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  1. Which is what Ben and Eddie basically said at the end of the film. I've never seen it before. It was better than I thought it was going to be but I wasn't expecting much. It was loooong, and slow. It could lose 30 minutes easily.
  2. Looking forward to this bunch. Never seen Blade Runner, or Mona Lisa. Tequila Sunrise, yes. It's pretty good and it's LA from my time there so that's always a plus.
  3. There was a lot of footage of it. It was a real treat to see so much of it.
  4. Nowadays? Every pickup truck in the parking lot at my high school had at least one in a gun rack. But nowadays "real" isn't a requirement to go full moron. An image no matter how amateurish is sufficient, and what EVER you do don't do this. . . . It's WAYYYY more powerful than the single barrel model and will result in a county wide lock down!
  5. Take that lunch kit to school now and the FBI would be called in.
  6. Oh baby this is El Stinkeroo! I'm glad I DVRd this little gem because I fell asleep during llya Kuryakin torture scene. It starts out promising enough in such exotic locale as the Pacific Ocean Park (looking worse for wear). Then off to sunny "Sicily" which looks more like further south on the Cal coast with surfers in the background. Note the guy in the shot. No idea what he was doing hiding behind the Rover as it pulls away. Later a geriatric squad of Mafioso are forced from retirement to find Solo for a shotgun wedding with a distant, and rather cute, relative of theirs. The mov
  7. Probably a left over from his "Elvis" makeup.
  8. "It's terribly small, tiny little country. Rhode Island could beat the crap out of it in a war. THAT'S how small it is. They recently had the whole country carpeted. This is *not* a big place."
  9. The 3000 is the holy grail of those British roadsters, but I cant decide on a runner up. Gotta be either the TR3 or the GT6. TR3 in MOTORCYLE GANG 1994 GT6 Been in lots of stuff, mostly as an extra.
  10. Nothing wrong with the Bugeye. Bet you wish you still had it. But . . are you sure that cop wasn't making a U turn because he overshot the donut drive-thru ? I've ditched some cops in my day, but I'm betting every single one would have had me if I was driving that car.
  11. I like them all, and I'd like to see more of Stewart.
  12. She was at least halfway good in Working Girl, all the way good in Body Double and 3/4s good in Mulholland Falls.
  13. Me too. As my dear non-practicing Jewish mom used to say, Episcopals are Catholics without guilt.
  14. The Catholicism for Dummies says you are correct! Which would mean that either Judy Lewis was not Baptized or Loretta should have said Judy was a "walking original sin".
  15. I'll buy tickets! I'm all for supporting local talent. It might help me later on the Meeting Classic Stars in Person thread.
  16. The film was satire, parody, based on real events and personalities of the day. No one back then thought such absurd characters or situations could be taken seriously. Well guess what. Now they are. I too thought the movie was a stinker back when it was released. But I've watched it several times since TCM had resurrected it and will again. The irony is thick, and the lessons are tough to take. It's quite the little time capsule and whether intentionally or not TCM is doing an infinitely greater service with this film than ALL of their silly "problematic" series. Hanks is good. Wat
  17. ALWAYS loved the Jewish anteater. He also was the Jewish Robot tailor in Sleeper. "Drop dead!, ya wanna drop dead?" Too funny.
  18. Does she follow your posts here? Not to mention the child couldn't be the sin. The result of, perhaps.
  19. That's true it doesn't appear Young ever came forward with an accusation. That Buzzfeed article implies Edward Funk (the would be biographer) corroborates, but it's not definitive. I also find the "walking mortal sin" story dubious. It's clear there was a an emotional period there for Judy, and a book deal. Never a good combination.
  20. Your Past is Showing 1957 It's a British black comedy film starring Terry-Thomas, Peter Sellers, Dennis Price. Peggy Mount, and Shirley Eaton. Price plays the publisher of a scandal rag called The Naked Truth (which is the alternate British title of the film) who is blackmailing half of London. Thomas, Sellers, Mount, and Eaton have had enough and after a series missteps join forces to rid the world of Price. The comedy is very British and if you like the style, very funny. Everyone is very good but Sellers is at his best as the host of a variety show geared toward geri
  21. Could be the well has run dry. If all available Noir has been shown ad nauseam and the time machine isn't available to go back and make more, then the only thing left to do is redefine Noir.
  22. Isn't it SOP to not upstage the star? Samantha Stevens, Lucy, Mary Tyler Moore, etc, all had neighbors or sidekicks less attractive. If a rival came along that might be an equal in the looks department, they were always lacking in the character department. Marlo appears to have had one of those awkward teenage things. She looks like a cute kid here. . .
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