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  1. LOL at Ben calling it "Move in With Nancy" during his discussion with Nancy. BTW. . . Completely agree with your comments on the mid 60s.
  2. It's either shipboard on a Victory at Sea shoot or a severely inebriated camera man. Although it could be both. A different audience for sure, if they're shooting for younger they've missed. Changing the food bowl wont increase Fido's appetite for the same old kibble.
  3. Depends. Are we talking trading, or having a glimpse of, because I wouldn't trade my life for anything. I might like to spend an afternoon being Maverick at TopGun school. Not the one where he killed Goose though.
  4. I'm not knocking it. She has had that effect for a loooong time, and many have fallen under her spell. She's got a unique youthful mischievous look. There's a ton of women her age that are stunningly beautiful, but not in her way.
  5. Eddie appears smitten, even a fresh paint job on that clip job hairdo.
  6. Another no vote for the intros/bumpers. Especially bad for Noir Alley. Those bright colors and silly techno muzak would go great with Adventures of Malibu Barbie however. Thoroughly enjoyed Drive a Crooked Mile. My experience with Mickey Rooney is limited to his Andy Hardy stuff and very little of that, so his portrayal of this unassuming, mild mannered mechanic is quite refreshing. It all worked with the possible exception of someone of Dianne Foster's looks making a play for scarface Rooney. She was trying too hard, but on the other hand, maybe she had to in order to crack Rooney's na
  7. Since you've done both True Grits and Rio Bravo. I really liked The Cowboys (more John Wayne).
  8. Try and find Spy Game for that double feature, but start with Three Days.
  9. Gotcha. That scene in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood is interesting. In the scene Robbie is playing Paul Revere and the Raiders when Charlie comes knocking. Terry Melcher was a producer over at Columbia Records, had worked with Mark Lindsey and for a while Mark Lindsey was Melcher's roomie. Lindsey thought the place was haunted and never felt "right" in certain parts of the house, and on one occasion was surprised to find Manson sitting on the floor. “I walked into the kitchen to get a drink and there was this guy squatting against the refrigerator on the floor wearing this work shirt a
  10. The movie is genius. The games George plays are witty, calculating and brutal. My favorite is Get the Guests.
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