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  1. Funny stuff, cigarjoe! And the title of this best seller (to me) perfectly describes the raison d'être and modus vivendi of some "newbies" and cranky old-timers on the TCM Message Boards.
  2. I still have George Carlin Class Clown, which contains the track "Seven Words You Can Never Say on Television." ". . . And 'T1ts' doesn't even belong on the list, y'know! It's such a friendly sounding word. Sounds like a nickname, right? 'Hey, T1ts! Come here, Man! Hey, T1ts! Hey! Hey, T1ts meet Toots! Toots, T1ts! Toots, T1ts, Man!' Sounds like a snack, doesn't it? Yes, I know . . . it is a snack, right? But, I don't mean your sexist snack! I mean, NEW NABISCO T1ts! And new Cheese T1ts! 'N Corn T1ts, 'n Pizza T1ts, 'n Sesame T1ts, Onion
  3. TomJH, thank you! More pix of beauteous Betty . . . Y'ever notice how actresses these days don't assume this expression (quite popular during The Silent Era), which seems, to me, to be erotica for nostril fetishists.
  4. (Ahem!) Excuse me? Did actresses take only "ONE GOOD PHOTO"? Last time I checked, this is the TCM Message Boards, not the Sepiatone Message Boards. We now return to our my regularly scheduled obsession. But first, my compliments to DawnM74 for her superb gallery of more than-pretty actresses. The portrait of Esther Ralston is, for me, potently breath-taking and swoon-inducing. Heretofore entirely unfamiliar with Ralston, I am now keen on seeing movies featuring "The American Venus." Hold onto your hat, Sepiatone! Here we gooooo (again)!
  5. The "online digital video subscription service" BritBox currently offers several adaptations of Shakespeare plays, including the 1983 BBC version of Macbeth starring Nicol Williamson as The Thane of Glamis and Cawdor.
  6. AMEN to that, Brother! A popular phrase during the turbulent and revolutionary 1960s: If you're not part of the solution, you're part of the problem. A popular quote from Network (1976): "I'M MAD AS HELL AND NOT GONNA TAKE THIS ANYMORE!" Folks who strive to maintain a mental and emotional equilibrium and who don't like to dwell on "negativity" (to quote a sibling of mine) are part of the problem, IMO, and are why things are the way they are in America in particular and the world in general. "Healthy" is a relative and subjective term. Yeah, it's great for you if you are doi
  7. Marysara1, The way that I would get around the TCM Message Board prohibition of the title of that particular Tom 'n Jerry 'toon would be Touché, Pu$$ycat! Utterly ridiculous and childish censorship, IMO.
  8. Again, WRONG! YOU grok Shakespeare. Not everyone does! If footnotes are needed to help readers understand what they're reading . . . I rest my case.
  9. Yeah, you can prick it, but don't finger it. Elsewhere on the TCM Message Boards (in a message that seems to have vanished), (I think) sewhite2000 used the Latin preposition meaning "with." Fortunately and "thanks" to the right-minded (and -- dare I say -- dirty-minded), righteous, and morally upright TCM Message Board Language Police*, delicate readers were spared from exposure to the horrible profanity by that simple but impenetrable shield: **** Let us give them thanks and praise for preserving and protecting this blessed sanctum sanctorum -- this Grovers Corners -- where goo
  10. Sounds as though you don't discuss politics and politicians, eh? I agree. But, I suspect that most Americans would not have a problem understanding most of Williams' dialogue, even if they don't or never use some words in his plays. Show me one American today who exclusively communicates in Shakespearean English.
  11. Yeah, what is considered "questionable language" on the TCM Message Boards baffles me. Like for instance, "0rgasm," "0rgy," and Bugg3r are no-nos 'round here. Paging George Carlin with his Seven Dirty Words!
  12. I watched a fairly entertaining British murder-mystery-comedy, Murder on the Blackpool Express. A highlight was the inclusion of Day is Done by Nick Drake. Thank you again, Allhallowsday, for introducing me to Drake!
