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  1. Riiiiggghhht! I always consult and rely on a stand-up comedian for medical advice, information, and prescriptions. So, your son was in a comedy club, eh? That's the problem right there, IMO. Folks who just can't restrain themselves from attending public venues and entertainments (because they are ever so starved for company and "human connection"). Hoganman1 wants to "get back to a more normal life." What if this (pandemic) is The New Normal? What if this pandemic (or another pandemic) will always be with us? Are you up for -- are you up to -- the challenge of redefining l
  2. lavendarblue19, You a Moderna employee? Stockholder? A pharmaceutical company hyping its product. Imagine that! Wow! I didn't see that coming! Who'd a thunk it? Yo, lb19! Didn't you petulantly snap that you were "Done" with responding to me? I hate it when people go back on their word. I honestly don't know what the point of your retort is. To get me to change my mind? To do what you say? To be like . . . you? Fail! The Rap on Moderna You Can't Sue Pfizer or Moderna Big Pharma is Fooling Us
  3. No apology necessary, as far as I'm concerned. No, we can't all just get along. Doesn't bug me. People are too "hopelessly," frustratingly, maddeningly, wonderfully, and marvelously complex and individualistic. Variety and diversity are good things, IMO. A world in which everyone thought the same, believed the same, behaved the same would be not only a very dull world indeed . . . . . . but my idea of Hell! Politics is always a hot-button, divisive topic -- that offers lively, very stimulating, entertaining, and educational discussion! I, for one, immensely appreciate the TCM Fo
  4. John Hoyt was mature looking, even in his early movie career. But, he had the stunning physique of an Adonis! As for "Hidden Gems," last night I watched Puzzle, a 1974 giallo starring Luc Merenda and Austrian bombshell Senta Berger. IMO, gialli can be hit and miss. I consider Puzzle a hit.
  5. You are the second TCM Forum member to think that I am someone else. Nope! I have only one TCM Forum identity, and this is it. Believe it or don't!
  6. I know that I have used Quentin Quail before. . . . and I shall use him again. And again. And again . . . .
  7. Yeah but, when you save a child from a fire, the result is immediate. Regarding COVID-19 vaccination, I want to see long-term results. I shall never be convinced by immediate results. "Immanuel Kant was a real ****-ant who was very rarely stable." -- Monty Python* * There's more than one way to thwart the TCM censor!
  8. My rebuttal is the consequences of putting oneself in danger* -- whether consciously or delusionally -- is a personal choice . . . which may be informed or uniformed. How an observer reacts and responds to those consequences is also a personal choice . . . and reflection on the observer: He was a "hero." I like him. Let us mourn and praise and honor him. He was a "fool." I don't like him. He deserved to die. Good riddance! In an ideal world, selective compassion would not exist. But, ours is not an ideal world. * And not everyone who takes on "tough jobs" does so with
  9. Well, the word "eugenics," used in the PubMed.gov abstract to which I linked, is a provocative term, rightly or wrongly associated with Nazism. You're "preaching to the choir" regarding "the matter of choice" concerning COVID-19 vaccination. I'm all FOR personal choice and also for accepting the consequences of one's personal choice. My kick is with folks -- many of who are participants in this discussion -- who don't want everyone to have a personal choice to not get vaccinated . . . who want to punish those who don't "follow orders." . . . an attitude that smacks of fascism, I
  10. You are presuming that all "Anti-Vaxxers" are willfully and rebelliously unvaccinated. Not so. Regarding the truly willful unvaccinated, I'm inclined to agree with your attitude. I feel the same way about folks who join the military, law enforcement . . . and now healthcare -- anyone who consciously and deliberately puts himself or herself in harm's way: Hey, you "made your bed"! Now lie in it!
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