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  1. I would love to see a day devoted to Deanna Durbin films. I'd love to see Lady on a Train, Christmas Holiday and see her sing "Danny Boy" in Because of Him and the glorious "Nessun Dorma" in His Butler's Sister. And 3 Smart Girls. I've always adored Ms. Durbin's movies and her incredible singing voice. Oh, please, TCM? Do a tribute day to her.
  2. I wonder about her private life, too. Especially if she sang for others. It is sad to read that she was not happy in HollyWood, so much so that she left at age 28 and never came back. I'm so sorry for her unhappiness because her movie persona is so filled with joy and that beautiful voice, that her pain doesn't show to her audience. I truly hope she found peace, love, and happiness later in her life. Deanna Durbin was a rare treasure of HollyWood's Golden Age and everyone who saw her movies, then or now, or watches her sing on YouTube will always love her and will never forget her. Res
  3. When is TCM going to ditch the "Word of Mouth" with Arlene Dahl making fun of Marilyn Monroe? I never see any other person featured in this spot saying anything mean about a fellow performer, so why keep showing this one?
  4. Scarlett, I may know this one. It is either The Graduate (probably not) or is it Kevin Kline in A Fish Called Wanda? Maybe?
  5. Thank you for the research, Mongo. But what great research, watching A Letter To Three Wives. I taped over my old copy a while back by accident. The search is still underfoot. ;-)
  6. Thank you. Gosh, I feel so much better now :-) Peace to all, Kat
  7. Dear Scarlett, You've made me feel so much better. I'm sorry about your basement flood, hope all is well. I am beginning to doubt the Kirk Douglas part now (as I recall he was indeed married to Ann Sothern in the movie and no "juice bar was in the scene....) but I seem to remember something about the radio sponsors (the woman) not drinking liquor or something like that? Does this sound familiar? Wonder if Kirk is jokingly making "potassium" cocktails for them? I know the feeling about that potassium cocktail thing. I remember hearing it in a movie somewhere but WHERE is the que
  8. Mongo, I feel so guilty. I read that movie question on another forum and no one could discover which movie it was ( the Kirk Douglas potassium cocktails movie ;-) so after going crazy trying to find out...I thought I'd post the question here and now I've haunted the nice people here with what in the world is this movie.............. I appreciate the help and suggestions so much. It appears Mr. Douglas may not be the actor at all...... It serves me right for reading the question in the first place............ Peace to all, Kat (Dysthymia) Message was edited by: Dyst
  9. This may be true. I wish I knew if this is indeed Mr. Douglas or not. Does the scene sound familiar with any other actor? Sigh......this isn't gonna be easy.
  10. Thank you for the help. I'll have to watch this one and see if that scene comes up.
  11. Dear Mongo, I wish I knew if Kirk Douglas is the actor mentioned. I saw this question on another movie site and no one ever could help the person discover what movie this could be. (serves me right for reading the darn question to begin with ;-( I've seen A Letter To Three Wives and I seem to remember (was it Ann Sothern?) being very uppity with husband Kirk Douglas at a dinner for some sponsors for her radio show......maybe this was the "incident" in question. Thank you so much. I wish this movie would be shown again soon so I could check it out. It's a great movie whether o
  12. Hey, thank you for trying. I sometimes wish I had never read that movie question. I'm thinking perhaps it isn't Kirk Douglas either...but I can't seem to let it go. But many thanks for trying, that was really nice of you. :-)
  13. Dear Mongo, I was reading at another classic movie site and came across this question about a movie. Do you know which movie this may be? (described below) I done every search I could think of and come up with nothing.........it's driving me crazy ;-) It was black and white comedy , made in the early fifties. It starred Kirk Douglas as a health nut who was wooing a young widow with 2 small boys. I don't remember much specific except there was one scene where he takes her to his favorite health bar or juice bar, and orders "potassium cocktails". She looks dubious until he assures her
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