd Wright but if it was, it would be so interesting to see!
  7. I love the film "How Green Was My Valley" and Roddy McDowall as a child actor gave a sensitive performance as Huw - the youngest in a large family of coal miners. Unfortunately, How Green Was My Valley is too often just thought of as the movie that beat out Citizen Kane for the best picture Oscar in 1941 (and I have to agree that Kane should have won) but it is still a really beautiful and moving film. It's a powerful story about a coal mining village that's been destroyed environmentally, morally and socially. The film was directed by John Ford and it's striking, expressionistic photograph
  8. No doubt cinemas have taken a hit. One of my favorite movie theaters in Chicago, Arclight (a beautiful theater that aired many high quality movies that don't show at other theaters with no commercials) went out of business because of the pandemic. I know that Arclight theaters were in other places too including California. In Chicago, movie lovers streamed movies at the beloved historic theater The Music Box to help keep it going. The Music Box is doing okay and now has reopened for movies. I hope that in a similar way to other businesses that took a serious hit during the pandemic (such
  9. Yes - Giuletta Masina is brilliant in her role as Gelsomina in La Strada and as wonderful as Quinn is in this film, it's hard to beat Giuletta Masina's performance.
  10. I noticed that for "Hispanic Heritage Month", TCM will show films starring Anthony Quinn and Rita Hayworth - two amazing talents. I'm not sure they'll show all of the best performances featuring these two so here are my favorites. I'd love to hear your opinions of favorite Quinn or Hayworth performances and movies. Anthony Quinn La Strada (1954) - my personal favorite with Quinn. Quinn plays the itinerant performer in a circus who dominates his girlfriend. He makes the role more than a portrayal of just a cruel savage character but shows his isolation and a dramatic character sh
  11. Absolutely! Auntie Mame is wonderful. One of my favorites. Love Rosalind Russel in this role.
  12. Yes! Movies can make us more aware of our prejudices and flaws. One of my favorite films is "Gentleman's Agreement" directed by Elia Kazan and starring Gregory Peck. It focuses on antisemitism. I like that the film not only shows people being openly prejudice but also the problem of people who are complicit and don't say anything about what they know is wrong.
  13. I think that the roller skating theme is cute but (this is just me), I would rather have a more thoughtful theme to appeal to an audience that really understands/appreciates classic films. Movies hold a mirror on societies, our hopes, dreams, nightmares and so on. There are so many possibilities.
  14. My favorite is Boris Karloff in the 1931 Frankenstein. He conveyed pathos as a monster unable to speak. You felt sorry for Frankenstein when he is tormented but also frightened by him. Karloff created the iconic Frankenstein monster despite having to wear uncomfortable amounts of heavy makeup.
  15. An Unmarried Woman is an excellent movie and a good example of changing attitudes in the 1970's toward women being single and independent. It is heartbreaking when the wife (played wonderfully by Jill Clayburgh) is told by her husband about his affair through his fake tears while they walk down the street. The wife was very married and now her whole life is upended. I like the end of the movie when she finally transitions to being independent and carries a huge painting awkwardly down the street by herself.
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