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  1. Yes, Youth, pay heed and beware of iniquitous Old Folks! They'll send you off to war, will you oppressive and burdensome debt, and dump on you a ravaged, polluted, and increasingly combustible planet Earth! Yea verily, the sins of thy fathers -- and mothers -- shall be visited upon thee! But, that doesn't mean you can't have a good time! . . . such as watching Nothing But the Night (the sole production by Christopher Lee's production company Charlemagne), in which the geezers are at it again -- preying upon tender, young chillun for their own selfish, nefarious benefit!
  2. Interesting, I didn't know that Victor Spinetti was gay. I've seen only a few of the movies he was in -- the most memorable, for me, was A Hard Day's Night.
  3. Blood of Dracula is an AIP flick, hence the Nicholson-Arkoff connection. Furthermore, Blood of Dracula is a Herman Cohen production, screenplay by Aben Kandel. It continues a common leitmotif in Cohen-Kandel horror movies: unwary "innocent" youth preyed upon, corrupted, and destroyed by sinister elders. Also see: Horrors of the Black Museum How to Make a Monster I Was A Teenage Werewolf I Was A Teenage Frankenstein
  4. Well, Taylor moans that southern California makes him feel blue. Seems to me that his feelings for The Golden State aren't . . . golden.
  5. Had to sing it . . .?! What kind of sick, twisted, perverted, cruel, evil fiend would force a child to sing Wind Beneath My Wings?! There oughtta be a law!
  6. "Following its May [1967] release, the single made a fairly strong showing in the U.K., where it peaked at No. 6. Over in the U.S., The Wind Cries Mary went out as the B-side to Purple Haze and didn’t chart at all." -- Why Jimi Hendrix Was Glad ‘The Wind Cries Mary’ Didn’t Become a Bigger Hit Utterly amazing and unbelievable to me that a solid-gold 45 offering Purple Haze and The Wind Cries Mary (both A sides, IMO) "didn't chart at all" in the U.S. Thank you, SweetSue!
  7. How the devil could I forget Cast Your Fate to the Wind? Benson's cover is smoove, in the groove, no problem to approve -- a real solid sender. Here's the classic by Vince Guaraldi:
  8. Aritosthenes nailed it: What's "classic" is strictly in the mind of the beholder.
  9. Moving right along, here's another personal fave with an appealing melody and disposable lyrics. Sweet Baby James warbles "Southern California, that's as blue as a boy can be," later moaning, "I need your golden-gated city just like a hole in the head." The Golden Gated City -- San Francisco -- is in northern California. To paraphrase that Right Honorable Confederate Poet Lynyrd Skynyrd, Well I hope James Taylor will remember A southern man don't need him around anyhow
  10. Here's another tune in which strictly the music grabs me. The lyrics, OTOH, don't resonate with me, an atheist.
  11. The sad, slow death of TCM . . . . . . is ridiculously and presumptuously anticipated, not to mention deplorably and tiresomely wished by whiny, cranky, crochety old fogies on The TCM Message Boards. I'm certain that there must be some psychological study that would explain why some folks are resistant, and unwilling, to . . . at least, accept, if not embrace, change . . . which is inevitable. Is it biological . . . neurological -- some sort of chemical reaction inside the brain or the gut -- that causes actual physical pain when something NEW is encountered . . . "TURN DO
  12. First, thank you, LuckyDan, for mentioning The Seven Minutes, which I just watched on YouTube (a gorgeous presentation) and really dug! I read that Russ Meyer himself regarded The Seven Minutes as "boring and tedious." Compared to the "skin flicks" that are his legacy, perhaps. But taken on its own merits, I respectfully disagree with Meyer. I found his adaptation of Irving Wallace's best-seller-"potboiler" immensely entertaining and extremely thought-provoking. Talky courtroom scenes can be the "kiss of death" in a movie, inducing ennui in the viewer, causing him/her to tune out, dr
  13. Well, based on a few pix from The Seven Minutes (on YouTube!), it appears that it does have some Russ Meyer trademarks.
  14. Nope! I'm eager to see it. I take it you've seen it . . . and wouldn't recommend it?
  15. Head's up, truly devout fans of Dracula (1931) and Bela Lugosi! Dracula and Frankenstein Double-Feature
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