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  1. yep, kudos to Eddie and many thanks to the scores, maybe hundreds of good people involved with restoring so many great old and previously thought lost movies. we who enjoy these movies salute them all. incidentally and this means almost nothing but I absolutely love the introduction, the visuals and music to noir alley. it so much reminds me of when I was so very young and walking the streets of my home town. I absolutely love everything from that time period--even neon. lol
  2. well, what did you think. to be truthful I was a little skeptical until about minute 54 but it caught my interest from that minute on. closed captions don't bother me I watch almost all with CC included. need a hearing aid but too too vain. all in all I thought it was a very good movie. I have an observation and since many of you are most likely old enough to remember Hitchcock don't you think the ending was typical Hitchcock. now not so much his motion pictures but his half hour and hour productions called AH presents. Naturally not all since they were written by numerous peop
  3. thanks to another film noir fan. IMO, they're the best movies ever created by Hollywood. Even the not so great are good. The B movies produced almost on a lark still intrigue me. I probably watched close to 100% of these artistic masterpieces. Pretty soon I will have entire movie dialogue memorized. funny story when I was just a kid I fell in love with Bonnie and Clyde (not noir) but Faye D was just fabulous. I probably watched that movie at least on 7 or 8 occasions and actually did memorize most of the dialogue. I may be mistaken but that may have been the very first or o
  4. very knowledgeable about almost everything not just his favorite genre. he is always interesting, always has some gem which is usuallyetotally new to me. I love the show and Eddie's contribution. how about this for compulsion. whenever I watch a film noir it is something much more than watching a movie. I must pause anywhere from10 times to a dozen or more. if the film was filmed in NY or the city of Angels or wherever I research anything I can concerning location and the stars of that movie. eg, I might be watching a film and very early the camera catches Mike's diner or a clas
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