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  1. Another war--or rather going into war--movie I never get tired of seeing is "From Here to Eternity." Sure, Donna Reed comes across as an USO receptionist instead of the prostitute in James Jones' great novel, and there is nothing in the book about male prostitution. I think Montgomery Clift would have been massacred if he ever got into the ring, but Burt Lancaster is what every top sergeant should be but never is, although it aborted the son of Deborah Kerr's character and thus eliminates the scene of Lancaster's sergeant hiding naked in a closet when the kid nearly walks in on mom. Other th
  2. My favorite war film--in terms of shooting enemies-- overall is The Red Badge of Courage mainly because it's the only film I've ever seen that really addresses "the fog of battle." I never heard a shot fired in anger until I was a news reporter covering the police beat here in Houston in 1973. But Red Badge certainly triggers memories of the confusion on field exercises in Army basic training back in 1961. Plus it was interesting to see Audie Murphy, the most decorated US soldier in WWII portraying a boy running away from his first battle, which Murphy definitely didn't do. On the other hand,
  3. This is one thing I've never understood about performers and their public. I've enjoyed many performers on stage, in person or on film or recordings. And there are many who I admire for their work. But I've never had the slightest interest in what they think, how they feel, or even how they behave before or after a performance. The ability to memorize lines or lyrics is not the same as intelligence, and the ability to fake sincerity has nothing to do with personality. I'm just here for the show, so shut up and entertain me. (Dean and Brando were among the best in their professions--not THE bes
  4. I covered a press conference here in Houston years ago when Jane Fonda, her husband Tom Hayden, and some Frenchman whose name I've long since forgotten were touring the US complaining that the US government wasn't living up to some agreement with North Vietnam after US troops were pulled out of that country. Reporters from local, state, national, and international newspapers and wire service crowded the small room. TV people with their cameras also were there. Tom and the Frenchman did their bits first. Tom knew how to do media press conferences, of course, presented his story well and respond
  5. The Searchers is a poor pick as an example of racism against Native Americans since John Wayne's version of Ethen Edwards cops out in the end when, despite his tough talk through out the movie, he swopes up niece Debbie and takes her home where she's welcomed by her extended "family." In the Alan Le May novel on which the movie is based, Ethan never finds Debbie. Instead during a raid on a Comanche village he chases on horseback a fleeing squaw who turns and kills him with a pistol she's carrying. In the book, the Martin Pawley (who eventually finds and rescues Debbie) admits he didn't know if
  6. What if civilization were collapsing??? I'm a couple of weeks short of my 78th birthday--for all practical purposes, civilization is collapsing for me! 🙂 I've seen a lot of great movies over the years. Listened to a lot of great music. Laughed a lot. Been in and out of love, relationships, and marriages. I've shared a lot of those memories with my kids and grandkids, but when I check out most of those memories will die with me. In many cases, I'm the sole survivor of particular memorable events. But not at death's door yet. Long lifetimes are the norm in my family. My dad died last July at 97.
  7. Nightmare Alley is Tyrone Power's best work. Great movie. As for your earlier mention of Victor Mature, he was a vastly under-rated actor. He steals the show from Peter Sellers in his parody of his movie career in After the Fox.
  8. My idea of religious music is the Baptist hymnal--psalms you can dance to, but they didn't want to let me dance. Still I get more peace listening to Jerry Lee Lewis pound out "I'll Fly Away" than I ever found in prayer
  9. Reminds me of a similar question years ago on another movie forum: What movie star's hair would you like to have? My reply: Kim Novak's--on her head and my shoulder. She was the hottest thing on two feet back when I was 17. But marry a movie star? Too much ego to tiptoe around. However, one of my ex-wives looked a lot like Annette Funicello and unfortunately was as out of touch with reality. Another love looked a lot like Marsha Mason right down to her smile. The love of my life, my wife for the last 25 years, is smart, sassy, and independent, a real woman not some flickering image on a scree
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