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  1. Jesus, Mary and Joseph!...that one is beyond the pale (found it on YouTube). At a certain threshold I just have to turn it off and walk away. I took driver's ed in the mid '80s; we did not have to watch anything like "Traffic With The Devil " or "Signal 30." .....also find it odd that I can watch Alien, Predator, Robocop and John Wick films all day, but I get grossed out by a driver's ed short.😳
  2. Yep...that's it! Crikey, even the title is morbid. Many Thanks!
  3. Hope this is the right board for this question. I just finished watching Bullitt on TCM apprx 4:10pm EST, 4/3/21 and it was followed by an absolutely gruesome "Safe Driving" PSA from the 40's? Unfortunately, I did not catch the name of the short and TCM did not let the credits roll on it. Looked like it was filmed in Los Angeles complete with LAPD personnel in the 40's. Does anyone know the name of this grisly Driver's Ed horror masterpiece? (definitely want to send this gem to my texting nieces and nephews - as well as a few co-workers). Thanks in advance.
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