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  1. Good one Peebs! There have been a number of iconic dentistry scenes in film and I choose... MARATHON MAN (1976) next: big trucks
  2. Regis Toomey (like him but find his delivery to be bland and monotonous) next: nice French accent
  3. Eve Arden; MILDRED PIERCE (1945), AT THE CIRCUS (1939), GREASE/GREASE 2 (1978/ 1982) next: Dr. Paul Carruthers Dr. Richard Vollin Dr. Vitus Verdegast
  4. How about Skelton Knaggs and NY Jets rookie QB Zach Wilson
  5. Laura La Plante Wow! Did not know she was so swell-looking! Gonna have to check out her work!😍 next: BENEATH THE PLANET OF THE APES (1970)
  6. His intros may not have been riveting TV, but Mellencamp is a cool guy. May I tell a story? 80's-90's New York City. Used to pass by Carnegie Hall every night on my way home from work. One night ,at appx 1100PM this was 1992 or so, as I pass by Carnegie I see a guy camped out in the entrance, which was unusual. Heavy-set white guy, "country" or rural attire. Definitely not from NYC. I asked the guy who he was camping out for, he says, John Cougar Mellencamp. I looked at the posters for upcoming concerts, I see no John Cougar Mellencamp. BTW rock or pop music concerts at Carnegie Hall are
  7. The trailer looks awesome. BTW in the trailer at 0:31, across the street from Gimbels on West 32nd St. you can see a vertical sign for Willoughby-Peerless Cameras. In the 1960's-70's, before the home video era, Willoughby-Peerless was the place to shop for 8mm and Super 8 Castle Films, Ken Films, Blackhawk Films, etc. I believe my dad bought me a 50', 4 minute reel of DEAD MEN WALK there. I am watching DEAD MEN WALK on TCM right now. Small world!
  8. Peter Swanwick next: THE TEXAN MEETS CALAMITY JANE (1950)
  9. How about Angela Lansbury (age 37) and Laurence Harvey (age 34) as mom and son in THE MANCHURIAN CANDIDATE (1962)? next: beans
  10. Jackie Gleason, NOTHING IN COMMON (1986), THE TOY (1982), REQUIEM FOR A HEAVYWEIGHT (1962) next: Horace Pennypacker (Mr.) Lynn Belvedere Waldo Lydecker
  11. Jay Novello, CRIME WAVE (1953) next: do not mess with this woman
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