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  1. No, it wasn't that one. I did watch that film and commented on it on the recently watched thread. (Actually thought that one was okay and filed under a '**** is this, but worth watching' category. ) I'd remember the name if i read it but remember just being baffled when i saw it on On Demand for TCM- especially as not every film shown on the recent schedule makes it to On Demand. I turned it off after 15 minutes. Pretty bad, even for a skin flick. Grainy picture, bad sound.
  2. Ha- i actually recorded this not knowing what it was. There was no description for it but was certain i'd heard the name before. i later read the wikipedia page but haven't watched it yet. Is this a softcore film? Wouldn't be the first time TCM showed one. They aired one from the 70's last year. The name now escapes me,
  3. Very good points. I never had heard that about Hayden and McCambridge disliking Crawford. Love hearing the inside details like that.
  4. I watched The Murder of Fred Hampton and Revolution 2 yesterday back to back. While i think they are both important documentaries that should be watched (although i don't agree with how Fred Hampton is deified [and only more-so presently by Hollywood]) i don't think they were appropriate films to highlight on MLK Day. Both documentaries cover events after the death of MLK and while MLK was a man of peace, these films clearly highlight radical and violent movements that are more in-line with the present day BLM movement. Surely there are films focused on MLK that could be shown on the holida
  5. I watchedJohnny Guitar last year for the first time. I like it and will gladly rewatch it- but it seems to get a lot of attention and not sure why other than it's a rare Western to feature a strong woman lead and is directed by Nick Ray. Maybe those reasons are enough to make it stand out. But it was good. I enjoy watching Haden play a good guy and Ernest Borgnine play a villian.
  6. I like Crime of Passion. Hayden is actually becoming one of my favorite actors- been watching a lot of good films with him lately. Yeah, No Way Out wasn't an easy watch with some scenes. Widmark's character is definitely relentless with his attacks against Poitier. You're glad when he gets his comeuppance.
  7. I can't turn this film off whenever i see it playing. I like the set-up of the doc and think Bogdonavich is right when he defends wanting to spend the last half highlighting the 10 silent masterpieces of KEaton's career. Some of the people being interviewed i didn't get- but Johnny Knoxville from Jackass does make sense. Wonder why they didn't include Tom Green- he copied the falling house stunt also in his masterpiece Freddy Got Fingered 😄
  8. Thanks for the wishes on recovery. It actually wasn't too bad- 24 hours of feeling under the weather and then a lingering cough. My entire family caught it after me including my 3 year old and 5 month old. Luckilly it wasn't too bad for them either being unvacced. You hear that kids aren't affected too much by it, but you never know so we were just happy it wasn't anything serious. You might actually have swayed my opinion of There Was A Crooked Man i bit. I watched 5 films that day and this was the last one so my attention was fading a bit.
  9. I'm recording American Revolution 2 (1969) and The Murder of Fred Hampton (1971) today to watch this week. Haven't heard of either of them before but look interesting.
  10. Recently got Covid, so i locked myself in my room for 4 days and watched a load of films on the Criterion channel (not a diss to TCM, but i can only watch Criterion on my laptop) Sterling Hayden marathon of : The Long Goodbye (1973) I enjoyed this but it did take me while to get used to Elliott Gould as Philip Marlowe. Sadly, Sterling's character of a drunk author seems like a caricature of his real self. Decent film IMO. Wish there were more Marlowe films made in this era. Terror in A Texas Town (1958) Something is just cool about watching Hayden go after a gunslinger with o
  11. I just think it is wishful thinking by people on the left that dixie-crats became republicans or that there was a 'big switch' in 60's. I'm not here for politics though, i see enough of it thrown around my hometown and it's made the place unbearable recently.
  12. Not sure what you're referring to but i assure it wasn't my intention to shoot down all your ideas. Sorry- nothing personal. Think after waiting for years for the new Bond film and this one- and being bitterly disappointed by both, i could only give a bitter remark regarding any news on Anderson. You might be the only person I've heard who hasn't watched his early films as those are the films that define him for most everyone. If all you know is the later ones, you might be surprised to see what his style used to be like. For me Tenenbaums is a classic and by far his best film. But i wo
  13. I haven't heard about Asteroid City. My rankings are: 1.The Royal Tenebaums 2.Rushmore 3.The Darjeeling Limited 4.Bottle Rocket 5.Life Aquatic 6.Moonrise Kingdom 7.French Dispatch 8.Budapest Hotel 9/10 The claymation stuff which i watched and bought to keep my collection complete, but its just not for me. I think i tend to put Darjeeling higher than most people, but i have has a soft spot for it and having backpacked around India for 10 weeks and visiting some of the locations where it was filmed, I love it. Think it deserves more love.
  14. It does. My buddy who watched the film with me not too long ago quotes it quite often.
  15. I'm surprised you haven't seen his early films. You're missing out.
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