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  1. Holy cow, you're right! That is Marty! All the times I've watched them both and the similarities never occurred to me.
  2. I dunno, I was kinda digging the reporter-on-scene minute-by-minute updates thing. Sorta like Les Nessman on Thanksgiving Day.
  3. I'm actually kinda meh about it myself. It's okay but not the greatest horror movie of all time like an extraordinarily large segment of horror fans proclaim. I think it was more a product of its time. I was just yanking your chain though. I'm not sure if it was II or the third one that had tie-ins to the Zodiac Killer but I found it to be a much more interesting premise than the first.
  4. That's always confused me as well. I've got a few hipsters living nearby and all summer long they've been wearing the toboggans and wearing shorts at the same time.
  5. I've never liked stingy brim fedoras either. Mainly because with my apparently freakishly large cranium a stingy brim makes it look like Laurel and Hardy lost their third partner. Some folks can pull it off but not this mutant.
  6. 1- Agreed! 2- My doctor said the same thing right before the prostate exam. 3- ...Jaws 3 AND this??? You're just messing with me ain't ya?
  7. Excellent question! There's a couple I can think of right off hand. First is the supposed children's movie Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Kid's movie my tightly clinched ****! They may have marketed this towards kids but it's flat out balls to the wall horror! Gene Wilder's Wonka is a psychopath hell bent on gleefully making the children pay for their indiscretions in the unimaginable insidious ways. He turns a girl into a giant freaking blueberry for the offense of chewing gum?!? And then had his demonic hoard of slaves roll her away to be "juiced"!?! Mother of God! Who would e
  8. I dunno. That's a mountain of meh. Good looks can only get you so far... like a bunch of big time movie roles, tons of money, drop dead gorgeous partners, awesome cars... damnit, I bet he can get really good fried chicken too.
  9. John damn Carradine is NEVER an acceptable reason to air a movie!
  10. I never got around to watching that one. He was the main character in videogame Cyberpunk 2077 last year and he did do a very credible job. But...Keanu Reeves...
  11. You just had to go and name the Song Which Can't Be Named. I know what I'm listening to on the drive home... for the next week.😂
  12. I read the book and yeah, I don't remember him being in there. And yes it was as nonsensical as the movie.
  13. I admit that I prefer the films from the '30s-'50s over the '70s-'90s but at the same time we need to remember those movies are 25-50 years old. That's not really "newer" is it? And generally these "newer" films they're airing are some of that era's better quality works. We're getting things like Tootsie, Arthur, Crossing Delancey, and Chilly Scenes of Winter, not Cherry 2000, Lone Wolf McQuade, or Showgirls.
  14. I saw this as a young teen and the one thing that stuck with me was that scary as hell chauffeur! He freaking terrified me! Next time I saw it was as a middle aged adult and Anthony James still scared the bejeebers out of me! Now as I'm in my early dotage and getting ready to watch it again, I can at least use my age as an excuse for the sudden incontinence.
  15. Oh Lord! One of the worst and most nonsensical movies ever made, Billy Jack, has an even worse, more ridiculous , pretentious hippie piece of crap song that just the mere mention of its title will cause it to play in my head unendingly for days at a time! I hope Tom Laughlin had really bad muscle cramps for subjecting the world to that.
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