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  1. There's also examples of child stars being dropped by Disney and then having their lives go into a downward spiral such as Tommy Kirk who was able to find personal success later in life. The saddest example i think would easily be Bobby Driscoll, who voiced and was the live model for the animated Peter Pan (also was Jim Hawkins in 1950's Treasure Island) who was dropped by Disney once he started to get acne and after a brief stint as one of Warhol's 'celebrities' and artist, had his body discovered in an abandoned property in NYC after a drug overdose and wasn't identified until later and was
  2. They were. There's a few notable stars that were on the late 80's/early 90's Mickey Mouse Club. I think a difference is that people like Mills and Annete F is that their fame was from Disney and people like Britney, Christina, Justin Timberlake, Kerri Russel and Ryan Gosling is that they were people who became famous as musicians and/or actors after their time with Disney- and their Mickey Mouse days wasn't their claim to fame.
  3. It IS possible to shake the good girl Disney image- best example is Lindsey Lohan and then probably Miley and Demi.
  4. my favorite film of Marty's for the actual directing is Who's That Knocking At My Door.
  5. silent cinema's place in film history, is at the beginning 🤣
  6. I watched Boys Night Out earlier this year and of course have seen The Great Escape. I think i picked a losing argument here. I guess it's because i've never heard his name mentioned in the way of other classic or iconic actors from this era that i didn't think of him as being very popular. i stand corrected. i've heard of the shows Maverick and The Rockford Files but unfortunately haven't seen either.
  7. Guess because I wasn't alive during the majority of his fame and the only things i recall seeing him in while growing up were a Lonesome Dove miniseries, The Notebook and 8 Simple Rules. I understand he was a very popular TV actor. My statement is probably me not realizing just how popular he was.
  8. Both are also mentioned in Billy Joel's We Didn't Start the Fire.
  9. Just a few from the weekend: 36 Hours (1965) Liked it. Watched a few James Garner films the past year and surprised he wasn't more popular. Walk A Crooked Mile (1948) Watched on Noir Alley. Didn't really care for it. Monkey Business (1952) First time watching it. Liked it. Silly in parts but thought Grant, Rogers and Monroe all had great scenes in it.
  10. I loved this film when I was in 8th grade and The Doors were my favorite band and I thought Morrison was the deepest poet to ever live. They are still one of my favorites simply because I know every song so well and they are now part of my youth, but i see Jim Morrison's lyrics/poetry for what they are- bad 8th grade poetry. Have you watched the behind the scenes featurette from the DVD's Deluxe Edition? It's pretty good and pretty telling of what EVERYONE who is part of the Doors history thinks of the film and of Stone (and how disliked Kilmer was by the other cast), they all hate the film
  11. three from yesterday: Paris Blues (1961) A romanticized view of the jazz scene in early 60's Paris. I liked the film but felt like it was kind of an unfinished story and there were some plots that never really went anywhere. There's obviously a subtext of race relations in the US juxtaposed to France but it didn't feel genuine to me and more like it was forced in, and then it never really went anywhere. Poitier decides to move back to the US for a woman even though he loves living in Paris and his career is in Paris. I didn't see it as him taking a stand and choosing to fight back ag
  12. Where did you hear that Bing was an anti-semite? Haven't heard that accusation before. I tend to believe that Elvis wasn't really fat- his digestive system was wrecked from years of pill abuse and he was bloated. His weight would seemingly fluctuate quite a lot depending on his bowel movements. This is a tough comparison because Elvis is from a different era, but between these three, two are icons and the other is Bing.
  13. Touche- i forgot that it is on the eve of the school year.
  14. Does Cory Feldman count as a classic star? How about Joan Jett? The first indie I worked on, back when I was still a film school undergrad, I was her PA on set and stand-in. She was pretty intimidating (even for a punk like me) with her rough persona, but very nice.
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