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  1. Freaks, The Last Broadcast, Attack of the Killer Tomatoes. What's the one with the venus fly traps? Little Shop of Horrors I think it was. That was pretty funny too.
  2. No. I've never seen the 3 Creature film in Widescreen. All are Pan and Scan.
  3. > Anyone care to comment on the six Universal Horror > sets released awhile back: Dracula, Frankenstein, > the Mummy, etc? I'm talking about the sets that had > three or four movies in each from their respective > series. I've heard mixed reviews about the quality, > especially the print condition of the original > DRACULA. I read that Universal didn't use their > superior restored print for this. Any truth to this? I have all (6) sets of the versions you speak of. I'm not sure if I've ever seen a good transfer of Dracula to DVD. It is better than the pr
  4. Over-priced set, but a good nonetheless.
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