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  1. My crystal ball said this was where we'd go. Pantera in 1973 = $10k Today $100k
  2. But. .. . but . . she SMOKED in The Trouble With Angels, that is naughty! Plus she LIED and said her name was Kim Novak!!! *whew*. I need to sit down now.
  3. Wasn't Britney Spears and Christine Aguilera Mousketeers? Haley Mills get's points in my book.
  4. Like Jed Clampett ? Wilshire Blvd. = wellSHY-ER.
  5. If you ever go into battle, you want her leading the charge!
  6. I guess he's a bit forgettable. Great Escape and Grand Prix aside, I always forget he's in all these other movies when they come on.
  7. Has to be a https, http posts as a linkeroonie.
  8. I wouldn't worry. Black Widow sounds right up my ally since I'm a big Ginger Rogers fan. I can't recall seeing it and the Wiki plot doesn't ring a bell. edit- After cruising the images, yep seen this.
  9. The Trouble With Angels is when the hook was set on me.
  10. Nancy Olson says it's noir, but what does Eddie say and has it ever been on Noir Alley?
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