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  1. Hint 2: made a few sound films, but better known for silent ones
  2. ...the word you're looking for is "posthumous" (all one word, only three syllables). Pronounced PAHST-yoo-miss. (Last syllable is a schwa, unstressed.) Remove the "ro" from "post-humorous" and you've got it. πŸ™‚
  3. Thanks, Bunny Whit! Next: Jean Arthur Wallace Beery W. C. Fields Adolphe Menjou Victor McLaglen (Hint: mutual co-star)
  4. And you must be our winner! Great job, Miles--do you happen to know a lot about opera, or are you just a brilliant sleuth? (Or both?) πŸ™‚ The thread is yours once again...
  5. Here's a more familiar image of the singer in question (he was known for often wearing a monocle):
  6. Nein, mein Herr--versuch es nochmal. Jaray was not an opera singer. He did coincidentally star in two other Schubert biopics at almost exactly the same time, so the confusion is understandable. Another hint: the last name of the singer I'm looking for rhymes with the German word for "magic."
  7. Wow, Miles Archer, that's impressive! You got all the remaining answers but one, so you will obviously be the eventual winner. I knew no. 8 would be tricky, so here are some more hints: the tenor in question (on the left in photo, as Franz Schubert) was Austrian, but the film itself (1934) is British. Also Schubert's music was mostly substituted for that of the original operetta composer (Sigmund Romberg) because of royalty issues. The singer's last name means "male pigeon" in German. If no one answers it today, I will pass the thread on to you. πŸ™‚
  8. Hi Peebs, those are all correct! (It's "Horne" with an "e", btw.) Tozzi provided the singing voice of Rossano Brazzi in South Pacific (hence the clue). Nice work! πŸ™‚
  9. Bingo, Bunny Whit, you got it! Nice work, and take it away... πŸ™‚
  10. Perhaps you are thinking of the 2017 French documentary "When Banana Ruled." Here is a trailer:
  11. Thank you for actually using the word "disinterested" correctly (to mean impartial or having no personal stake in the outcome). Most people still seem to think of it as a synonym for "uninterested." πŸ™‚
  12. Thanks, Sweet Sue! Next: How many of these opera singers who've appeared in films or on TV can you identify? I threw a few famous ones into the mix, but several of these may not be household names. They're listed in order by voice types: 1-5 = soprano, 6-7 = mezzo, 8-11 = tenor, 12-13 = baritone, 14 = bass-baritone, 15-16 = bass 1. (hint: she doesn't sing in this film) 2. (hint: this image is from a silent film version of perhaps the world's most popular opera) 3. (hint: one of the few opera singers known for also singing pop music convincingly) 4. 5.
  13. Hi Sweet Sue, I believe Peebs's Helen Kane answer is correct, so just checking whether we can now assign a "winner" and move forward with this thread. Thanks! πŸ™‚
  14. The Golden Arrow (1936) Next: The Great Lie (1941) (two with Bette Davis and George Brent)
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