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  1. Dramatic: Carl Weathers next: played a lot of cops
  2. LOST IN TRANSLATION (2003) next: hot buttered rum
  3. Franchot Tone, who in 1951 was beaten comatose by Tom Neal in a fight over the affections of Barbara Payton. "Franchot, in grave condition, was rushed to the nearby California Lutheran Hospital. Reporters who caught wind of the beating and hurried to the hospital waiting room were told that there was concern about blood clots and strokes and that this was essentially a “death watch.”The beating left Franchot with a shattered cheekbone, fractured upper jaw, broken nose, and concussion. His face was so damaged that the doctors performed emergency plastic surgery and warned that his face mig
  4. More celebrities (almost classic era) that I recall serving at The Russian Tea Room... A few that I annoyed: Jennifer Grey came in on a date with Johnny Depp about 1990. Every food course or beverage she ordered was very minimal. A waiter's job is to upsell, which I tried to do but she rebuffed me every time, gradually becoming increasingly curt with me as the meal progressed. Johnny Depp seemed to be amused by this, but did not comment. When I tried to hand them the dessert menus, Ms. Grey told me (paraphrasing) "no, no we don't want dessert, like I didn't want soup, like I didn't w
  5. THE THREE AMIGOS (1986) next: Bushmill's Irish Whisky
  6. unnamed giant octopus, IT CAME FROM BENEATH THE SEA next: smaller ringlets
  7. Fair take Tom. Naish's makeup was subtle I guess. Not as extreme as Acquanetta's in CAPTIVE WILD WOMAN. Too bad these films were from different studios. Acquanetta and Naish would have been very cute as a couple.
  8. SEX IN THE CITY (TV), Kim Catrall's Mimosa can be seen at 0:00:12 next: a barrel of Malmsey
  9. Tom, I love SAHARA. For me the most enduring take-aways are the sympathetic portrayals of Naish as the Italian prisoner, Rex Ingram as the Sudanese soldier, and Louis Mercier as the Free French fighter. The scene between Bruce Bennett and Rex Ingram, where they clearly accept each other as equals, was quite progressive in its time. I wonder how it was received by the critics and public.
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