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  1. IMO, the Thirty-Something of Today ain't the same as the Thirty-Something of 30 years ago . . . certainly not 60 years ago. . . . the freakin' population boom . . . would be greatly decreased IF people quit procreating. There. I fixed it for you.
  2. Utter piffle! Utter piffle and twaddle! Utter piffle, twaddle, and balderdash! Utter piffle, twaddle, tommyrot, and balderdash! Utter piffle, twaddle, tommyrot, balderdash, and bull$h1t! Before sex is when both parties need to decide to opt out! If either of the sexes should be held to a higher standard, it is the woman -- because she is the one who can become pregnant! She knows -- or should know -- the risks and consequences of sexual intercourse. By your reasoning, an automobile driver should be held to a higher standard of responsibility than should a ped
  3. I am not -- by even the wildest stretch of the imagination -- a "techie." Providing me with "cutting-edge" technology is like giving a loaded gun to a chimpanzee. Pandemonium liable to walk upon the scene. Today I had to purchase a new printer-copier-scanner because the one that I've owned since the Bush (Part 2) administration went kaput. Tomorrow I have to "set it up" because it has wireless capabilities, and based on what I've read on the 'Net, wireless setup for the printer I bought is "challenging" -- so I'm stressing. All that said, I have a Smart TV, and I found it definitely uncha
  4. LornaHansonForbes, Do you have Hulu + Live TV or only the Hulu channel on your Roku TV? I have only the Hulu channel on my Roku device, which is the only way that I watching streaming channels (that is, I don't have a cable TV provider). I'll give trying to view Watch TCM via my Roku device another shot. But, I don't expect to be successful without having a "proper cable provider."
  5. Your wondering presumes that only men oppose abortion. If you're a "Baby Boomer," JamesJazGuitar, do de name Phyllis Schlafly strike a familiar note? Men and women are not each a monolithic sex with a "hive mentality." There are male feminists and female anti-feminists. I, for one, am sick and tired of the framing of sexual politics in America as "Good, Kind, Virtuous, Pure-hearted Noble Woman forever crushed under the heel of The Big, Bad, Mean Ole, Evil Ole, Villainous Patriarchy." If "equality" between the sexes is the (chimeric) goal in America, let's have REAL equalit
  6. Men who don't want to assume the responsibility of being a father and paying child support should not be forced to do so! In an earlier post of mine, I linked to a post on BuzzFeed: Parents Who Regret Having Children Are Anonymously Sharing What It's Like, And It's Taboo But Important. Here is the link again. I strongly suggest that you read it, hamradio. And FYI, you do not get-- nor does anyone else (including the nine dictators of the Supreme Court) get -- to define what "freedom" is for everyone else!
  7. Had I been cursed with the misfortune to have been born female, I would not rely on male responsibility regarding birth control. I'm not saying men should be irresponsible and not take 50% of the responsibility to practice birth control. But if I were a woman, I wouldn't entirely place my trust in -- stake my life on -- a man to "do his part" and practice birth control -- for the same reason that I don't leave my car and house unlocked because I trust folks to "do the right thing." Yes, the onus regarding pregnancy is not strictly on one person. The onus is on us. But, tie up your camel!
  8. Agreed! That's why in a romantic relationship when SHE wants a baby and HE doesn't, and SHE gets pregnant and HE has ZERO interest in fatherhood but also has ZERO say in the matter (according to Pro-Choice advocates) . . . The Pottery Barn policy should be invoked, IMO: YOU broke it, Toots, YOU own it! Suggested Reading
  9. Well, I wasn't recommending Passing (I strive to practice what I "preach"). I was merely expressing my appreciation of it. Works for me, Sewhite2000. Totally. Peace.
  10. In his November 3 interview with Terry Gross, host of the National Public Radio show Fresh Air, Paul McCartney talks about how "eroticism was a driving force behind everything [he] did." Gross asks him how it felt to be an erotic "object of desire" to Beatles fans. He surprisingly (to me) responded that -- before The Beatles -- it wasn't easy for him to find a girlfriend. Utterly flabbergasting to me, because of his ladykiller looks! Perhaps . . . undoubtedly . . . becoming a heartthrob and eidolon to millions -- intensely and passionately adored, worshipped, and lusted after -- boosted
  11. Allhallowsday is correct. My sister's experience with Paul McCartney happened about ten years after the release of Band on the Run. . . . or maybe it was twelve years after.
  12. Oh, for the luvva . . . ! Hey, Man, I don't think I'm perfect -- and I don't even know you! If you're putting me on, well played! If OTOH, you're totally serious -- don't take our difference of opinion personal, Sewhite2000. Moving Right Along Far be it from me to recommend movies. But, I recently watched Passing (currently playing on Netflix). I enjoyed it, primarily because it is set during 1929 (the year the source novel by Nella Larsen was published). But, I also dug the subject matter: light-skinned Negroes passing as "white" -- a divisive, internecine, intraracial ph
  13. My "The Dark Side of Paul McCartney" Story . . . which involved one of my siblings and not me. Happened a long, long, long time ago when she was working in Security at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). Before boarding, The McCartneys (Paul and Linda) had to undergo screening and a baggage check that took a little too long for "The Cute Beatle." Screeners were meticulously searching his luggage for grass. After Mr. and Mrs. M. were finally allowed to proceed to board, Paul bid my sister and her colleagues "Cheerio!" by peevishly "flipping them the bird." 1-2-3-FAH!
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