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  1. NipkowDisc, I totally agree with you and share your taste for Mexican horror movies. Some of them are available on other movie channels. The Bloody Vampire is available on Amazon Prime, as is Doctor of Doom (Las Luchadoras contra el Médico Asesino). Sixteen years ago, a "boutique" DVD outfit, CasaNegra Entertainment, released several Mexican chillers -- including Curse of the Crying Woman -- in gorgeous presentations. Unfortunately, CasaNegra Entertainment had a brief -- but glorious -- existence. If you are an admirador of Mexican horror movies, the CasaNegra releases are well worth
  2. Bebe Daniels Dorothy Sebastian (who, to me, somewhat resembled Gloria Swanson) With Joan Crawford and Anita Page A couple of Lon Chaney's co-stars: Patsy Ruth Miller Mary Philbin Marilyn Miller Ruth Chatterton
  3. I agree. Gloria Swanson "suffered" the same fate, IMO. As she got older, her face became more elongated, her features more sharpened and harsh until, to me, she looked like a witch. I don't get the idolization of Jean Harlow as a Silver Screen goddess and sex symbol. But, each to his/her own taste. All that aside, I think Harlow had lovely legs (an attraction that -- for a manic crurophile such as I -- excuses, absolves, negates, overcomes, and obliterates any and all "deficiencies").
  4. I get a kick out of the risqué humor in Pre-Code comedies. Like for instance: Old Woman: "Ah, Lady Lou, you're a fine gal, a fine woman." Lady Lou (Mae West): "One of the finest women who ever walked the streets." -- She Done Him Wrong ------------------------------------------ Captain Cummings (Cary Grant): "Haven't you ever met a man who could make you happy?" Lady Lou (Mae West): "Sure. Lots of times." -- She Done Him Wrong She Done Him Wrong is also memorable for the cleavage displayed by Mae West and Rafaela Ottiano. ---------------------------
  5. 'Twas stick-in-the-mud and party pooper Dr. Frederick Wertham who was responsible for the creation of the "Comics Code." A couple of years ago, I went to a cartoon art museum to view original art for EC Comics. After viewing the exhibition, I kinda, sorta better understood the outcry and uproar over "Entertaining Comics" in particular.
  6. Frances Drake, who also appeared in The Invisible Ray with Karloff and Lugosi . . . . . . had quite a pair of alluring stems.
  7. Kate Hepburn?! Well . . . de gustibus non est disputandum, as the Latins say. Here's my gallery of lovely lasses who percolate my hormones: Theda Bara Gloria Swanson Lillian Gish Anita Page Nina Mae McKinney ("The Black Garbo") Bessie Love Miriam Hopkins Carole Lombard Mae West Mary Carlisle Rochelle Hudson Dorothy Lee Theresa Harris ("The Beautiful Maid") Lupita Tovar Lupe Velez Karen Morley Lyda Roberti
  8. Swithin, I feel your pain (i.e., "been there, done that" regarding reducing the size of images to upload them). I think that Katie_G nailed the solution to the problem you are having: remove images from your My Attachments collection, to free up space. An alternative solution is to store personal pix on an image-sharing website and then link to your pix. The "trick" with this solution is to find a free (or even not free) image sharing site that permits "hotlinking" to your stored pix -- because hotlinking "steals bandwidth" from the image-sharing host site (quoth I the Shameless
  9. Sepiatone, Thanks for the studio version of the ELO cover, which was performed live in the January 13 post by Dargo.
  10. Don't thank me yet, JamesJazGuitar! Don't let the door hit you on your way out, JJG, and good riddance! I am beyond disgusted by, and tired of, the unabashed selfishness of too many Americans and the incurable mean-spirited, cold-hearted, hard-hearted, short-sighted, narrow-minded, xenophobic, misanthropic cancer that infects and rots The American Dream. Healthcare should be a basic human right! When everyone is well, we all do well! Unfortunately and lamentably, single-payer healthcare in California will never happen, because of that dreaded and despised anathema: Tax Incr
  11. For those who don't abbreviate news stories and cherry-pick segments of new stories: UPDATE: San Jose to explore extending voting rights to noncitizens https://sanjosespotlight.com/san-jose-councilmembers-seek-to-extend-voting-rights-to-immigrants-undocumented-residents-noncitizens/
  12. L Van B to the rescue! L Van B to the rescue! L Van B to the rescue! Go, L Van B! Go, L Van B! I was working on a def sonata In walked m' boo Liselotte She just stepped out th' tub Wanting eine kleine body rub L Van B to the rescue! Go, L Van B! Go, L Van B!
