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  1. Which classic actress would you like to have as a sister? (Betty Hutton.) Which classic actress would you replace your wife/girlfriend with? (Myrna Loy) Hey, Web, we've got the same sister, but I'm keepin' Myrna Lo for myself.
  2. This looks fun: ... bring home to meet your parents? Paulette Goddard, as long as we drive home alone. ... to dance with? Ann Miller, or just watch her dance! ... to see as a Playboy centerfold? Elizabeth Taylor, I'll take the pix myself! ... to wake up in bed with? Barbara Stanwyck "Why Hopsy! You ought to be kept in a cage!" ... to yell and scream WITH on a bad day? Anna Magnani, a passionate Italian fighter. ... to tell your innermost thoughts to? Jean Arthur, she's the sweetest. ... a one-night stand with and never seeing again? Kim Novak,
  3. I'm a big Molly Haskell fan. Her comments are well chosen and that sweet North Carolina accent is easy on the ears. Her book, "From Reverence to Rape: the Treatment of Women in the Movies" is great. My guess is she's been friend with the Bob for a long time - she's married to another great film critic, Andrew Sarris. I bet they've had some great dinner parties.
  4. <<< Some months ago TCM played several movies of an old series starring an actress called Thelma and her comedic girlfriend. The particular movie I'm looking for has a situation where the girls end up in a hospital and has several extremely funny scenes such as moving patients up stairs on a stretcher. Can any one tell me who they were and if the movie is available. I would love to use some of the clips in my classes where I teach paramedics.>>> I think you are referring to a short with Thelma Todd and co-star Patsy Kelly. They made 21 short films together (released 193
  5. every february. same ol' griping. it passes (the "new releases" AND the griping).
  6. This is the good side of "mob instinct" (wink, wink). It's time to all raise a cup to this forum and it's noble keepers. Hail, Hail, Hail to Capt. Spaulding! But seriously, for me this is the MOST IMPORTANT forum on the TCM website. MGMWBRKO (with only 85 total posts) & LaughingGravy (20 posts!) provide a service that is just as useful to me as the standard schedule. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Thank you.
  7. how about more info: Black & White? What decade? Blonde, brunette? Actor or charater names?
  8. Hey Leed, Glad to see someone mention "The Prince and the Pauper". It's up there on my list with: The Adventures of Robin Hood (on my top 10 all time movie list) Sea Hawk Captain Blood The Prince and the Pauper Gentleman Jim
  9. << This thread is getting more like 'Constipation Station'. >> Yeah, they're full of something, alright. << And don't forget "The Jolson Story" this evening. It's a gem.>> Thanks for the thumbs up. I was curious about this flick.
  10. Wow. Found this Lotte Reiniger page on a silent film site Some Notable Personalities of the Silent Era. Lotte Reiniger and Carl Koch at work. P.S. If you like this, check out Ladislas Starevitch (1892 - 1965), the great stop motion animator.
  11. Yeah, I caught this a year ago but watched it again last night. A beautiful piece of work by Lotte Reiniger. There's not much available of her 40+ films. Prince Achmed is the only one in print. I found these out-of-print VHS: I read she did "ombres chinoises" (Chinese shadow puppetry) for Don Quixote (1933, GW Pabst). I've never had the chance to catch it. Anyone out there seen it?
  12. << I only wish they hadn't changed the famous Baccarat game with the villain, le Chiffre, into a match of Texas Hold'em (of all things).>> Oh, no. Say it ain't so. Texes Hold'em! Is this for real or a rumor? Will he be wearing a John Deere hat? At least he's not playing "Texas Hold 'Em for Xbox360" in his shorts, eating a microwave burrito. Do you think the producers are worried Americans won't know what Baccarat is -- or that it's too "European"?
  13. Wow, what a great thread. I can't believe I haven't noticed this before. Great posts, everyone! Hilarious!
  14. I haven't seen anyone mention my favorite of Bergman's, Fanny & Alexander (1982). My wife & I have watched it every year (for 10+ years) during the holidays. Which is (for us) a perfect time to see this beautiful story of two children experiencing the extremes of life; it's seeming unfairness & pain vs. it's wonder & magic. If you haven't seen it I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. A REAL masterpiece. Here's a few stills: . . . I love it so much, I bought the Criterion Collection set with both versions. The US theatrical release (188 min) and the o
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