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  1. I'm having exactly the same problem. This has happened to my "Watch TCM" on ROKU twice before, so I'd call it a chronic problem, but I was able to get it working with a technical fix provided to me on the ROKU community chat, but am not sure what to do now. I'm pretty sure it has to do with updating done to ?Watch TCM" site on 9/1, probably including upgrade in operating system. So I think AtlantaRed is right: the problem is between Watch TCM programmers and ROKU programmers. Can anyone suggest the right steps to take at this time? Thanks! DaveyJ.
  2. For those experiencing difficulty with the "Watch TCM" app, I found a fix over on the Roku community.  Starting on April 1, I had the exact problem that several of you on the TCM group described  (although the TCM app seemed to open, it kicked me out whenever I tried to choose a movie).  At first I thought it was a TCM problem, but when I went over to the Roku group, I discovered that Roku had done a software update from 9.4 to 10.0, and that happened on the night of March 31, so when I tried to get the TCM app to work on 4/1, April Fool, it didn't work, in the same way that you all have described.  Below I will paste in the helpful guidance I got on accessing a "secret menu" on Roku, and then making a course correction that restored the older 9.4 software, and now the Watch TCM app is working fine again.  Of course the following is relevant only to those who are using a Roku device to stream TCM.  Also please keep in mind that I am an old guy (83), retired, and not very  good with any of this technology, even as far as posting stuff on community boards like this one, but I'll do my best.  Here, in sequence, are the posts from the Roku group.  See esp. the instructions on how to access the "secret menu" on Roku:



    Re: Watch TCM Problem with 10.0.0 Update

    I have the same problem.  Watch TCM app worked fine on Roku until 3/31, when 10.0 was installed.  Now the app kicks me out every time I choose a movie to watch.  Where is the "secret menu?"  I can get as far as checking the most recent system update (above), but when I go to the update option, it doesn't give me the option of going back to 9.4.  I really love using the "Watch TCM" app, so this is pretty frustrating.  The only other thing I can see to try is "factory reset."  I'm reluctant to try this because I'll lose all my existing channels and have to reinstall everything, and even then it may not fix this problem.  Hours and hours and hours...  Your suggestion looks like it would fix the problem, but I can't seem to get there by navigating Roku settings to where I think it should be.  Thanks for any help you can suggest!



    Re: Watch TCM Problem with 10.0.0 Update

    Read the post from Cy8erb0b carefully to access the menu. You can find it mentioned elsewhere on the web, but without too much instruction. The first option I tried on the menu was “update software”, and when I clicked on it, the choice was to change back to 9.4. That did the trick. The following day I also clicked on “cycle software update server” which allowed me to change from beta to release. Time will tell what effect, if any, that will have. The possible downside is not being able to cycle back to beta once you make the change. However, everything is working properly for now. I’m still confused why my second identical box didn’t bump up to 10.0, nor why customer service hasn’t responded to my initial inquiry.




    using your roku remote, 

    Press the home button 5 times 

    Press Fwd Button 3 times 

    Press Rev Button 2 times. 

    Have to do it in order with no mistake or long timing between the press's. should then take you to a Seceret menu, from there you can, update downgrade to version 9.4 



    Level 8


    Re: Watch TCM Problem with 10.0.0 Update

    @AvsGunnar wrote:


    In the secret menu mentioned above by @Cy8erb0b , select "Cycle Update Server" and see if that switches the server release from "beta" to "release".  That should give you the 9.4 OS version.

    If it doesn't, I think you may be forced to factory reset your device.

    Settings..System..Advanced System Settings..Factory Reset

    i done a factory reset first of all, still stuck on ver 10. only way to sort it was using the menu to downgrade to v 9.4


    Davey J's (me) post from this morning

    Re: Watch TCM Problem with 10.0.0 Update  

    It worked!  Back in business.  I'm an old guy, retired, and so a real bumbler when it comes to this stuff.  But I was able to access the instructions from CyBerbOb on how to access the secret menu (amazing!), and it showed the software as "release," not beta.  Then I used your post, along with a post from AvsGunnar, to get to the "update system" section, which allowed me to choose 9.4 as the update, even though it must be the previous version, or one of them.  In any case, it reinstalled 9.4.  Then Roku rebooted and now TCM works fine, as well as my several other streaming channels.  So thank you VERY MUCH for this assist.  A huge help!  




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