  13. "the pointed bra" AKA "The Bullet Bra." Watch where you aim those things, Honey! They're liable to go off and put someone's eye out! Ahhhh, those halcyon days of yore when many the pulse of a red-blooded, American male was quickened by the twin peaks of a red-blooded, American female. Breathes there a man with soul so dead who did not joyfully exult when he heard that beloved, once familiar cry from a flock of proud-breasted Dolly Birds: "We must! We must! Increase our bust!" (sigh!) Gone are the days: "I
  14. Should the opportunity to watch Immortal Beloved arise, I shall definitely watch it! Based on the clip you shared, Sepiatone, I can see the influence of Ken Russell. "I did steal Immortal Beloved from [Ken Russell]. I even tried to hire Anthony Hopkins, and I did hire Peter Suschitzky (who shot Russell's Lisztomania) to be my director of photography. But when I was shopping the idea around with studio executives, I constantly had to promise the movie would be nothing like one of Russell's. Under the table my fingers were firmly crossed. " -- Bernard Rose, Hi Ken
  15. Thanks, Sepiatone! I never get tired of listening to that head-shakin', head-bangin', chest-thumpin', ball-swingin', foot-stompin' classic by Grand Funk Railroad! Regarding Immortal Beloved (which I've never seen) and as a not entirely inappropriate aside, I want to give a shout-out to maverick, madman Ken Russell whose unique, flamboyantly stylish "bio-pics" of artists and composers were instrumental to increasing my appreciation of Classical Music. Composers on Camera Hi Ken, sorry I stole your movie
  16. . . . featuring Grant ("The Incredible Shrinking Man") Williams and George ("Robot Monster") Nader -- both gay in real life.
  17. Dargo, No apology necessary! Thanks for the history lesson! I genuinely appreciate it! FYI to cody1949, I successfully "slow downloaded" Four Girls in Town on my computer -- took me about 40 minutes. Video quality is quite good, IMO.
  18. Well, Four Girls in Town is on this Czechkoslovakian cloud storage site. You can "slow download" it for free or "fast download" it at 10 Euros (roughly, I think, 11 dollars) per minute (and according to the Uloz.to site, the download time is 13 minutes). https://ulozto.net/file/p53QvvYQcSFL/four-girls-in-town-1957-mp4
  19. Okay, I'll take your word for it. I happen to like and prefer ornery cusses -- birds of a feather 'n all that.
  20. Why have a General Discussions board? Are there "general" movies? And before wise guy Dargo jumps in . . .
  21. What makes you think that I took your use of "funny" to mean humorous. Don't be presumptuous. Man, if there's anything that sets my teeth on edge more than folks who spout their opinions as The Undisputed Truth, it's folks who take it upon themselves to explain and clarify statements made by other folks. Do you and your bud often stomp your feet -- with or without music -- to prove something to yourselves? Is foot-stomping a custom in Michigan? I'm with Allhallowsday on this one: STOP! Enough awreddy with the ignorance! "limited their ability of freedo
  22. Oh, I think that there should be genre-specific message boards, for the same reason that when I go into a bookstore/music store/video store, I want to see books/music/videos organized and categorized to find exactly what I want. I still don't get why the majority of TCM Message Board members prefer to hang out in the General Discussions board. Why aren't Noir Alley discussions in the Film Noir-Gangster board? That's the first place I'd look, were I a "newbie" and Noir aficionado.
  23. What the heck does that mean? Like for instance? For the same reason you felt compelled to extrapolate a personal view about Disco music: W-h-y are you speaking for Unbearable? Rather the whole point of Disco music, Sepiatone. People who love to dance (Point of Significance!) didn't go to Studio One then and don't go to discotheques now to passively sit around, knock back brewskis, and get sh1t-faced*. That the Disco music in the club visited by you and your buddy got both of you to stomp your feet suggests that you were not immune to -- indeed
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