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  1. You could easily flip the direction of the tail on that speech bubble to the Pro Choice character, and the meaning would still be the same.
  2. You're responding because you want to express your opinion. You want to be heard. That is what the Internet is for (well, one of the reasons for the Internet). If you're responding because you're trying to win an argument or convince me to change my mind, you're wasting your time. Spin it anyway you want to, but giving people a choice between either getting vaccinated or losing their income is a "Sophie's Choice," IMO. Just this afternoon on my local NPR affiliate, it was reported that political officials in the very county in which I live are seriously considering requiring local employe
  3. No argument from me that The Unvaccinated are a danger to society. My response is, so what are you going to do about it if The Unvaccinated refuse vaccination? Pass laws to force people to get vaccinated? Paint a "U" (for unvaccinated) on the front doors of The Unvaccinateds' houses? Require papers to prove someone is vaccinated? Round 'em up and send them to vaccination camps?
  4. And you are being condescending and presumptuous. If you don't see forcing someone to do something against their will -- no matter how righteous, just, or essential you think the reason is to force them -- there's no point in explaining it to you. The answer is beyond your comprehension. Why should anyone put themselves at risk, you ask? That's really none of your concern. Worry about your own life. Why should anyone put others at risk? If someone doesn't care about others -- and I'm not asserting that is the reason "Anti-Vaxxers" resist or reject vaccination . . . That is
  5. Well, it certainly seems that all of The Vaccinated in this discussion certainly think and act as one, jamesjazzguitar.
  6. One person got COVID and survived? Talk about absolute nonsense! Yo, MW3, what about folks who are fully vaccinated contracting COVID-19? I'm not against people getting vaccinated. I'm against people forcing people to get vaccinated. The Pro-Choice battle cry, I think, applies regarding vaccination: My body! My choice!* It's none of my business what people do or don't do regarding vaccination . . . or anything, for that matter. * And FYI, not everybody who employs that mantra is Republican.
  7. Unlike Vaccination pushers, I'm not trying to convince anyone to do anything. Who's asking you to care about what I do? Not I! What "misinformation" am I posting? How do you know that "those who do get covid down the line" will "suffer damage to their heart and lungs"? You got that right: what I do is no concern of yours. So why are you upset?
  8. I pretty much share LawrenceA's tastes from The Twenties to the The Sixties. Regarding Fifties and Sixties chillers, I'd include more Hammer Films Horrors and also Poe Pix from American International Pictures. 1970s The Abominable Dr. Phibes Asylum Baron Blood The Beast in the Cellar Count Yorga, Vampire Cry of the Banshee Deep Red Dracula Dr. Jekyll and Sister Hyde Dr. Phibes Rises Again Frankenstein and the Monster from Hell Frankenstein: The True Story Frogs Hands of the Ripper Horror Express House of Dark
  9. One size does not fit all! ================= A colleague tested positive for COVID-19 two weeks ago. He was "out of the office" (A figure of speech. My employer thankfully permits employees who can work from home to work at home.) for precisely one week. The following week, during a cloud meeting, he reported that he was feeling better (his symptoms were severe headaches and nausea, a nasal swab test revealed his infection). Punch Line for The Vaccination Police: My colleague was not vaccinated. He refused to get vaccinated. Indeed, he reported that nobody in his immediate famil
  10. IMO, folks blame other folks when they are unable to control (important term!) a situation and/or other folks. Regarding the pandemic . . . From my P.O.V., The Vaccinated are blaming The Unvaccinated because The Unvaccinated won't do what The Vaccinated want them to do -- to wit, they can't have their way. I firmly believe that the only reason that The Vaccinated are "concerned" about The Unvaccinated is because The Unvaccinated's refusal to do "the right thing" annoyingly inconveniences them and irritatingly impacts their (The Vaccinated's) lives. "Because of YOU, I: Must
  11. I'm not a fan of "one-shot" cinema. Watching such movies makes me claustrophobic. I feel trapped by the filmmaker who forces me to see via his/her limited and (for me) ofttimes dull vision and perspective. In real life, I could be walking down a street and a lovely lass passes by, distracting me to shift my attention and watch (ogle) her. In a one-shot flick, the filmmaker could be walking down the same street. But when the desirable dish passes by, his/her attention will stay focused on whatever protagonist/character/object/scene is important to the plot. Hey, Man! Did you SEE
  12. Riiiiiiigghht! Because a person can live like a king on UI and stimulus checks. I live in a high-priced market where the cost of even a hovel starts at almost one million dollars. I realize the the cost of living in my 'hood dramatically differs from the COL in other parts of America. But, how anyone could become "spoiled" living on unemployment and stimulus checks is beyond my comprehension.
  13. A phrase that I heard once on the radio, long ago, from a Britisher, and which has been indelibly and permanently stuck in my mind: "Work was made for Man. Man was not made for work." I believe that philosophy. Unless one is a "workaholic" doing something one truly loves ("I can't believe I'm getting paid for this!"), work is a drag. I work because, unfortunately for me, my father's last name wasn't Getty, Vanderbilt, or Rockefeller. If I didn't have to work, I wouldn't. During this pandemic, I think that some people -- who have the luxury of doing so -- are refusing to wor
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