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  1. I wouldn't say it is my favorite smoking scene, but I grimaced yesterday when I was watching Dark Victory. Bette Davis is dying and she and her doctor light up for a casual smoke while they discuss her medical condition.
  2. I see from TCM's website that BIG CITY (1948) will be showing this Friday (Jan. 15, 2010). However, our local newspaper printed that it would be BIG CITY (1937). I know both of these movies exist so I'm wondering which one actually will be shown. I've seen the earlier one so I'm hoping it truly will be the 1948 movie!
  3. I have only heard of 4 "FIVE LITTLE PEPPERS" movies: Five Little Peppers & How They Grew, Five Little Peppers at Home, Five Little Peppers in Trouble, and Out West With the Peppers. Is that all that were made?
  4. THE KEY vs. KEY WITNESS I believe the June 11 Schedule on TCM's website has an error. The trailer that accompanies THE KEY is actually for KEY WITNESS. No biggie, but it had me confused.
  5. I'd love to live in a house that has that half circle window that is shown in the background of so many 1940's movies. I've always wondered if it is actually in a room on some set or if the window itself is portable. Or perhaps it is in some house that is at a movie studio. I also wonder if it still exists. It's beautiful.
  6. The first movie I remember watching was THE WIZARD OF OZ. The local TV station used to play it every Easter. We had extended family get-togethers on that day. The adults would sit around the dining room table enjoying conversation and the kids would end up in the living room watching the movie. Being the youngest of the kids, my cousins would try to scare me about the wicked witch. And they were successful.
  7. I understand your anger. It isn't fun for most of us when somebody makes a cutting remark or attacks a person's opinion. However, I think it would be a shame for TCM to get rid of the whole Message Board solely because a few people are inconsiderate. How would you suggest that TCM control what is posted on the Message Board? I think the vast majority of TCM fans who read and post to the Message Boards are good people. Please keep this in mind -- and just ignore the rude comments.
  8. bio47: Please do not limit yourself to just 3 more Cary Grant movies! I rate these Cary Grant movies A++ MR. BLANDINGS BUILDS HIS DREAM HOUSE SUSPICION TOPPER PEOPLE WILL TALK TALK OF THE TOWN INDISCREET
  9. For sure, the best way to watch a great classic movie is to sit in a recliner 10 feet from the T.V. screen and stare at it. However, I rarely have the time for such luxury. I usually am doing something else such as ironing, paying bills, or doing the dishes while the movie is on. I find this intriguing: Whenever I paint a room, I put a movie in the DVD player and just listen to the audio. We have a lot of woodwork in our house and it is tedious and takes a lot of time to paint. As I paint, I am forced to visualize what is happening. And, the actors' lines become paramount. I can tell
  10. I agree that there are classic movies from the 1960's, 70's, 80's, and 90's but that isn't what I want to see when I watch TCM. I like the old classics. How about if TCM changed its name to Turner Old Classics and showed only movies prior to 1960? "TOC" That's catchy.
  11. As I was looking ahead at TCM's January schedule, I saw that THE MAN WHO KNEW TOO MUCH, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, will be shown January 20. As I glanced at the actors, I expected to see James Stewart and Doris Day. Instead I saw Leslie Banks and Peter Lorre. As I was wondering how that could be, I noticed that the date of the film is 1934. After reviewing the synopsis, I saw that it actually is a little different plot than his 1956 movie with the same title. I can't wait to see this earlier film. I don't see how the song Que Sera Sera will fit in though. I'd like to hear from any
  12. Yes, it is titled "Walk In Fire" by Doves from their 2005 "Some Cities" CD. I think it is the best song TCM has chosen for their promos since "Golden" about a year ago.
  13. I think it is a wonderful choice of a song too. I'm quite sure it is "Walk In Fire" by Doves (from 2005, on their "Some Cities" CD).
  14. Congratulations to TCM for the selection of music that accompanies their biography movies promo this month. I believe the song is Walk In Fire by the Doves? I always find the music for their promos to be unusual, interesting, and pleasing.
  15. Yes, thank you, filmlover for putting it all together. And thank you to all of those who spent hours assembling a schedule. I enjoyed looking at all the entries. Sorry I didn't vote but I couldn't decide between 3 of the entries.
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