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  1. Ray Dennis Stickler!!! Aka Cash Flagg!!! One of my sleaz cheese movie maker icons! πŸ€“ How bad could it be? Knowing my man Ray/Cash it's probably beyond the scale of normal stink. His regular "straight" movies were testaments to Bad film. Throw in nudity and possible ****!? We're talking cross country milk truck with the refrigeration unit shut off levels of possible stink! Underground needs to suck it up and air this one immediately!
  2. QThe only one I'm sure of is 2578- A Midsummer's Sex Comedy I started to say 2571 was East of Eden but I knew the lady and older gent didn't look right and on closer inspection, that sure ain't James Dean! πŸ˜‚ 2572 looks like a very young Donald O'Connor but so young that the still doesn't seem old enough for when it would have needed to be filmed. I'll have to do some investigatin' on this one. I'm intrigued! 2579 looks tantalizingly familiar but I can't place. 2580 looks like one of the Michael Douglas and/or Joe Eszterhas type thrillers from the early '80s to mid
  3. No. Just no. You don't have to love any scene involving John damn Carradine. Never ever! John damn Carradine is exempt from this exercise because best/worst implies that a movie is better because that actor appears in it. This condition was never met by John damn Carradine. No film was ever better because of John damn Carradine being in it, at best they were good despite John damn Carradine. John damn Carradine was banned from Smithfield, Virginia because he made all the other hand feel inadequate.
  4. I think it's safe to say that with the possible exception of Michael Caine, the Swarm was the worst film in the careers of everyone involved.
  5. Thanks, I appreciate it! I don't see it as a unique American form. I think Sergio Leone's "Spaghetti Westerns" are excellent examples of how I defined Westerns. I'd almost say that Westerns, at least by my definition, are actually a subgenre of a much larger Heroic fiction. From the pirate movies like Captain Blood or the Black Swan, to Kurosawa's samurai epics such as Seven Samurai and Yojimbo, the Thief of Baghdad, the Legend of Robin Hood, Sinbad the Sailor, and even strange as it sounds, Robert Redford's Roy Hobbs in the Natural. They're all basically the same archetype no matte
  6. To me the Western is an exploration of a person's struggle to rise above some form of struggle, be it environment, physical, moral, and do the right thing and honor a timeless code becoming a hero. Alan Ladd overcoming his past in Shane. John Wayne's Ethan Edwards struggle to overcome his racism and save Debbie instead of killing her in the Searchers, Jimmy Stewart as Lin McAdam struggling with avenging his father's murder even though it means killing his own brother in Winchester '73, and Bill Holden, Ernest Borgnine, and the rest of the Wild Bunch rising above society and time to do the r
  7. I can appreciate and enjoy Heaven's Gate as a drama set in the west but I detest it as a Western.
  8. An excellent idea for a thread! I'm quite surprised that you have never seen Casablanca. With your extensive knowledge of films and actors I took it as a given that you would have seen this one. I was late to the Casablanca viewing party too. In my case at least I think the delay is a matter of changing tastes maybe? There are several movies that I would try to watch ever since I was a youngster in the early 1970s such as Casablanca, Holiday Inn, An Affair to Remember and Breakfast at Tiffany's, that would just never hold my interest. I'd like the subject matter or the actors but
  9. 2534 - Titanic 2535 - To Catch a Thief 2540 - I was going to guess Crimes and Misdemeanors but the 2000 release date knocked that out of contention. I've got a feeling I've seen 2532 but I just can't place it.
  10. Yeah it's cool with it's surfboard on top but did Rita Hayworth own it? I think not 😀 πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‰
  11. Come now good sir. I've read enough of your posts to know that you're wise enough to recognize there's an abundance of idiocy on both sides of the aisle.πŸ˜‰
  12. Didn't Paul Simon do a song about that?
  13. I was picturing more of a Bob Clampett animated bris...but feathery.
  14. Yes you were weren't you πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ I'm a doofus. I don't know how I missed that line. All I saw was kosher and eggs and immediately started wondering what age they got their bar/bat mitzvah.
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