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  1. Just saying she looks like she hasn't aged since Tombstone- nothing more. Not being critical of anything with regards of her age or how she looks- not sure what you mean with the comment of army of old men. You say she's written a book on Grahame, so that would answer my question on why she would be co-hosting. Although my
  2. I watched it somewhat recently and was wondering why it was loved so much. seems rather silly to me now.
  3. I was curious as well why Delaney was co-hosting. Not complaining about it, just curious. And how is she getting younger? It did feel like she was spouting out fact after fact at a rapid rate like she was trying to prove that she deserved to co-hosting.
  4. Well i did see a Jean Claude Van Damme movie was airing last weekend and did chuckle and ask when did TCM become the movie channel my stoner college roommates would watch. For the most part, if the films are ones that i haven't seen before, i am interested, but i would be fine if the hypothetical cut-off was 1979.
  5. From the last few days or so: Back from Eternity (1956) Thought the set-up was going great and then once the plane crashed everything just kind of rushed to a finish. Thought this could've been a good story. But always nice to see Anita Ekberg! Drive a Crooked Road (1954) Liked it. Already wrote on another thread about Rooney's performance. Three Colors: White (1994) Figured i need to finish this trilogy while i can still remember the first one. didn't like this part as well as the first, and not seeing yet why this trilogy is so highly regarded. maybe it ends on a high no
  6. I want to see this solely because I own about 60 or so of the original comics from the 70 and thought they were amazing. Not a MCU fan but i have seen a few of them (really want for WB to restore the Snyderverse!). I'm worried this film won't capture the story of the comics where there was a freelance team fighting alongside Chi - albeit not using martial arts per se. I will probably watch this eventually but not in the theater. I'm still scratching my head how this even got made as it wasn't THAT popular and seems well outside the realm of the marvel superheroes and in its own separate rea
  7. I'm assuming you're not including the portrayal of her in Mommie Dearest 🤣
  8. Double feature with my english mother in law the other night: Lady in the Van (2015) Thought there was a better story in here somewhere and surprised that the real life lady in the van has her own wikipedia page. Bit disapointed. Ladies in Lavender (2004) Hated it. Felt like a bad Hallmark film not worthy of the big names involved.
  9. Good points (including Julie London) and i can't disagree. I guess the only thing i questioned was why the main character experienced what he did when trying to walk through the woods unless it really was because the fear was planted into him.
  10. I only read about the '69 version on wikipedia when i watched the '39 film. Thanks for your take on it.
  11. Goodbye Mr. Chips (1939) This was in my queue for years and finally watched it. Nice feel-good movie. The Red House (1947) Thought the pay-off would be better in the end. Sub-plot with the young antagonist buying the government bond didn't seem to go anywhere. Was expecting a supernatural film after the spooky woods were set up and by the end i just didn't find the set-up believable. Might've been a better film if it had been more supernatural. Tout Va Bien (1972) Kind of have a love/hate response to Godard's films. A few of his early ones are in my top list of all-time and o
  12. I always wondered about his marriage with Ava Gardner. After knowing the stories how she slayed the mighty Sinatra (Ava's gardener), just can't imagine the dynamics of that relationship.
  13. Haven't seen any versions of Showboat and have never heard of The Great Garick but i will look for them. Yeah, i agree with your sentiment that it is amazing how films strike people differently. Same as music and books. I'm not a big adventure/action film guy but for some reason love the old action films based on the age of exploring (or British colonial era).
  14. Trainspotting has one the greatest openings, i believe, of any film. Not sure if its been mentioned yet. There's three different timelines being edited together, all at a good fast pace and with memorable creative shots.
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