  13. What the heck does that mean?! If you've seen a movie, then it doesn't need to be shown on TCM?! So what should TCM show? Only movies that people haven't seen? Only movies that you think they should show?
  14. Man, I don't care what the dictionary definition is! People today neither write nor speak -- and maybe even during Shakespeare's time neither wrote nor spoke -- Shakespearean English! WRONG! To you, Shakespeare is not unintelligible! Don't presume to decide for -- or dictate to -- everyone what is and what is not unintelligible!
  15. I disagree. Run a Web search for "Shakespeare" and "Modern English" and you will find a variety of analyses, disquisitions, and opinions on the matter. To me, arguing whether Shakespearean English is "Modern English" -- by which I mean the English that is spoken and written today in 2022 -- is splitting hairs and an arcane debate engaged in by, IMO, academicians and semanticists. Common clay such as I (and perhaps the IMDb reviewer pining for helpful subtitles offering a modern translation) -- would embrace and enjoy Shakespeare's plays (to wit, we wouldn't be bored by The Bard) if we bet
  16. Margaret Dumont YES! Margaret Dumont! No wisecracks from The Peanut Gallery! Born Daisy Juliette Baker on October 20, 1882 (same day as Bela Lugosi!) Stately! Statuesque! Stunning! Note the unchanging coiffure. Reportedly, Dumont was bald and wore a postiche. Work that wig, Grrrrl! Groucho knew Great Beauty when he saw it!
  17. Evelyn Brent Evelyn Brent and Merna Kennedy Merna Kennedy Sally Blane
  18. NipkowDisc, I totally agree with you and share your taste for Mexican horror movies. Some of them are available on other movie channels. The Bloody Vampire is available on Amazon Prime, as is Doctor of Doom (Las Luchadoras contra el Médico Asesino). Sixteen years ago, a "boutique" DVD outfit, CasaNegra Entertainment, released several Mexican chillers -- including Curse of the Crying Woman -- in gorgeous presentations. Unfortunately, CasaNegra Entertainment had a brief -- but glorious -- existence. If you are an admirador of Mexican horror movies, the CasaNegra releases are well worth
  19. Bebe Daniels Dorothy Sebastian (who, to me, somewhat resembled Gloria Swanson) With Joan Crawford and Anita Page A couple of Lon Chaney's co-stars: Patsy Ruth Miller Mary Philbin Marilyn Miller Ruth Chatterton
  20. I agree. Gloria Swanson "suffered" the same fate, IMO. As she got older, her face became more elongated, her features more sharpened and harsh until, to me, she looked like a witch. I don't get the idolization of Jean Harlow as a Silver Screen goddess and sex symbol. But, each to his/her own taste. All that aside, I think Harlow had lovely legs (an attraction that -- for a manic crurophile such as I -- excuses, absolves, negates, overcomes, and obliterates any and all "deficiencies").
  21. I get a kick out of the risqué humor in Pre-Code comedies. Like for instance: Old Woman: "Ah, Lady Lou, you're a fine gal, a fine woman." Lady Lou (Mae West): "One of the finest women who ever walked the streets." -- She Done Him Wrong ------------------------------------------ Captain Cummings (Cary Grant): "Haven't you ever met a man who could make you happy?" Lady Lou (Mae West): "Sure. Lots of times." -- She Done Him Wrong She Done Him Wrong is also memorable for the cleavage displayed by Mae West and Rafaela Ottiano. ---------------------------
  22. 'Twas stick-in-the-mud and party pooper Dr. Frederick Wertham who was responsible for the creation of the "Comics Code." A couple of years ago, I went to a cartoon art museum to view original art for EC Comics. After viewing the exhibition, I kinda, sorta better understood the outcry and uproar over "Entertaining Comics" in particular.
  23. Frances Drake, who also appeared in The Invisible Ray with Karloff and Lugosi . . . . . . had quite a pair of alluring stems.
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