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  1. How about an easy one........... Fifi, Lulu..........That should be all you need!
  2. So sorry, I s "The Man That Got Away" from the movie musical "A Star Is Born Starring Judy Garland and James Mason.
  3. I just saw these posts. here is one for you. Ever since this world began............
  4. drummerof


    Yes, i am interested if it will let me see the entire ending. Besides it is just a great movie. drummerof
  5. I agree, "The Man That Got Away" has always been my absolute favorite. She could make you feel her feelings when she sang. Her "Born in a Trunk" routine has always reduced me to tears. drummerof
  6. I wish that I had been alive when judy was in her prime. I know she had special relationships with fans and I would have tried to save her. I know that sounds ridiculous but I have read so many of her biographies and watched so many of her films, including the non-musicals and I think that she was a very lonely person. So lonely in fact that she allowed people to use her just so she wouldn't be alone. It was her so called friends and managers and husbands that caused her death. When I watch her I feel amazed, awed, happy, envious, sad and pity for her. She will be in my mind and heart forever. When I think of her I am kind of speechless. So much talent, so much spirit and life. She was a true mythical Phoenix rising from the ashes time and time again. drummerof
  7. drummerof


    Hello to anyone and all. I finally got to see a Valentino movie the other night and I missed the ending. I could just scream. It was incredible. watching the special effects and the symbolism. The movie was "The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. I can't remember the last time a silent movie caught my attention so completely. The last part I saw was the four horsemen retreating in the sky. I know there was more after that but due to technical difficulties I missed it. Can anyone do justice in describing the end for me? Also. I would like to know more about Valentino. Why did he not make the transition to "talkies" ? If you have any answers for me I would love to know. Thanks drummerof
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