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  1. Three amazing actors - it's very hard to choose a favorite but I would choose Brando for his standout performances in "A Streetcar Named Desire" and "On the Waterfront". In "On the Waterfront", Brando's character shows many emotions; love, anger, fear and very authentically conveys shame. Not easy. In "A Streetcar Named Desire" Brando's character is a chilling animal-like brute. On another note, one of my favorite performances by an actress is Vivien Leigh in "A Streetcar Named Desire".
  2. The sweltering summer heat is certainly a strong motif in "Do the Right Thing" and it adds to the tension in the story. The characters can't beat the heat and are trying almost anything to cool down but the heat is still there - in the same way, their problems and social tensions are still there. Great film.
  3. I'm going to quote a review I saw for this film on IMBD. This reviewer reflected my thoughts on this film so well. A better depiction of what slavery was actually like is the excellent film "12 Years a Slave" based on the written story of a person who was kidnapped and made a slave. Old Natchez on the Mississippi (1939) 1/10 Doesn't play well in 2021 7 June 2021 This "Documentary" short attempts to paint a sweet, nostalgic picture of the old South. It does so by repeating old White lies. Footage of an old Black woman smoking a pipe is accompanied by the narration, "
  4. This piece gave an incredibly inaccurate view of slavery. I'm very disappointed that it was aired on TCM.
  5. Thanks for bringing my attention to "The Long Hot Summer". I just watched it on TCM. Newman is a standout as the crafty Ben Quick and I loved Joanne Woodward as the reluctant love interest of Quick with a quiet strength. It was mentioned in the commentary after the film that the director Martin Witt (I think?) had difficulties dealing with Orson Welles who was use to running the show and sometimes delivered his lines in a way that made them inaudible. Despite these problems, Welles is quite a presence in this film. I read that the sweet ending is not the way Faulkner (author of the story)
  6. My dad was on a destroyer in the Navy during WWII as well and I love "Mr. Roberts". The men were at such close quarters on those ships and always worried about the Pacific. I feel so proud and grateful to WWII veterans who fought the war against fascism. D-Day was fought by incredibly brave men. The experience of landing on the beach and the noise and terror is captured in "Saving Private Ryan". I think the movie "Dunkirk" is an extraordinary film about the rescue of troops.
  7. A Place in the Sun and Rear Window are two amazing movies that really make you feel the heat of summer. Think I'll rewatch! Thanks. Montgomery Clift does a masterful job playing the "outsider" pursuing wealth and happiness in an unwelcoming environment who ends up making really bad choices. He plays the part as a victim/warped character. I'm a great admirer of Clift and look for him in movies. Not to mention, Liz Taylor is a knockout in this movie. Rear Window is one of Hitchcock's best and summer heat really influences the actions/mood of the characters.
  8. I'd love to hear your favorite picks for films that take place during summer. Summer is a time of year when many of us take a break from work or school and try new experiences. Her are 3 of my favorite films that take place during summer. 1. Summertime (1955) starring Katherine Hepburn and Rossano Brazzi and directed by David Lean. Katherine Hepburn plays a middle-aged secretary who has almost given up on love but before she does, she decides to take a vacation over the summer to romantic Venice, Italy. I love Hepburn's poignant acting performance in this film. 2. Stand By Me (
  9. Roddy McDowall was an amazing child actor and my favorite performance by him was in "How Green is My Valley". He feels authentic in this moving story of a boy (McDowall) experiencing pleasure and pain growing up in a turn-of-the-century Welsh coal-mining community. He is not only great in the sentimental scenes but can also show teenage anger. The set design and cinematography is stunning with the scenes of the workers trudging up and down the steep hill to the coal mine. This is one of John Ford's best.
  10. I don't see how Amazon's business has anything to do with making movies. There is an art to making great films which business marketing models can never capture. The history of MGM is amazing. What will the mega-dollar maker Amazon do to a movie business? I hope it will not be just a way to make money without concern for the quality of films.
  11. I just watched "The Enchanted Cottage". What a gem! The insensitive treatment of the romantic couple is incredible but in the end, their love conquers all. I noticed that Herman J. Mankiewicz is the writer. I wonder if this is the same writer featured in "Mank" and related to TCM host Ben Mankiewicz?
  12. I have to see "The Enchanted Cottage"! Thanks for the tip Topbilled.
  13. The film "The Heiress" is based on the classic novel "Washington Square" by Henry James which contains some interesting plot differences. The movie ends with the heiress (played by Olivia De Haviland) refusing to answer the door when her suitor returns (played by Montgomery Cliff) - her suitor is now financially down on his luck. The heiress is shown shutting herself off from a social life and spending a lot of time doing needle point. When Olivia Du Haviland walks up the stairs refusing to answer the door while her returned suitor is frantically knocking, we are lead to think she will live
  14. I agree with Olivia De Haviland's great acting talent (which she exhibits in the film) but the whole story is about a girl who is not attractive and is treated as a person who's only worth is her inheritance. Olivia De Haviland is gorgeous. It doesn't make sense.
  15. Recently, I watched a short film on TCM where body images on film were discussed with host Alicia Malone and other film personalities and authors. I thought it was exceptional. It's rare to hear a discussion like this. Film is a reflection of our society and Hollywood has been obsessed with female body image. I liked that the presenters pointed out how ridiculous it is that really beautiful actresses have been cast in the roles of unattractive characters (Olivia De Haviland in The Heiress is a good example) fearing that if they actually cast a less attractive actress in a role it would mak
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