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  1. Please allow me to introduce myself. Your belief is wrong, in my case. I totally disagree with your perspective. I, for one, think that the "communal experience" of movies is extremely overrated . . . by "people who need people" (Not guilty!). Whenever I go to a movie, I go to a matinee that is usually sparsely attended. I loathe and detest crowds -- particularly now, during this pandemic. As I expressed elsewhere in another discussion on the TCM Message Boards, I don't need an audience to make a comedy funny (or funnier), a horror film scary (or scarier), a tear-jerker touching
  2. Yeah, I saw The Norliss Tapes -- another DCP gem! The seventies was a wonderful decade for TV horror. Besides The Norliss Tapes, there was also A Cold Night's Death, Gargoyles, Salem's Lot, Spectre (produced by Gene Roddenberry), and, of course, Curtis' Trilogy of Terror, among many other small-screen screamers. I recently caught up with Satan's Triangle on Amazon Prime -- delightfully eerie! Ever seen Scream, Pretty Peggy? For some odd reason, I deliberately skipped it during its initial broadcast. It's going to be released on Blu-ray Disc next month. Directed by Gordon Hessler and
  3. Because you asked for it, Allhallowsday (yes, I sensed you wanted more) . . . And any more wisecracks, there's plenty more where this came from!
  4. Terrific song! Terrific voice! Never heard of Margaret Whiting, who was not only a singer but also starred in her own TV show with her sister Barbara. Those Whiting Girls was a summer replacement for I Love Lucy and also a Desilu production ("surprise"). Not to be confused with actress Margaret Whiting.
  5. Whatta coinkydink! I watched Curse of the Black Widow just a couple of weeks ago. TV movies from Dan Curtis Productions are always worth a look, IMO. This chiller had a Kolchak: The Night Stalker vibe, with Anthony Franciosa's P.I. substituting for Darren McGavin's intrepid newspaper reporter-monster hunter. Yes, it's formulaic. Yes, it's predictable. Yes, it's a cookie-cutter, by-the-numbers, assembly line production. Yes, it's all been done before by Curtis, BUT . . . It's also and above all, entirely entertaining and a whole lotta fun!
  6. accipitrine [ ak-sip-i-trin, -trahyn ] adjective 1. of, relating to, or belonging to the family Accipitridae, comprising the hawks, Old World vultures, kites, harriers, and eagles. 2. raptorial; like or related to the birds of prey. See also: Van Cleefis Leeus
  7. Although I'm not a Fulci fan (because I'm not a "gorehound"), a few of his movies are in my movie library, primarily some of his gialli and a couple of his westerns: Le Colt Cantarono la Morte e Fu... Tempo di Massacro (AKA Massacre Time) Gatto nero (AKA The Black Cat) I Quattro dell'Apocalisse (AKA Four of the Apocalypse) Il Miele del Diavolo (AKA The Devil's Honey) Murderock - Uccide a Passo di Danza (AKA Murder Rock) Non Si Sevizia un Paperino (AKA Don't Torture a Duckling) Una Lucertola con la Pelle di Donna (AKA Lizard in a Woman's Skin, AKA Schizoid)
  8. Well, Wallach -- the runt, least imposing, and least intimidating of the trio -- had to do something to stand out. For my money, he steals the movie from his rugged, iconic co-stars. He, arguably, has the best line in Leone's epic: "When you have to shoot, shoot. Don't talk." I agree about Lee Van Cleef. He didn't need dialogue to make an impression, stand out, or call attention to himself. His steely eyes and accipitrine features were his claim to fame and fortune. But, when he needed to act, he delivered. For me, Van Cleef's best acting was in El Condor. He invested his character
  9. I took a look at Cinemania. Thank you for the promo, Det Jim McLeod. I found it depressing. The subjects of the documentary, to me, are sad, pitiable extremists -- the kind who give "film buffs" a bad name. Of the quintet profiled, the only one who -- if, by some cruel misfortune, I was forced to be locked in the same room with -- I could tolerate was Jack. He, at least, IMO, had some measure of self-awareness and honesty about his mania and neurosis. I respected and appreciated his intelligence and articulateness. But overall, watching and listening to the eccentric lot just left me sad
  10. Currently available on Tubi, Who Killed Teddy Bear? is a delightfully "sleazy" psychodrama scrofulous with twisted dramatis personae who are psychologically perverse and morally suspect. Star Sal Mineo plays a creepy variation on the tortured homosexual "Plato" in Rebel without a Cause.* The plot in a nutshell: A libidinous scopophiliac peeps at his neighbor and coworker, frightening her with his lewd phone calls. By this stage in his career, Mineo seemed to have been studying at the Vic Tanny School of Acting. Buffed, ripped, and without an ounce of fat ("You have a very nice body" admir
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