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  1. Leaf blowing (or reef blowing in the case of Spongebob) can be a lot of fun! 😆
  2. Oh heck no, that sounds terrible, and I as a Californian thought 90 at midday was bad. Kudos to you for surviving, but yes thank goodness we'll get a cooldown🙏
  3. Fall is almost here and for some reason I'm more excited about it than I have been in years past. I always say Summer is my favorite season, but when Autumn rolls around I just appreciate the atmosphere a lot more. From pumpkin spice lattes to the leaves changing color it just has such a cozy vibe. 🍂Not to mention Halloween! 🎃What are some of your favorite things about the season?
  4. The ending of Chaplin's City Lights makes me cry every single time lol, as for endearing though I'd say the ending of The Apartment wins every time.
  5. Some Like It Hot (1959) Next: A movie you have gotten tired of
  6. 3 Dog is definitely one of those bands that just lifts my spirits immediately. Did they ever make a song that was "bad"?
  7. House Of Four Doors parts 1 and 2 dominate that album---perhaps an unpopular opinion, buuuut 🤷‍♀️😁
  8. Carl next: Andrews. Newmar and Adams
  9. Though it's well before my time so I couldn't appreciate it as it was being created, 60s and 70s music IS the best music hands down. My record collection is made up primarily of albums from those times and I'm always falling down the rabbit hole of late 60s psych rock because its all just sooo good. I like to say there's an album for every mood and season when it comes to the 60s and 70s. 😃
  10. Lon Chaney in Laugh, Clown, Laugh (1928) Next: Great at imitations/ impressions
  11. Suzy (1936) Next: Kim Novak, Dean Martin and Ray Walston
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